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Buy MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop online at Amazon Flipkart. MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop Colours: Black
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My New Laptop is getting hotter after few hours of using it and after 2 weeks ... choix de RGB très beau super silencieux et moins de lag quand je game :).


MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop Features

Take home this gaming laptop from MSI and take your gaming to the next level. It features the highly capable 6-core 8th Gen Intel i7 processor. The heat pipes featured on this laptop ensure that you have no heating issues even when playing the most resource demanding games.

  • Intel Core i7 Processor (9th Gen)
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD|256 GB SSD
  • 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Display
  • Cooler Boost, Dragon Center 2.0, Nahimic 3, True Color 2.0
  • 2.60 GHz Intel Core i7-9750H 9th Gen processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB 7200rpm hard drive and 256GB NVMe SSD
  • 15.6-inch 60Hz Wideview screen, GTX 1660 Ti 6GB Graphics
  • Windows 10, Home, 64Bit operating system
  • 2.2kg laptop
  • Country of Origin: China
MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop at Amazon Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest MSI GL63 (9SDK-802IN) Gaming Laptop Price in India is ₹112,990 at Amazon.
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Touchpad is Super Synaptics! Download GE62-6QF Apache Pro Drivers from MSI site.Uninstall SMB mouse in Device Manager, Reboot and turn off internet and install drivers. After reboot right click tray icon and setup your touchpad. Coasting Tap Zones and endless settings. First update Win will install crappy driver again. Right click mouse in device manager, click properties, click driver, select roll back driver and reboot. Cheers! DUCK
Can you upgrade ram from 8gb to 16 or 32
I wanna get it honestly ;w;
bought this laptop for 299 on Clarence I've been gaming and running several other things at the same time and only running around 75 to 80 Celsius after about 4 hours of game play
is GL63 8RCS i7gen8 can change the RGB keyboard? i dont see one..please help :)
I think it's stupid to compare this laptop to an acer predator which is priced way higher. The specs are more comparable to an acer aspire. The issue here is probably the heat which is the usual problems of laptops
most of the laptop reviewers like this, they measuring the performance and temperature by placing the laptop on a flat surface. Which in fact it needs to be elevated for maximum airflow on the bottom part. All of the laptops will have that temperature if the airflow is not great
im picking 1 up tomorrow for 575 is it worth it?
So what problems have yall encountered by now. I had it for 6 months , and my d drive failed me. The fans are 50db loud , and it's pretty annoying having to ship it to canada for a 30 day warranty fix. If you're actually looking to game , it's best you get a Computer. A rig whatever you want to call it.
great work my friends. Saludos desde bogot colombia
Could you benchmark some more performance heavy games like battlefield V or AC: Odyssey or RDR2 as this has a rig which can squeeze 60 FPS and would like to see how hot it gets.
MSI aside of an HP with a 1tb 7200 hdd+256nvme. Has some of the best prices in the states/microcenter. As far as their attempt to breach into the USDM. Including their monitors as of recently too. I got a gl63 last year with 1tb nvme(BC theyre "better" if theyre 50-60% populated) in most "entry level" nvme drives you kind of have to get "MORE" which is ironic. Already filled it "factory partitioned" even more ironic bc now thats 2 drives to "half populate".....vomits. Essentially needs a usb hub as a desktop replacement....if you plan on using any AUDIO interface that is USB, or a mouse+keyboard+controller at the same time.......Ideally you would get a usb-c external drive interface. SO you can utilize the type-c port and give yourself 1 more usb-a slot. my case, its a WD game drive with a type A. So boom mouse+tkl. All slots no more USB dac....which is ok bc the integrated dac is quite on par with the 100$ entry level dac range as well IMO. So the split 3.5mm jacks as it is with amp power etc is quite ideal for that purpose. For 1099 last year definitely the best i could get.....easy upgradability, ideally duel channel ram, and ideal 2nd m.2 slot for a corsair or wd black drive(most likely in my case so i can just have 3 drives under my WD warranty account). The IPS 120hz screen is "ok" for this price point you arent goint to get much as it is.....the color is better than the 60hz options.....most 60z panels are usually trash bc the vendors/manufacturers assume the buyers are most definitely going to use the 1.4 dp to g-sync monitor. E.G the esports crowd that travels and still wants to practice/play....theyll be the ones with the free 300/240hz flagship options these days to play/watch poor kids would be happy with a 60hz laptop once we already have the g-sync 1080p monitors. This laptop sucks from a practicality standpoint or "functioning as a laptop" terrible tracpad. NON-discreet look flimsy screen that needs protection during transport i feel even the bottom can be punctured etc. But as far as performance/price.....ive seen setups that can bench/get far worse fps and cool worse or paired with power blocks that cannot charge while under max load.......those are what i call "budget" or true compromise laptops....with this one i have duel channel ram upgradability once i make this a secondary pc( since its just a replacement from my original sandybridge desktop). Good enough screen for movies and travel use when packed and cared for properly. Full rgb steel series keyboard that i favor over other laptop keyboards. If youre willing to pay 4-500$ more for a nicer/thinner looking go-ahead. bc the newer gl63 aka the gl65 with similar specs already looks like the raider and its quite clean. For the same exact price i got mine a year ago.......granted the HP for 899.99 is pretty insane. IDK how to justify paying 500$ more for the gigabyte aero with similar specs......bc it has an OLED screen.....if youre going to game on the go primarily or are a student could seem "viable"......but vs a 2060 ryzen 4900h.....why even. Plus again that same $ spent on the gigabyte could have been spent on a proper 1080p TN panel 240Hz g-sync monitor......bc technically IPS is 4ms full stop anyone that knows whats what knows this. But even then.....for 400-500$ for better bezel and included panel.....if youre going to use it at home can get a sub 200$ 1080p 144+Hz monitor and even a 300$ range 27" 2k wtf.....both of which can be utilized by other pcs/consoles etc even out live the laptop itself. Idk consumers need to do some more actual thinking/research. Im eventually gonna sell mine but even the used market is healthy. I want a 4900h laptop for sure....bc the actual "practicality" is finally there with the mobile performance potential of those ryzens. Still waiting on 7nm intel benchmarks before i build a desktop again. Kind of nuts how much power these laptops have as of 2019-2020.....though. And value...the ironic part of the 8tb game weather or not it will fail in the next 5 years......and if i can actually fill it completely. Id regret buying someting "like it" now......but last year when my 2500k 7990(died)....i still wanted to have multi screen support and use my acer 1080p 165hz free/g-sync monitor. ETC and so on. This was the best solution for 1099.....and now the gl65 exists which id buy today if i was in the same situation 5:10 concepts like this in review videos is how i knew "corners were not cut" lmfao and this wasnt a PURE budget laptop. NGL the way things are looking i feel like 2-2500$ can buy me a lot more in 2021 if i wait as far as desktop performance power.....than if i buy post summer sales etc around q4. Ill just put 400$ into this laptop with 32gb ram, a 3.4gb/s nvme drive and a proper 802.11ax NIC once those come around, since i already have an asus rapture due to heavy household use and 4k tvs. To help make it through the next year+ as i patiently wait and save 100$ a month towards the cyberpunk 2k 100+fps build IF even possible lmao. Im just gonna wait for benchmarks and buy around the hard performers. Knowing CDPR has already proven thread utilizaition in ryzen 4900h witcher 3 benchmarks.......only time will tell if things sway to a ryzen build for cyberpunk i still wanna hold tight for 7nm intel but idk if i can wait that long to play non 1080p games....I do power use and all background apps already use like near 4-5gbs as it is. Still my mind is blown at the value of laptops currently and the entry the 1660ti offers.....too bad the vendors are wise enough to not provide thunderbolt 4x4 for external GPU support or this 1000$ range with that capability would be truly game changing. I plan on selling mine for 800-900$ though if i dont upgrade it so the next buyer may "void warranty" on their own will. BC i really think a 4900h X 2070 super is the jazz in 2020........ive saved that same 100$ a month since i got the gl63.....last fare the ryzen laptop over a desktop for the moment. As well over upgrading my gl63....if im going to play the semi-waiting game. IMO 4900H with a 2070/ best laptop you can get in 2020......or best "price/performance" the 899.99 9750h 1660ti omen from microcenter....has to be the best deal of 2020.....sure theres that near 500$ acer nitro with a 1050......but i got one for my sister with the actual 1050ti 4gb...8300 and 512 nvme....a couple years ago....for 700$ and it still slapps granted the 60hz ips panel blows for gaming the colors are nice. That is when my envy for laptops started bc that thing made me hate my desktop LMAO.......what constitutes a "compromised laptop" IMO.....duel 3.5mm jack BC I want isolated amplified/dac audio as just an out even rarer these days.....poor speakers.....sounds like a meh but.....bad speakers will prove your "FLAGship" had a corner cut sooo quick youll feel like youre using a macbook or the keyboard feels......bc these will transcend over the total lifetime of use and the more ideal these can be the better.....fatiguing audio quality, sucky non tactile keyboard and etc.....will prompt you to sell/upgrade much faster than "a lack of fps" bc youll literally lack the comparable "option" to prove how slow your setup really is/was other than playing w/ friends in discord and lagging if they arent or etc......Considering im loading faster than all of them via air/wifi on 802.11ac but 802.11ax router. Id say "upgradability" is also the largest standpoint to me..........its like do you want a laptop that is more desktop....than tablet......or the otherway a gaming laptop "investment" i aim for the more of a desktop pc than the more of a tablet/mobility etc. If im gonna "GAME" if im a working "professional" thats an entirely different discussion, paired with the nvme dock vs type c 20gb/s drive "working professionals" to discuss.
Hey guy, nice video.I'm looking for this laptop and a acer nitro 5 with same spec I7 with gtx 1660Ti.Which one you recommend?
Can you upgrade the ram without losing the waranty?
Looking for a used laptop and saw one of these. But I can't decide weather to buy this or a gs63 8re (i7 8750 with gtx 1060). Which do you recommend
I just subed.
Dude.....thank you I have never seen anyone go through such extensive research. Thank you so much. Also can you review a MSI GL63 Gaming Laptop VR Ready, Intel i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti, 15.6" FHD IPS-Level, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 6-Core up to 4.50 GHz, RGB, HDMI/mDP, Killer LAN, Forza Horizon 3?And nice hare btw.(I'm not gay)
Hello Im here almost a year later should I get it now?
Nope there is no better option. I bought MSI gl63 in China and was only near 8000rmb ... Rest of all with same specs was way above 12000rmb
Tati h vivo book gaming ke samne
Bro , how to use msi laptop bought in usa to indiaIs it power supply compatible
How are services available for msi ?
Bro, is there service centers available in Tamil Nadu
The laptop costs 120k on paytm
where i buy this laptop bro
But at this cost I personally prefer to buy gaming PC instead of gaming laptop .
How much time we have to charge i7 9th gen 16gb ram 512gb ssd Nividia getforce rtx2060
real laptop price is 1lakh 49k
I am going to buy this laptop in my birthday
its correct postion for windows button as we play when we tap that accidentally the start button shows avoid that they did like that!
Battery life is very bad
did you said 30 mins of batterylife?
@vimal can you make a comparison between ryzen 5 4600h vs intel 5 10600k
Zuban kesari
Bro plliz suggest some laptop under 60k
bro is the GL edition better cause i find it more eye catching
I bought and u won't believe I carried it in bag with some clothes and book the bag just brusted it's actually not light
Too many exhausts
very helpful
Assalamualikum bhi bola or naam lalit kumar?
Hey can you please check the PL1 and PL2 limits set for this machine?I got mine with some random numbers into them due to which my laptop thermal throttles alot.The default limits PL1 and PL2 Limits in my system are set to 200W for both, as reported by Throttlestop and Advanced BIOS.Can you please confirm the CPU PL1 and PL2 limits for your system so that I can update my machine?Please Reply.
Leb nhi RGB
60Hz display! music
Noo u r wrong I am having this laptop since May,2019 and I can get 80-90+ fps on pubg pc(steam one "NOT LITE VERSION")on its ultra and max settings........
Its not IPS its TN panel
Bro how did u get pubg pc , I have the same laptop how to redeem it (rtx 2060 model)
Why did you write in English in the title
Badhiya review bhai
Sir where to buy acre predator 2019 model
Is this one have thunderbolt 3 slot
This Laptop is listed as 4.8 lbs which means it is around 2 kgs, not 2.7 kgs!
Bhai ek req thi, mere pass samsung note 9 ha , actually jiske b pass note 9 hai, unko camera vibrating or buzzing ka issue aa raha , app google or you tube pr check kr saktw ho, my request is k apne jaise redmi ka issue # tag chla kr campaign chalaya aise hi Samsung ka v chaliye boht jada logo ko fyda hoga agr samsung actually is manufacturing defect ko notice krega ... please
Sir what about predator Helios 300 2019 model and sir is 120 hz refresh rate display of msi model is available in India
bhai specs to awesome hai screen 144Hz hota to perfect rehta
Bhai mujhe tumhare reviews sabse jada aache lagte hai .
Nice bhai..
Hello sir! :>I need a new laptop for Senior High School this coming June. May I ask If I should get this or The Ryzen 7, GTX 1650Ti version of the Zephyrus G14? Thanks in advance, sir!! Great review btw, very informative
nice!!keep Apex in the list man
My first ever Gaming Laptop. I love it! Runs everything on max!
Quick update on my behalf unfortunately 4-5 months into this laptop I'm running into display issues, when the screen for the laptop only happens to turn on every now and then, and I have to depend on external monitors. So I'm RMAing it and see what happens.
i have the same laptop. How can I calibrate the display using your config file ? what do I do with that ? Thank you !
I need help please! I bought this laptop about a year ago and realized my graphic card never worked... I bought it from Walmart and my friend said whoever built it didnt do it right and my graphic card is just sitting in there
Hey bob!Can you please check the PL1 and PL2 limits set for this machine?I got mine with some random numbers into them due to which my laptop thermal throttles alot.The default limits PL1 and PL2 Limits in my system are set to 200W for both, as reported by Throttlestop and Advanced BIOS.Can you please confirm the CPU PL1 and PL2 limits for your system so that I can update my machine?Please Reply.I got an MSI GL65-9SDK version, I guess it has similar or same chassis as of the MSI GL63
VIDEO EDITOR here. If you want to install 2 nvme drives and the ssd, it does work. All at full speeds. I have been using Resolve for the last few days and this thing slices thru GH4 4k files with out issue. EVEN WITH 8GB of ram (I need to upgrade). This machine is a dream come true as I dock in at a 32" ultra wide at work and at home. BT mouse and Keyboard means just a power supply.
So this can have 3 drives?! amazing
This might be a stupid question but is this panel on the video compatible with the 60hz version of this same laptop? I am considering an update and just want to be sure about compatibility before purchasing. Thanks!
Helios 300 or this laptop?
I've just bought it, and has a little annoying sound, aparently it is "coil whine" But i don't know. It is normal? someone has this issue? (the sound is always, not only in high performance) .
i used the color profile, and it looks red in my laptop. any one knows where i can find a good color profile for this laptop?
Thanks for share, some models of gl63 have inferior gamut on the screen, check this How do you know which one have the 89 of adobe rgb? Thanks you
The model GL 63 9SDK-611US Is 120 or 60 hz? Msi, heeeelpPls :(
how did I keep msi gaming mode from disabling my color profile? happens everytime I load a game. even with CPKeeper locked in.
what app did he use to load the color profile? the one with the S icon? I want to download it but no mention of it in the video. I have the color profile loaded into the display settings on windows, but whenever I load a game up, the msi game booster mode automatically shifts it back to normal and its annoying.
Whats the name of the charger? I need to buy a new one
Is it good for hacking please i need an answer

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