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Modelling and Control of a Model UAV with Simulink Book Reviews from YouTube

Modeling, Simulation, and Flight Control Design of an Aircraft with Simulink
MATLAB & Simulink Tutorial: Quadrotor UAV Trajectory and Control Design (PID + Cascaded)
Simulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) with MATLAB and Simulink
Hi. Is it possible to use PX4's firmware as autopilot here? And send the Altitude and Speed commands from QGroundcontrol?
How I can regenerate flight in Flight gear simulator through recorded data in MATLAB.
Could the simulink model be available to download?
Can u plz do fuselage analysis with matlab I need to do it on Tuesday plz help bri
PID auto tune in Matlab/Simulink is valid for linear systems only. Not in non-linear systems. We need non-linear in reality.
I do not thrust an autopilot designed by an control systems engineer who has no piloting experience and is not aware of possible failures and limits. Look for example at the case of of the vertical speed control mode used near the aircraft's service altitude, when it cannot recognize an imminent stall.2 pilots on a repositioning flight paid the ultimate price using that mode at 41000 ft.Who designed the MCAS system for the B 757 Max?A control system engineer which is also a rated pilot would never had the pitch system enter repeated trim inputs to force the nose down in response to a single AoA sensor without cross checking what the actual attitude and CAS of the aircraft is , information available from dual computers.Worse is the total absence of a 'failure modes and effects analysis'before such a system is implemented on a real airplane.
Terrible tutorial, just some bloke reading out work which has taken hours to do. That is not how you teach people...
This is a useless webinar. Lazy, lazy instructor!
can some provide the simulink code file,
I don't understand why you wouldn't share the file or show people interested learning on how to set this stuff up.
Could the Simulink model/file be available to download?
Having trouble with your MATLAB assignments? Avail MATLAB assignment help from www.Matlabprojecthelper.comHire us for top Matlab Assignment Help. We are best in this niche having more than 200+ Matlab Experts.WhatsApp: + 1 251 333
Where should I get this model?
After running the main function from the file exchange, Error using fgetsInvalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.Error in fgetl (line 33)[tline,lt] = fgets(fid);Error in drawDATCOMaircraft (line 35)tempstr=fgetl(tempdat);
How do you change the constant values while simulation is running?
can you make a video about rocket pid trust vector control
lock bag ton?dtc?offuzz
what is gimbal?why did you say if we use quaternion there is no malfunction ?
Hello , Respected sir can you this matlab file for learning ?
Hello can you explain how I can calculate the thickness insulation in switched reluctance motor in rmxprt ansys
hi, kindly provide referred research paper/book etc for your mathematical model of drone.
Doenst work
Thanks for the informative vid!
Hi, the model didn't give me same results when I implemented in Simulink. Because of double integrators system is highly unstable. Can u guide
I have a lot of simulation files for four rotorsIf someone needs can contact me by
thank you for this tutorial I learned a lot
Thank you for this tutorial !
My dude, why did you flip the y double dot and phi double dot equations around in the 1:42 slide? It breaks the visual continuity making the problem harder to study.
Awesome sir
Thanks man,
Could you please help me to establish UAVs mathematical modeling?
sir may know on which software you have modeled the aerial drone, matlab software or any other type of software
Thank you
Good TutorialBut Remember, earth radius is a vector unit.I think an equation at z should bez_ddot=-g+(u1/m)cos(theta)cos(theta)~=1z_ddot=-g+(u1/m)please correct me if i'm wrongThank you
Could you please eleborate why did you put u1=g and u2=g?
Thanks a lot dear. I found lots of literature on quadrotor pid design and control. But your way of repeating is awesome. We are waiting for more lectures on different controllers and 3D version also.
Hi Vin! Thanks for the tutorial!Just one question... observing the trend of the commanded input of the inner loop (M =u2), it reaches high values (hundreds of Nm)... Would it be more appropriate to consider a saturation of the inner loop too?
Sir if possible please guide how to design LQR CONTROLLER for quadrotor .... during this lockdown period it vl be great help for me
I tried to simulate my code using matlab but I found different values for kpz and kdz, using the same values so it's kinda weird... maybe there's something wrong in my controller.
Sir i need matlab code for "Throughput Maximization for Long-DistanceReal-Time Data Transmission over Multiple UAVs" i will pay you if u can do it
Great Video Loved it
what's wrong with the audio quality

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