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Nadsadhna Violin, Super Quality, With Case, Bow, Rozin, Model No ...

Nadsadhna Violin, Super Quality, With Case, Bow, Rozin, Model No. S.V.-118, Chinrest : Musical Instruments.


Nad Sadhna 4/4 Classical (Modern) Violin Price in India - Buy Nad ...

Nad Sadhna 4/4 Classical (Modern) Violin at best prices with FREE shipping & cash on delivery. ... Nad Sadhna. Model Number. SV-118. Brand Color.


Nadsadhna SV 118 Violin Features

  • Professional and Super Quality Violin,
  • Border cut All Ebony Parts, fitting with Adjuster and Chinrest
  • Fine polish Matt finish
  • standard size 4/4 dimension 23.5 inches length, 8.5 inches width
  • Free Case, bow, rozin, chin rest
  • Others

The lowest Nadsadhna SV 118 Violin Price in India is ₹5,550 at Amazon.
Buy Nadsadhna SV 118 Violin online at Amazon.
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Nadsadhna SV 118 Violin Reviews from YouTube

Violin Tutorial How To Buy a New violin in Hindi? Violin Review & Analysis #ViolinKingdom 🎻
65 Dollars Violin Review
500 vs 1,000 vs 10,000 dollar violin... Comparing Different Types of Instruments
Cremona SV-600 Violin Review
Indian violin sound quality is not better that Chinese violins
Sir, apka vidio bahut achcha laga. apane dono violin me difference bataya sahi informetion mili.Dhanyavad.
Mujhe 3k tk violin chaiyeeee
Sir kolkata me kaha milega hum kolkata se hay.
becoz i m from punjab (Jalandher)
Sir mindCraft violin punjab se mil jayega?
Sir what is the cost of the mindcraft violin you are using
Ifsc code not valid
Ifs code not valid
Can't send money to Sharma,s ac.
Is this violin better than Havana of sme range?
sir how to buy this product online
Ye bhi theek hai
Is mind craft reliable firm?
Can you please make a video on Indian Violin Luthier's? Like where can we find the Luthiers and in which state they are and how can we have it ordered. (Other than ProCraft)
Thanks sir
How do i can check on the prices can u help me
Asha laga video dek kar sir online class karta he kiya ahp ka WhatsApp no de sakta he kiya
Is it cash on delivery ?
Sushi a beautiful woman with tremendous 😍 talent. Cheers 🍻
Strings need to be replaced for better quality.
when you come into contact with something cheap, it turns into something valuable.
Gurl the bridge is quite leaning
This violin can play some Irish fiddle music
When you grade this violin as a 9/10, what are you comparing this to? Is the comparison based on other violins in the same price category or violins in general? BTW, if you could, at least for future reviews, could you do 2 separate grades? One for price category and the other in type, such as beginner, intermediate, advance, category? Which ever you feel it falls into. Thank you.
Great your voice & dressed x so nice new violin like it
Quite strange that a top-level violinist reviews stinky $65 violin shaped objects without finally burning them in the chimney! I hope it's not because the money is really short. On my personal view, I'd prefer to watch reviews of contemporary violin makers, which maybe might show that a strad is not always needed, and that an investment in a good instrument is not a waste or loss of money. Then, appreciation of the sound quality and craftsmanship may be more likely... Btw., here is an attempt from a luthier to make a $100 instrument playable... enjoy if you can:
Esther, the sounding off tune is due to not only the strings and pegs but also VERY important is te right placement of the bridge. I don´t see it perpendicular to the top. That affects entonation, which depends on the length of the string. It shortens if the bridge bends foward.
Hey guys! Esther inspired me to start a youtube chanel where I publish music with other musicians. We all know that with the pandemic, it is difficult for musicians to stay active without playing in concerts. That's the reason why I've decided to start this chanel! Go check it out! 😁
Zigeneurweisen yes please
The bridge looks too high and while/after tuning it might be checked if it is 90 degrees straight to the top/tailpiece side. With your experience it's easy to play anything but that was not my case. I started with a Yamaha V3 and I was very happy with a new set of strings. Absolutely no cheaper violin, please. Thanks!
such a delight to see a French with a british accent - simply beautifull! ..... and the conclusion? you can turn a $65 fiat panda into a $-million lamborghini, ferrari, maserati with just the passion and a little bit of rosen :-) . Molto bella. At the end of the day, it's a vehicle with 4 wheels and the ability to bring you from point A to point B. The difference is how much time you've got left on the day to enjoy the sights. Or who the passenger is, and whether that passenger has good enough hearing to distinguish the staccato alto voce from screetching tires lol
It’s a $65 violin and for that it’s not bad at all for a beginner
Greetings from India. Happy New Year to you Esther and to your family and to all your followers
You sound great; the violin sounds horrible.. and can't keep a tune. Happy Holidays!
Hey Esther. Please play Czardas- V.Monti soon. Will wait for it.
I subscribed... 🤗🙂🥂
Did you play the Red Violin or I missed the video...
Perfect timing! I’m actually buying a new violin today
Me looking at my $250 violin 🥺
Hi Olaf. I wish I could buy a 1000 dollor violin from you. But I can't for now, have to save money for college. I'm finally able to play really good after playing for 6 years, on my 200$ violin.
Can you play violin as well? Here in the Philippines the most famous guitar maker can't play guitar but he can guess wether the guitar is out of tune or not.
I have my late granddad's violin. Can't remember the name but it's from the late 1700s and it's pretty much thrashed. One day I shall get it restored.
What's your opinion of Paolo Lorenzo violins?
The third violin looks so much like my rented one
Thank you Olaf I am getting my own violin soon!(I rent)
Always good videos... 😉 Question: If the violin’s sound is sensitive to which string combinations are used, is that a typical case scenario, or does that imply a better or worse Violin or its setup ? (keeping string type same, i.e. steel core, nylon, synthetic, gut) .. (would you do a video on this type of thing?) thanks, love your channel👍
Hello Olaf! Complete newbie here, and I'm hoping somehow this reaches you or someone whom can give me some hopefully helpful advice. By luck, I managed to find a Chinese intermediate-level violin that had been seemingly abandoned to waste away in a thrift shop where I live--- and scraped enough together to buy it. I am familiar with other instruments, but have never formally trained for the violin- it's become a bit of a goal now to learn for myself. I don't think whomever left it there had any idea what it was actually worth, and mishandled it badly as the strings were cut and the chin rest looked to be purposefully broken. (Although, luckily, it came with not one, but TWO concert bows that were undamaged. :D ) Maybe in the future I can afford a better one and have the skills to play a better-quality instrument, but for now I'm in a bit of a pickle with the issue of repairing the violin I immediately own. The only Luthier in my area seems to have closed shop due to the ongoing plague, and I am unable to travel to another due to being A: In a fairly remote area, with the nearest being roughly 600 miles away, and B: In the medical field--and very much on-call 24/7. I understand by all accounts it is imperative that a professional handle the instrument, but is it possible to at least fix it up to a point on my own? I hate having it sit in the corner of my flat neglected. :/ Thank you for your time!
I just went to a local violinmaker and upgraded to a new violin from my VSO. It was $1000 and boy did it make a difference!
I want to said that if you are like me saving money for an instrument because you can afford it right now you can buy a cheaper one BUT if you have money why not by a good one from the start. I'm saving money for a piano and if is not enough I will by first another keyboard.
Olaf, did you travel to China to work with the workshop where you commissioned your violins?
For those starters who CAN afford a hefty price but don't want to lose all that money of the hobby doesn't pan hard is it to recoup a large part of their investment selling their instrument on? Can a costly instrument be kept in good condition reasonably well? How is the difference for say a $2000 used instrument to start on vs a $2000 new one, as an example?
Time markers for instrument demonstrations 5:42 Low range 8:38 Mid range 12:20 Upper range
I use to think my $260 violin was awesome until I was given a violin by my husband’s family that’s from the 1800s. The quality and the sound of that instrument is just beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another one.
Thank you only video I found that mentions this I found an article that was saying advancing in instrument should plan on 1500 anyway but this helps. Granted I am an adult beginner but already told the 1500 mag anyway in February might as well keep going to get a nicer quality instrument. Also read for bows 25 to 35% of what was Anna instrument should be for bow if that makes sense luthier store I'm looking at for my area literally mentions two entries for viola but I'm assuming that's because the website's newer 900 for the student instrument model which would include case bow and rosin but their second entry says 3200-3400 so this video helps a lot I would have had the money for $900 kit and was planning on getting a shoulder rest but after seeing this I was like nope keep saving for better quality instrument much appreciated I've been wanting to play the viola since 5th grade so I'm taking this investment seriously. Can you explain what you mean by vso violin shaped object? Much appreciated. By the way my numbers are US dollars just in case wondering.
Could anyone link to these violin makers? More specifically to buy online?
I don't play violin but I do love to admire the craftsmanship on some of the nicer instruments.
I would really like to visit your shop one day to buy a better violin then I play right now but I live in germany 😭😭😭
Just play a few plain notes for god's sakes :(
I think, the whole neighborhooh think that your an excellent violin player (look at the wall) :)
AWESOME INTONATION, but where your shoulder rest bro!?? And also your wrist should be lower when playing
Funny how people are running it down based upon the tone. It has really good projection and the tone with a set of Obligatos would be so different than with a set of Super Sensitive Red Labels. Adding to that, adjusting the location of the sound post can make a big difference in it's tonal quality. I'd say that it sounds quite open, and after playing it in and finding the right set of strings it could be pretty decent. The figuring on the maple is intense.
Is this a good violin even for a beginner? I'm planning to get one but I'm not sure which violin should I go with. (I have no idea about Violins)
Sick background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What fiddle would you recommend for someone getting into it and why please?
I hate the guns in the back!!!
Well done. I cannot deny that I appreciate the tone and response characteristics of my Cremona violin. If anyone wants to hear ANOTHER Cremona-brand violin IN ACTION, I just made a youtube channel (my Cremona seems very similar to the example shown in the video, but with a bit more flaming on the flamed maple...and a warmer tone, I believe) that showcases my loyal and trusty Cremona with some very natural recordings of works (in various styles, classical, modern, post-modern, swing-jazz, Egyptian, Spanish...) - just RAW, natural VIOLIN, as I have been trying to avoid those overly (dubiously...soullessly) modified studio-produced "FX-y" sounds that have become so common. Anyway, always remember, no matter what the label, violins are a lot like snowflakes, no two being alike. One simply has to (actively and purposefully) LEARN to recognize "proper" violin characteristics.
It's on my list of consideration. Decent review by the way.
Sounds like a crappy violin to me... too mellow. Its like he has a mute on when he plays
Looks like calling it a violin is a bit of a stretch, sounds like a fiddle here and as any other video you find online. But after a while a serious student will come to understand how a violin should sound like and also that you shouldn't be ordering one from Amazon. Albeit I've seen some Yamaha's that are quite good (but are on the expensive side), violins can't be mass produced yet.
"I'm also very amateur at this."
Please can you make another video with sv600 violin with sad music ??? Pleaseee ❤️😔🌹
You play very good the violin 🎻
Great only complaint IT IS A FIDDLE!!! John you should know this. I'm just messin' with ya. I like the past 2 vids. Keep it up. There isn't much good bluegrass on youtube

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