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Buy MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop online at Amazon Flipkart. MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop Colours: Black
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MSI Core i7 9th Gen - (16 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/6 GB ...

MSI Core i7 9th Gen - (16 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/6 GB Graphics/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060) GS65 Stealth 9SE-636IN Gaming Laptop (15.6 inch, Black, 1.88 kg).


Buy MSI Gaming GS65 Stealth 9SE-636IN 2019 16-inch Laptop (9th ...

2.60 GHz Intel Core i7-9750H 9th Gen processor · 16GB DDR4 RAM · 512GB NVMe SSD · 15.6-inch 240Hz IPS Level screen, RTX 2060 6GB Graphics · Windows 10, Home, 64Bit ...


MSI गेमिंग GS65 स्टील्थ 9SE-636IN 2019 16-इंच लैपटॉप (9th Gen i7 ...

तकनीकी विवरण ; ‎Mircro Star International Co. Ltd. / No. 69, Li-De Street, Jung He City Taipei Tiwan , China · ‎Gaming · ‎काला · ‎Laptop · ‎18 ...


MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop Features

  • Intel Core i7 Processor (9th Gen)
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Display
  • Cooler Boost, Dragon Center 2.0, Nahimic 3, True Color 2.0
  • 2.60 GHz Intel Core i7-9750H 9th Gen processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB NVMe SSD
  • 15.6-inch 240Hz IPS Level screen, RTX 2060 6GB Graphics
  • Windows 10, Home, 64Bit operating system
  • 1.88kg laptop
  • Country of Origin: China
MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop Colours:
  • Black

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MSI GS65 (9SE-636IN) Gaming Laptop Reviews from YouTube

MSI GS65 Review
MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Review - 2019 NVIDIA RTX Model
MSI GS65 (2019) Review - Lightest RTX Gaming Laptop!
Thinnest SIX CORE Gaming Laptop! – MSI GS65
Really like this one. I hope this black and gold color scheme spreads to more of their lineup. Thanks for watching!
Hello Dave great job on your channel. The money is saved, time to buy now. What's your recommendation for gaming laptop between a Lenovo legion 5 or msi gp65 at rebate 1450$ ? Tks for any advice. Take care
Why didn’t u say that its speaker sound like utter shit? U made me lose shit amount of money and face (I begged my parents for months) to get a laptop that I can’t use because how bad it sounds. Just so u know that shitty ass laptop sounds even worse with headphones ( I tried em all from airbuds to sony’s headphones). It just sounds like the cheapest crappiest wire headphones ever. Please be careful since people depend on u to buy stuff.
all u need is this for gamin xd
How much is it
6verry nice reviwe , also i subscribe , Did you test the MSI Stealth 15 M
Its 2021
Thank for this very nice review😊. Is this laptop is also good for 3d rendering and video editing?? Thanks🙏
Which ram in laptop is better 16 gb ddr4 (2666 mhz) or 8 gb ddr4(3666 mhz or so)?????
anyone going to point the fact that he was playing binging with babish on the screen
Is it great for 3D modelling, like revit software?
back when this video was made. this laptop cost $1800 2 years later it now cost $2200 WTF that's so retarded
is this good for rendering? with 1660ti
awesome video Dave. IS it still worth it to buy now in 2020. let me know
I have one of these that I bought or 300$, someone had sat on it. Screen was not broken, I fixed it up and now it works great.
Don't now configturation computer?????
Definitely bought mine because of your video
Ultra Thin Laptop On Sale at
Would this still be worth it in 2020?
One on Amazon for 1200
i've had this laptop for a year now, so reply to this comment if you have any questions about it
Can I edit 4k video on it even though the display is only full HD? 🤔
After 10 months of purchase, GPU fan started making noise, monitor became dim. The parts are very expensive and unable to get them in India. Not a good buy, this is a very expensive laptop and not worth money.
used to watch you so many years ago, you give such good info and have a very easy listening voice
*This is an extremely solid machine♛>**** and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Parting advice; undervolt the cpu/gpu in order to get maximum performance (lower electricity usage means lower heat output). Each chip is different so safe undervolting settings may vary from person to person. I would have a friend or a professional undervolt the laptop for you if are uncomfortable with doing it yourself.*
i love the shirt , lmaooooo
I ordered here It arrives in a couple of days I'm very excited
I notice there's a whole lot of GS65 models. I was looking on the 1667 model with enhancements. I heard otherolder models had bad issues with hinge / screen peeling, but newer ones got better. Is the 1667 one that is better? ♨️♨️♨️ Like like it so much . Gole Version 🍒🍒🍒
as its full RTX 2060 what drivers should we instal? notebooks or desktop for this rtx 2060 in this laptop?
does this laptop have a matte screen?
I'm a starter and don't get half of this is it good or no
Nice shirt 🤣
Great review! 😊 If you want, you can watch mine! 😊
I bought one and it’s got really bad issues I get 30 FPS on gta on normal settings I’ve got all the right Nvidia settings and power settings I would never recommend laptops always go for a desktop
MSI always put a whole bunch of crappy stickers next to the track pad, I just left all of them on there for the 4 years now!
Why would you think the Razer blade 15 looks better or more sleek than the stealth thin, The Razer blade has that ugly little dragon and no accents like the Stealth thin. Apple MacBook pro yes, but Razer blade, one of us must be blind
Wow what a good review. You covered everything lol. This is the type of review I want when i search for reviews.
No mention of the right-hand palm resting and unintentionally clicking the oversized track pad when typing.
How many ram slot does the gs65 have?
Not sure if I went a bit too harsh here but it's mostly due to the high price. If you can find this for like 18-1900, that's a thumbs up! Thanks for watching!
1.10 it's not images of the g65 , it has no numberpad ;)
I found one for $1245 Should i get this or the acer nitro 5?
Asus or msi answer ne
Is this better than the Asus tuf a15 for gaming?
If someone getting this laptop where he loves razer blade 15 it’s a good option as trade is closed all over the world. I am buying this and will later exchange it with razer blade 15
Apart from gaming, can this machine run VERY VERY HEAVY Adobe illustrator projects ? Plz answer this anyone out there so I can make my mind over this and purchase it.
it's bad laptop.. Why are you not reading about The dead RGB keys lights dying in first 6 months ? The poor build that cracks in the first year half ? I have an GS65 it's god awful only reason i'm keeping mine is because i'm waiting for an proper Ryzen laptop with good GPU, And yes it's very good looking laptop but it is poorly made for example the display is put with a lot adhesive and the makes the display bleed then the screw-holes are plastic and they will crack, And last the power Jack DC will get loosen up, And then you will have problems charging if you are siiting in bed or in way that moves the cable while holding the device.. For those who wonder the GS65 is aluminium chassis but is hold by glued pastic under it and that fails fairly easy, I had replaced Few times my hole case and in just few months time it cracked again and the, RMA Msi program is really Bad software support is god awful , Poor devs will ignore actual issues the first GS65 model users did not get Bios update for half an year and their sleep was not working at all ! I myself had an issue where the display won't wake up after sleep MSI did not release an proper bios update probably until now the easy selution is to take out the Sleep sensor cable and make power button do Sleep / Hibernate oh yeah and Dragon center will die after windows 10 updates and you would have to wait for months to actually get update that fixes the issues oh yeah and, Msi Refuses to update bios or actual firmware every few months because they Believe in " if it's not broke don't fix it BS their forums been saying for years" In compare, I have and MBP 15 Late 2016 that I use for fcpx and that is the one with bad keyboards and display cable issues it's 3 years old now i had to clean the keyboard few times and replace space-bar key once.. So yeah if an laptop fails more often then butterfly keyboard you know its bad..
Between this one and the Msi P65 Creator, which would you choose?
go into the advanced sound settings and upscale it to 300 whatever it is. tell me if that fully activated the so called dac or not please, it might work wonders but i can't recall.
Hey, do you think 1400 euro is a good deal for this specs? just found this offer online, but i dont know if i should wait until a new rtx generation release this year. thanks anyway for the great review!
Thanks for your videos I'm confused... Between this MSI GS65 with GTX 1070 and the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300 with GTX 1660ti, which is better. Also, how different is 1070 from 1660ti in terms of graphics I'll basically run architecture softwares. I'd be glad if you recommended one. Thanks
Thanks for the wallpaper link imma use that when I get mine
You are looking for a 4K monitor at that size? Are you serious? lol
The hatred is strong in this one.. Great review though love the honesty
Would u still recommend this?
Why does mine run so hot? I’ll boot up any game and the fans start going full speed and my temp shoots up to the 90’s.
Did you review the preview gs65 cause i have that laptop and the speakers were really good. Its a shame to hear they cut back on that cause tbh taking of my headphones and switching to speakers for me, is something i can do without worring about sound quality decreasing.
Is it worth it to get it for 1400?
HELLO PLEASE HELP!!! Does anybody know what the turbo clock speed of the rtx 2060 is on this laptop? There are two versions, the 80W and the 90W. The second one is way more powerful I've been told and I don't see the information regarding that on MSI's web nor nowhere else...
I had mine since it came out two weeks before Nvidia's GTX 3000 series, it is still in peak condition, although Linus was right about the CPU throttling. The CPU cooling fan already wore its bearings down a little since just 6 months of use, but it seems to remain operational even if it sounds like a hummingbird. Technically it still runs like a jet engine without the bearings being worn down with cooler boost, but I just don't recommend using it anyways, that's how I ended up wearing the bearings in the first place. You can customize the fan speeds through the pre-installed dragon center 2, which is quite essential for easy OC. I recommend buying replacement CPU fans with the first purchase for new users just in case you plan on doing high CPU intensive activities. I also got a cooling fan to go underneath the laptop, which further helps keep the CPU fan at bay. Since there are no air intakes at the front of this laptop, it's sort of useless to get extra cooling fans that cover the entire bottom. My suggestion would be to get two high power cooling fans and replace some stock ones in a cooling stand. Another way to increase airflow would be out the back, which I found to pump out most of the heat.
This laptop is pain on the ass to install linux .but is very nice and strong
I had this laptop 1060 nvidia. Great gaming laptop. Sadly I broke my screen, was super drunk. Now im waiting my order for G63 on discount with 144hz.
Imagine having an 8 core MacBook Air!
Ultra Thin Laptop On Sale at
This laptop is a beast. I got mine on IBuyPower and put in: 32gigs of ram, 2TB SSD, 1TB SSD and its amazing.
6:25 lol
Watching this on my wallet
And now we got the Razer blade with an 8 core
i got this unit and mine had to be repaired like 4 times so don't even consider to buy it
which is best msi gs63 i5 or acer aspire 7 a715 ? can you reply plz.
After 10 months of purchase, GPU fan started making noise, monitor became dim. The parts are very expensive and unable to get them in India. Not a good buy, this is a very expensive laptop and not worth money.
Ended up getting the razer blade 15 love it so far but those 2 msi laptops look 2 clean got a luxury feel lambo or Ferrari look to it
checkout the MSI GL65 Leopard please
*I'm a 3D Artist♛>****   This computer can handle everything I've thrown at it, even 4k rendering. It's a beast and I'm damn happy with it.*
Hi guys! I bought the gf65 laptop (not the gs65). I'll let you know if it's garbage when it comes in two weeks. My thoughts about the setup I bought with the GF65 I bought for around $1100 after taxes on amazon: 512 NVME SSD - I wish it could have been more than 512 but I do have an external hdd. i59300h- I hope i5's 9th generation with multithreading will be great 👍 There are better processors like the i7 and i9 and AMD's got some great processors. That's what makes my gf65 cheaper than this youtube video's. 16 GB RAM- yeah that's good. Most I've ever had. 6GB VRAM RTX 2060 Graphics card- better benchmarks than the gtx1070 as presented in this youtube video but only 6GB vram so that's not so exciting but I'll be using it to play mostly world of warcraft and age of empires 2. And rtx has ray tracing so I'm hoping to acquire a game in the future that could take advantage of that.
can we upgrade the SSD storage?
Should I get this laptop now?
I love Linus 😂 naturally funny 🤣
Mine just crapped out on me. Had to reimage the graphics card and reseat the ram bc they have no concept of assembly at msi

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