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Billiards Tutorial: How to Change a Pool Cue Tip!!!
Replace a Pool Cue Tip with a Kamui tip.
& you can make a living out of this??
Couldn't pay me to use a naked razor on anything on a lathe. I don't care how many years the "Professional" has been doing it, stupid is still stupid.Quote at end, "There you have it, that is how a professional would do it." This word that you are using, I don't think you know what it means. Here on the other hand is a true professional in my opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW2J_0fFyqA
Sửa cơ gậy Bi A, Bida đa năng tại Hà Nội ĐT:0963955283 ...allex.com.vn › sua-co-gay-bi-a-da-nang-dt-0963955283 OLEO chuyên dịch vụ sửa cơ gậy đa năng bàn bi a, bida chuyên nghiệp, uy tín, nhanh tại Hà Nội. Hotline: 0963955283 - 0971139968. Bạn đã truy cập trang này vào ngày 26/12/2019.
I honestly cannot believe what I just saw. Holding a razor blade by the fingertips while a lathe is spinning at hundreds of revolutions per second is just asking for trouble. My goodness. People!!!!! Do not do it this way.
what do you varnish the tip with?
Wow the guy has an expensive lathe and doesn't even use it right making it a half baked tutorial. Lay off the excessive use of glue and center that tip better, looks like it wasn't covering the ferrule on one side. For safety reasons don't hold a razor blade on a spinning lathe. Use a carbon bit cutter, they also sell them shaped to do the radius so ya don't need to eye ball it. OR you can use a shaper while it's spinning on the lathe, the metal ones work great. The 1st tutorial is worse, you need to round that tip after chopping off as much as you can straight to the sides. I used to use a joe porper tool for that now I got a better all in one tip tool which can cut it flush to the ferrule. Search other videos how to replace a tip, this was awful.
I've probably put 300 tips in many years all by hand and epoxy was a glue that never failed. One thing that I would suggest . Be close to an emergency room if using a razor blade on a lathe the way that guy did.
as many have said, holding a razor blade like that is dangerous
Easy as pie.
so.. how do you get the foil or whatever it is off the tip?
This a stupid unsafe video.
is that a plastic ferule?!
Excellent job. What's the average cost? And will laminate shafts will be a thing of the future? Thanks in advance Bob
Fkin frightening. 6 inch of cue hanging out of the lathe chuck and using a knife blade. Guess this guy doesn't like fingers cos he ain't gonna have them for much longer. Ive seen a few of these "professional" tip change videos and I'm thinking they must be taking the piss. I wouldn't let this guy anywhere near my cue. Why use the sanding pad to shape the tip after taking it off the lathe. Do it on the lathe you Muppet.
I never use super glue it breaks off to easy.
How long will this repair last with the simple super glue?
Jesus … what the heck is this guy doing 🤦🏼‍♂️ Is this a joke ?! cuz if it is than it’s a really good one 👍🏻
I'm so glad Jammillette is there ! Her contribution to this video is obviously invaluable ! And Florian that chain you've got around your neck in the next scene without a doubt helps us have faith in your integrity and credibility ! This guy he has changing the tip is using a concrete block instead of a piece of wood to rest the new tip on so he can cut the excess off. Why would he do that ? I guess he just really likes buying and changing utility knife blades. After 4 swipes with his sandpaper when he's installing the tip without a lathe the tip is magically on and shaped correctly. Man this guy is good. When he puts the tip on "professionally" he's using a utility knife blade to take the excess off the tip and that blade is held by nothing but his fingers as the lathe turns incredibly fast. You've got to be kidding me. I won't even begin to mention all the serious injuries that could could happen here. Florian, you should delete this video immediately before someone loses an eye or worse. Incredibly irresponsible. And finally, Florian, in future videos lose Jammillette and lose that ridiculous necklace.
Where can I get a chalk holder like yours?
OMG This is how NOT to do it!
Like most people I've never seen someone shape a tip into a dome like that at all and it's a pretty ugly job.. but.. hey if it works for you who cares if you get a life span off that tip and you play well who gives a shit what a bunch of snobs say.
Absolutely no doubt this guy smoked a joint right before making this video ..
Wow you ruined that tip by making the entire thing rounded like a dome. You're only suppose to round off the tip of the tip. lol.. DO NOT USE A GRINDER especially on a layered tip.
Why post a video on how to do something if you have no idea how to do it correctly and the end result looks like crap? Thumbs down.
Nice product placement. How about endorsing your favorite glue too?
THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT?  A PRANK MAYBE? OR YOU'RE JUST RIBBING US VIEWERS?  NO? THEN "O" "M" "G"!!!!!!  What the f**k did I just watch!!!  Please, out of decency, thoughtfulness, and mercy for others, "DO-NOT", I repeat "DO-NOT" remove and/or install any pool cue tips for your Friends, Relatives, Strangers, or anybody else on the planet!! PLEASE!! FOR THE MERCY OF GOD!! Well, I guess you can, on those 91 retarded viewers who gave this video a thumbs up!!!  Just when you thought you seen it all!!! Let the local billiards professional earn a living and pay his store rent, and pay the damn $15 -$20 bucks to give you a professionally install cue tip! Especially a top of the line Kamui tip! GEEEEEEEZ!!!!"YEAH, I KNOW!! Thx for watching!
Wtf dude?
You pulled it off with a pliers you must have put that one on also lol
lol never use a tip pick on a layred tip it break away the glued layersKamui love you lol
Lol wow. This is a first. Hey as long as he is only doing his then I guess no harm.
this is soooooo painful to watch.
You guys are funny. Lots of animosity towards Bill but to be honest it got the tip replaced and if it doesn't hold up, oh well, will just replace. Fairly cheap for an intro piece. Thanks Bill for the simple video. Should have my son back at the table with a decent tip by morning.
It was great meeting you today. Thank you for coming to EASTERN BILLIARDS for a proper tip replacement. Love your video. "how not to do it"... LOL
Or. You could just shit on your cue, that way it'll look the same but takes less effort. Holy cow, this guy does know Jack shit about how to install a tip.
schaut schrecklich aus, diese behandlung
try practicing first with cheap elk master tips. improve.
Please tell me you are not the guy in you city who does tips, if I ever see you in Vegas or another international tournament please stay far away from my cues.
I just did mine different kit off ebay, first time for me, 10mm tip, going to try it tomorrow, I hope it don't come off as soon as I try to touch it up and shape it a little :) Hope it lasts long enough so I can chalk it up a bit and have a game or two before it falls off :)
thank you for the vid. simple and right to the point..