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  • Wind Instruments

The lowest Mirage TTC50WA Woodgrain Flute with case Price in India is ₹15,035 at Amazon.
Buy Mirage TTC50WA Woodgrain Flute with case online at Amazon.
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Mirage TTC50WA Woodgrain Flute with case Reviews from YouTube

What's in my flute case??? 😏
Flute Expert tries AMAZON $70 FLUTE VS HER $10K FLUTE
Full set with Hard Case... contact.8855878244
Glory Flute Unboxing & Review [Cheapest Amazon Flute (2020) Tested by Pro Flutist]
I learned on an all open holed flute :/ not once did I plug the holes
Your voice is so grounding. So calm. Thank you for the video.
That cover is not water-proof. It's resistent, but not waterproof.
what is the intro song i love it
Omg what a head power. From where do you get such powers. lol hahaha
Your voice is quite soothing. High five from NYC.
What is the song at the beginning?!?
some say that the muramatsu case is made from pig skin...
Try the Chinese flute (dizi)
Omg you play a muramatsu?!?!?????!!!!!! I do too!!! I play a gx
....And she has an accent tooo.
I love the muramatsu DS! 😍 I play a muramatsu too 😊
Luar biasa👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏
Hello! I just wanted to comment this! I want say that you’re the reason why I joined Band! We recently got to sign up for grade 6 band next year and I had Flute as my first choice and clarinet for my second and I got Flute! Now I’m really excited to play the Flute! and as always I love you~! ❤️
Hey, just found your channel, just glad to see there is some flute content happening. Keep it up.
what's your flute logo, can u just put your flute’s amazon link for us
Can you please do brand new day on flute ?💕💜
are you gonna cover Dream Glow?? Its really easy to figure out the notes, i already have half the song done in like 10 minutes :)
Please play "a brand new day" V,Jhope and Zara L. Pleaseeee
What is the song name for the intro
As an experiment I would like to see a whole orchestra playing cheap instruments like this and see if anybody noticed....
Can I have a poster
Chinese budget brands include a pair of gloves as their products are mostly used for school brass bands in China, which usually wear uniforms and gloves while performing
my new evening routine: Flute Channel and chill
After 20 years of dreaming of being able to play the flute, I finally found the courage to start learning how to read sheet music and was thinking of buying an affordable flute on Amazon so I could dip my toes into the wonderful world of being a flautist. I was so discouraged when I saw so many comments about how horrible quality instruments they were, that I was being scammed, and I should have waited and saved up a long time more to buy a 600 dollar student flute. Money I didn't have. But I can honestly say this video really encouraged me to just go for it. It might not be the best quality flute, but it doesn't mean I can't use it to practice the basics and fingerings until I can afford a good flute! My flute comes today! Here's to begining my flute journey! 🥂
Just a Clarinet player scrolling through flute videos
I need 1The flute
I was more concerned about tone of the flute
If you can hear the keys going hitting the body joint more than the flute itself then something is wrong.
Honestly the head joint sounded like a saxophone at first
My bf bought me a flute for Christmas from Amazon - I haven't played in years but definitely enjoyed it for the price! It's great for people who want to get back into it but don't want to spend the money.
Thanks, i was looking for a flute but since im only a beginner i didn't know which flute would be good to buy that is not so expensive.
8:59 what’s the name of this piece? the tune has been stucked in my head for quite some time now.
I wanted to learn the flute and got one of those $70 ones to learn on
If only eastar made a bass flute 😁
She's a fantastic player!🙏
me: using a £100 flute for 10 years now.... this guy: THIS FLUTE IS A TOY
10K????? Oh my goodness
Yep I'm watching this at 3:00 am *I play the violin, piano, and ukelele*
Flute bajanewala hun bananewala nahi hun.
Very nice sir. Mai flute bananewala hi hun
Which scales flutes are present
Very nice .price how many?
Sounds like an oboe
Thanks Teacher Suzuki. After your really good demonstration; I have much confidence to buy this flute to start to learn Flute. Thanks again!
2:32 I’m not sure if that was sarcasm or not but I’m pretty sure the gloves are for bands or something like that
Can you make a review also of Muslady metal flute? Thanks.
Why is grease not good for metals? I was recommended to use candles to rub on to the joints. Is that gonna cause a serious problem in the future?
I got a flute for $750 is that good for a beginner?
Thanks for your video. It does Help on a buying decision.
Gloves are for marching band! Lol!
Thanks for the vid. Was super helpful!
I see what you did there.
What refinements make high notes easier to play.
Allegretto was satisfying to watch and hear you play.
What country are u in cause of the painting it’s doesn’t look American
The gloves might be polishing gloves for the finish on the flute, I’m pretty sure.
I once used cork grease on my flute,what effects does it have on it?
Tbh it looks like darth mauls lightsaber
8:35 I cried 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Excellent playing . .
Im a total beginner please suggest me a cheap and good one thanks.
13:48 - It sounds kind of like an oboe. 16:40 - I can see where Katie Flute got her intro music now.

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