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Modern Operating Systems 4e Book Reviews from YouTube

get pdf Modern Operating System by Tanenbaum 4th
What is Operating System? full Explanation | Introduction to operating system
Best book to learn Operating System concept for BCA MCA Computer science | Galvin book review
Vlog #011: Operating Systems - books & resources
Thank You!
Mind blowing
Please give a detailed explanation of the operation system Types.
make video onprocess managementmemory managementfile &divice
Hello sir ..aapk saare videos bahot helpfull hai but ..I had a complain of Y you have not uploaded whole Operating system video .. like you explained . Networking ..well ..!!! Please upload Operating system . More
Type of O.S ka bhi video banaye.Ap bahut achha parate hai Thanks
Sir please next part personal computer ka video dijiye plzzz
Thank you sir
Thank you Sir Kal merA paper khai tho Sara consipet clear khoGaya
I am seeing in exam day morning
Tomorrow exam
Watching 3hrs before exam
And you are one of them
banao sir video is per plz
Hello Sir please computer System Architecture pe detail me video leke aaye please
Sir aap iske notes De sakti ho
legends watching 1hrs before exam
Explain type of OS system
Shukriya Guru ji
Types of os ki video provide kr dena bhai
Respect for content. It would be nice to attract new audience of viewers, try to u t i f y, some of my channels is blossomed after using it
Beginners ko 9th edition padhna chahiye ya 8tha?
Is it better than tenenbaum
After seeing three books about operating systems, I think that Modern operating systems by Tannenbaum and Operating systems design and implementation by Stallings are suitable for those who want to write computer operating systems. The third book Operating system concepts by Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne seems suitable for those writing embedded operating systems.
Operating system concepts by Avi silberschatz2:25
Awesome references.Thanks for sharing these hints!
Ah ha atlast, I'm gonna become like you and be able to understand ur video's finally XD, anyways Tnks a lot GynvaelEN
would it possible to have a list in your Random Notes on your website of all the books you've collected over the years? (Probably not all, but like the ones that could be very useful like the ones you've shown).
Start at 00:00
can someboy mention more books on linux internals?
There is a newer rootkitbook coming out called rootkits and bootkits.
1:30 I would read this as a bedtime story ))
- not only a great introductory book for free, but also for every chapter there are useful commented references (papers, books, articles).Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach is from 2006 (when they used PowerPC cpu mostly). Although lot of things mentioned here are still relevant, Jonathan Levin has Mac OS X and iOS Internals + 3 another books 2 of them already published. They are up-to-date and cover iOS internals too.
There is also *OS Internals that covers all the Apple OS's
I really recommend Modern Operating Systems by Tanenbaum et al, this is the book that you *can* read as a bedtime story.
There's a good book on GitHub about Linux internals called "linux-insides".A good introduction to linux rootkits and hooking syscalls can be found in the "(nearly) Complete Linux Loadable Kernel Modules" by pragmatic/THC, 1999. I can also recommend "LKM hacking made easy" by plaguez from w00w00 (Nicolas Dubee).For Windows API I recommend checking Laurnce Jackson's recreation of the original win32api.chm, Also is really useful when exploring undocumented structs across multiple versions of Windows.
@GynvaelEN also these OS (X/IOS) books are highly recommended :) -> by Jonathan Levin. Awesome read and very detailed.
in more practical side check out System Software: An Introduction to Systems Programming, where you implement a theoretical machine and you implement an assembler, linker and loader, in the process you will learn more about syscalls, opcodes and how operating system loads programs and manage it in memory, also @GynvaelEN had 4 streams of chip-8 where he implemented it, that can give a simple understanding of Operating System, also check Writing a Simple Operating System from Scratch by Nick Blundell can see from the background, that all those book next you, are equal to one section of your library, that show the amount of reading for a master level Computer Scientist and that is just the physical one O_O
Some more books: 0:00

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