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The fifteen chapters are divided into five parts, covering the topics of multicopter design, modeling, state estimation, control, and decision-making.


Modeling and Control Simulation For Autonomous Quadrotor Book Features

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Modeling and Control Simulation For Autonomous Quadrotor Book Reviews from YouTube

MATLAB & Simulink Tutorial: Quadrotor UAV Trajectory and Control Design (PID + Cascaded)
Quadcopter Simulation and Control Made Easy - MATLAB and Simulink Video
Drone Simulation and Control, Part 1: Setting Up the Control Problem
Class 6 - Quadrotor Dynamics
hi, kindly provide referred research paper/book etc for your mathematical model of drone.
Doenst work
Thanks for the informative vid!
Hi, the model didn't give me same results when I implemented in Simulink. Because of double integrators system is highly unstable. Can u guide
I have a lot of simulation files for four rotorsIf someone needs can contact me by
thank you for this tutorial I learned a lot
Thank you for this tutorial !
My dude, why did you flip the y double dot and phi double dot equations around in the 1:42 slide? It breaks the visual continuity making the problem harder to study.
Awesome sir
Thanks man,
Could you please help me to establish UAVs mathematical modeling?
sir may know on which software you have modeled the aerial drone, matlab software or any other type of software
Thank you
Good TutorialBut Remember, earth radius is a vector unit.I think an equation at z should bez_ddot=-g+(u1/m)cos(theta)cos(theta)~=1z_ddot=-g+(u1/m)please correct me if i'm wrongThank you
Could you please eleborate why did you put u1=g and u2=g?
Thanks a lot dear. I found lots of literature on quadrotor pid design and control. But your way of repeating is awesome. We are waiting for more lectures on different controllers and 3D version also.
Hi Vin! Thanks for the tutorial!Just one question... observing the trend of the commanded input of the inner loop (M =u2), it reaches high values (hundreds of Nm)... Would it be more appropriate to consider a saturation of the inner loop too?
Sir if possible please guide how to design LQR CONTROLLER for quadrotor .... during this lockdown period it vl be great help for me
I tried to simulate my code using matlab but I found different values for kpz and kdz, using the same values so it's kinda weird... maybe there's something wrong in my controller.
How do you model the propeller thrust in simscape?
can you tell me what cad file needs to be identifiable to simmech ? can you explain what must be inside this CAD so Simmech can be able to recognize it ?
Good explanation, but I would use SS control system, based on feedback of all state variables, which is way better than PID controllers.
When I used the file and just ran it using the changes you showed, it appears blank on the Mechanics explorer (and a lot of simulation errors pops up). I tried to click the button to show the axis, it's there. But the model is not viewable in the Mechanics Explorer. Please Help.Note: I am using my MATLAB 2021a version
Could you recommend some great books on how to use simulink control toolbox part?
Great job
Hii sir I am Pushkar Kulkarni from India. I am going to built Hexacopter with fire extinguisher and pick & place hand in my project so can you please arrange one webinar for how to do simulation of Hexacopter.. this is my mail id.
make another video ( how to apply thrust and connect to world)
Can you share the final simulink model file to
Can you share the final simulink model file to
Can you share the final simulink model file to
Great sir, Could you please send me the CAD file to
Where can I find the CAD file for the quadcopter?
great job....where i can find the models?
Hello, did someone worked Quadcopter - MPC Controller with Simulink? My email:
Where in matlb I vl get these blocks for modelling... please help
Geometric control? Or something else?
Hi!Thank you for sharing so wonderful works.I get some troubles about rigid transform. This block is quite effective. However, one cannot easily obtain the parameters of transformation. Do you guys have any effective methods.Thank you !
Can you give me file CAD(solidwork ) thanks
3:14 Great idea
Thanks, it helps me a lot!
What software do you think he uses for the blackboard he writes on?
I want to know the ratios which every motor take to roll pitch and yaw
Love you brian...
Is there a python version for this
This tells us how education was simple in understanding, Playing ,Learning. We can't feel pressure until your videos are ended Sir..Thank you so much
I haven't found any practical video which can explain this easy!.....this is the best video sir
May I know at what stage of education are we taught this?
Brian you are the best!
fortunately, or unfortunately, my tendency has changed to not watching any other person's videos ever since I became acquainted with your lectures:-) I only want to know how it is possible to have thorough and well organized playlists of your videos. For example, the series of "Drone Simulation and Control" is not present in your own channel and I ran into it when I was watching your sensor fusion videos! Thanks.
This series made me happy ...This videos have full information about pic controller Thank sir ...
Could you please help me to establish UAVs mathematical modeling?
Love all your videos. Great video as usual.
please I want links to buy this sensors imu, camera, ultrasound, airpressor. thanks
Thank you so much!!! Your video made me understand core concepts I had to master to start a drone simulation project. In my python class we were given this project about drones with a source code licensed from the MIT when we never even took in class what a drone was or how to manipulate scipy and matplotlib modules/packages. I'm not sure what's the difference between modules, packages, libraries and subpackages, would be nice if someone could clarify to me that point, thanks! :)
10:43 for aerial
Love this
0:41 drones are expensive and illegal. Egypt
Drone hobbyist for 1 year. Best Explanation of mechanics so far! TY.

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