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Buy Mini Frying Pan 1 Pc online at Amazon. Surprise Your Kids With Teddy Bear Shaped Omelet Or Fried Egg With This Mini Teddy Bear Shape Fry Pan.Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Maki...

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  • Surprise Your Kids With Teddy Bear Shaped Omelet Or Fried Egg With This Mini Teddy Bear Shape Fry Pan.Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Making Egg Recipes.
  • Non Stick Surface with Fine Workmanship. Small Size and Light Weight, Convenient To Carry and Use
  • Heat Resistant Handle Is Easy On The Hands And To Operate. Simple Design and Compact Appearance, Easy To Clean Up and Fast-Cooking.
  • It Can Be Put On Gas Stove, Induction Stoves, And Electric Hot Plates As Well.Not Only Saving Time and Money but Also Cooking Eggs Faster. It Is Great For Home Or Restaurant Use.
  • Note: Design As Per Available Send

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A scrub daddy is not harsh. The green scrubber was. Pan is defeating you. Damn 🔨. Thanks bra!
I bought mine from Walmart and I have a few issues. First when I got the pan home and took it out of the packaging I noticed some scratches on the back side of the pan which I was disappointed but the rest of it looked nice and they didn't look to bad. My second issue with the pan is even with oil or butter I like you break my eggs. I can cook eggs in a Teflon pan no problem which they are in my opinion much easier to cook in although you have to sacrifice durability and of course the fact Teflon is toxic which why why I mainly use stainless, ceramic, and these pans the copper and now this. I only use Teflon anymore to cook eggs in because I'm not the best. My blue diamond pan also doesn't clean up so well but I'm wondering if maybe I got a used pan that someone returned so I believe I will exchange mine in for one in better shape. I have a few of the copper pans and the 1st one didn't last long at all because I tried a few things the commercial said it would withhold and obviously that was a big fat lie lol. I would like these pans much more if they didn't lie and I think their good enough they shouldn't have to. The price is cheap, their non toxic, they hold up well for the price but like you have shown only if taken care of.
9:45 his "ok, well" triggered my Google Home.
The important question is how do they hold up to dynamite? 🧐
A fair and honest intelligent evaluation of this pan. However, is it truly necessary to include shrimp with the other foods to try? (I'm highly allergic to shrimp and other seafood.) But all in all, a worthwhile video evaluation of this pan. Good job!
No scripts pls and ty for Great video reviews
Wait.... next lets paint it green and increase the cost 10$...
These pans are horrible scams
Our Blue Diamond pan lasted about 3 or 4 months, which lasted just slightly longer than any Teflon, ceramic, or other non-stick pan we've had.
Don’t worry about your eggs. Some of us like a broken egg. I can’t stand runny eggs
I use it presently and with my eggs I cook my bacon first and the eggs dont stick. I've found the oils do caramelize on the surface but do clean up if you reheat the pan slightly. So far its held up much better than the gold!
Butter makes anything better!
Oh wow a Tesseract fan!
Great review, thanks! I’d much rather you misspeak and talk from your heart than read a boring script.
Update: This pan was great at first. Maybe 3 months? But now it is by far the worst pan I’ve bought. TFal is more durable.
thankyou for that 6:30 speaking from the heart, made me sub!
Was wondering why you were showing a red pan rather than the *GRANITE ROCK PAN* , then I saw that it will still take July 2018 James a few more months before he finds the perfect pan.
I cannot find a way to keep anything to keep from sticking. wanted it for eggs over medium .they stick right where the yoke is cooking. using a pancake flipper to break it loose all that happens is broken yokes... very dis honest advert. all the grease I see you use, any pan will work... don't care about the abuse..
I'm debating on buying the Blue Diamond as i do use Virgin Olive Oil ? As for the broken egg yolk in which how i cook my egg it gives a perfect scenario as a natural scene making it not too perfect,sometimes the oops part can reveal its true colors
nice bro