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Buy Mini Frying Pan 1 Pc online at Amazon. Surprise Your Kids With Teddy Bear Shaped Omelet Or Fried Egg With This Mini Teddy Bear Shape Fry Pan.Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Maki...

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  • Surprise Your Kids With Teddy Bear Shaped Omelet Or Fried Egg With This Mini Teddy Bear Shape Fry Pan.Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Making Egg Recipes.
  • Non Stick Surface with Fine Workmanship. Small Size and Light Weight, Convenient To Carry and Use
  • Heat Resistant Handle Is Easy On The Hands And To Operate. Simple Design and Compact Appearance, Easy To Clean Up and Fast-Cooking.
  • It Can Be Put On Gas Stove, Induction Stoves, And Electric Hot Plates As Well.Not Only Saving Time and Money but Also Cooking Eggs Faster. It Is Great For Home Or Restaurant Use.
  • Note: Design As Per Available Send

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Can I use oil
Watch the movie Dark Waters and toss those non stick pans out. Teflon is a cancer causing poison. If the pan says PFOA or PFAS free, they're not telling you that almost all new pans are not covered in the new name for teflon: Gen X, created by Chemours. These pan companies are so deceptive, they know darn well that are sickening he public that uses these pans on a daily basis. The chemicals are called "forever chemicals" because they never break down in the environment OR your body. PFAS is in the blood of every american. Please listen to the stories of the people of West Virginia and North Carolina, who have dealt with PFOA and GEN X dumped by the tons into their drinking water. The best pans are the ones our forefathers used AND they last forever: cast iron, glass or clay. Cast iron is the best!! Classic and cancer free.
Hi. Do you think this pan will work as well on a flat glass stove top as apposed to the gas top? I find that most pans seems to not lay flat on the glass stove top. Please Help.
I love goin in raw
After watching this video a couple of months ago, I went to the link above and tried to order that same pan as in the video. NO LONGER available. I tried several other pans on their website all the same thing. I did find one the wife said she could try and ordered it. after at least two months and they charged me right away, nothing was ever shipped. I contacted them and they said they ran out and should be receiving some soon. I waited another 10 days or so and still nothing. I contacted them again and they are very responsive to emails. they said they would be happy to refund my purchase price. and they did. I got it today. So one thing I don't like companies that charge you for something even before they ship it or have it in stock. poor business practice in MY opinion. But to be fair. they are very nice to deal with and I told them to email me when they have stock and I still based on this video be willing to order and try their products.
Is granite rock and the granite stack ables the same pan
What size is the pan Thier sir
Just bought one. Love it so far
That's cool. I was hoping someone not affiliated would let me know how it really works without the as seen on TV tricks. Been thinking about retiring the Teflon soon.
Is granite rock and granite stone the same thing? I can't find granite rock anywhere....
I like where are you???
James, After seeing your review of the GranitStone pro today, I decided to purchase two sets. After making my order I had to Email them with a correction on my Email address. I explained in my Email that I saw your review, and you gave it high ratings. Within 5 minutes Zach Toste answered my Email. He said that they were kind of nervous about what you were going to say, because you are always so tough. A shout out to Zach for being so prompt with his reply and quick attention to correcting my email mistake. A shout out to GranitStone for making such a high quality product, and a shout out to you for being "so tough" of a critic. Because without you being so tough, MANY people would have wasted a lot of money on unacceptable products.
I used my Greenic pan last week (and only after 3 or 4 uses (from a couple years ago)the food STUCK ans would not come out!==P.O.'d===hopefully my granite pan will perform as well as you have shown >>>>>>>>>>>>>> thanks
Can you season this pan?
Was the meat cold or room temperature when you put it in the pan? It effects the stickiness of it even in non sticks or so I’ve heard
When I use my Granite Rock pan, I think of Mr Freakin' Reviews 😍
Absolutely the worst fry pan I have ever had. Scrambled eggs not only stick to it, but after soaking for 3 hours, they still stuck. Junk. Now residing in my trash can.
What do you think about the new granitestone with platinum hammered exterior? would you be able to do a comparison?
Whats that picture of on your wall? Have u ever done a video showing it? It reminds me of a crop circle.
I'm thinking about getting one of these pans. I've use the copper pans and all have failed
TIMESTAMPS Teflon cookware 0:38 Aluminum cookware and aluminum foil 3:31 Copper cookware 5:12 Ceramic-coated cookware 6:54
I used any of those you talking about still alive and don’t have any sign of any sickness anyway it’s a content of vlog
You missed out the best material cookware....CLAY... just going to ignore what I saw
All Stainless Steel contains Chromium ....................that's what makes it stainless grade steel. Most all of the non-hardened type stainless steels contain some Chromium and Nickle.
My poor old mother of 68 years of age just refuses to believe me when I tell her all those Teflon pans for frying that she used over the years were being used the wrong way and dangerous. She would fry on one temp. setting..................HIGH NUKE level 10 on the burner surface no matter what. Bacon...........fry on #10, Pork Chops fry on #10, fish on #10 everything was on #10. The Teflon would chip and the pans would bend or warp and of course as a Child I got totally sick all the time with that Teflon Flu. She will still to this day eat food cooked in Teflon pans that have flaking burnt Teflon barely hanging on them.
I stopped watching at No.1. Raise your hand if you've ever cooked something in a Teflon pan at a temp over 572 degrees...NO? Didn't think so. I mean your plastic utensils will start to melt at about 220 degrees. How would you even manage to heat a pan over twice that temperature? Maybe if you set fire to your house with the non-stick pans inside, but then why would you go in that house to inhale all those Teflon fumes?
Can you get porcelain baking dishes? Can you use porcelain in the oven??
I ordered a set on amazon, i forgot to look into the company, but it claimed to be stainless steel from China but they smell like pennies even after I wash them. What should I do, anybody??
How about clay cookware?
How can stainless steel doesn't contain chromium. For mild steel to be stainless steel, it has to contian minimum 12,5% chromium by wieght. There are some nickel free stainless steel options but no chromium, PLEASE!
Will super glue sticks on Non-stick pan?
The amount of disinformation is outstanding
Thanks for information i learned a lot.
Safe alternatives.but does it last forever? Do you want to know about safe and Lifetime Alternatives? DM me. Let's talk about it.
Ssf vibes big 🖍nose
Dude we all know most people do YouTube for money, even you.
Please suggest which stainless steel is food grade or chromium and nickle free i didn't find any at least on earth
or you can use clay pots like people have been using in subcontinent for centuries ☺️
where can I find the Stainless steal pots you are referring too. every thing i find has Aluminum?
You are way more entertaining than any infomercial. I don't know how I came across your videos but I'm so glad I did. I don't give a damn about a pan but you get so excited by it and so funny you make me want to watch. I watch all of your videos to the end! Need a love,love ,love button!
I just bought the pan and wanted to see about seasoning the pan. I came across your video, OMG, you are frickin hilarious. 😂😂😂 Thanks for the video
Ok so two years later how do you feel about these pans??? Mine are having issues. Very gently used and the finish is coming off on the buttons where the handle attaches to the pan. I bought 6 12 piece sets and gave them to my kids. I am visiting with my daughter and hers are tterrible. Finish is coming off and everything sticks. I am going to try to return them but if you are willing I may need more power than myself.
Looks like this is the pan I've been looking for. Watched your other vid of the gandnite pan and they said nothing sticks n knives wont even scratch it but watching ur review on it finding the infomercial was just selling us bs. This one passed so glad i subbed yesterday or should I say this morning,and youre so cute cuz of ur personality even though you were cute before I seen your personality. Good content.
5:54 The pan is infused with Diamond Dust. I Won! 😆
I Own the complete set and the Blue Diamond set is the best on the Market in my personal opinion ! It is exactly as they say.. Even I couldn't believe it until I tried it.
I bought set of 2 Blue Diamond pans and I have a gas stove and my eggs did stick without oil and the stainless steak got very hot, bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Very disappointed!😥
Hey Vivian! I believe the reason why the red copper pan was hotter first was that it is on the bigger heating surface of the inverter stove while the diamond pan was on the smaller heating surface. 😝 BTW, what brand of the infrared temperature gun did you buy? Could you provide me a link on where you got it from? Thanks!!!
When I first saw the commercial for the Blue Diamond Pan; I slyly mused to myself that this must be used by the chefs at Buckingham Palace when they cook meals for Queen Elizabeth II.
Vivian I got a blue diamond egg pan based on your review, however just after 3 months the pan started sticking, developed some black residue that wont come off and the edges are showing metal where the pan seems to be peeling. Wish I could upload photos.
I only looked at this review because I really wanted to see the pan... After 6 min the actual review still hadn't started! Please talk and work at the same time...your wasting Time! 8,9,10 min and you still haven't started! WoW
I'm a motherfuckin professional! LOL You need that on a shirt!
It's not really infused with diamonds. They actually use quartz crystals. Thanks for this great video AND all of your other videos too. I haven't came across one yet (and don't think I will) that I didn't want to watch. Keep up the good work! Also, I really wish we had a Japanese dollar store in Tennessee. 😥 We would soo be friends. Much love, Ash.
The blue sparkles are what takes it from "huh I wonder if that works as well as they claim" to WANT
Loved your review. One thing I'd like to know is what counter top electric burner are you using? I've been looking for a good one for the longest and I really like the one you were using. Both of them actually. You had a single and a double burner if I'm not mistaken. Please tell what brand it is and where did you buy them from. Thank you! Keep up the good reviews!
I'm really ashamed of myself, this is probably the third video if watched on your channel and it just dawned on me that I AM NOT SUBSCRIBED !!!!!! but now i am * snap snap
Is this pan still holding up to this video since a considerable amount of time has passed?
farberware stainless steele is the best pans
Thanks for demonstrating and you're funny keep up the good work
Vivian, I ordered this pan and absolutely love it... You Rock..
ATK has more recently tested using soap to clean cast iron, and it doesn't really harm them as long as you are maintaining building the seasoning. I would add that you need to clean the pan before it gets cold. If it does get cold put in water and bring to boil before trying to clean the pan.
It is about money
Ok but how do you use them if your wrists hurt and keep them from scratching your beautiful sink at the same time. Not stress free if you cook all the time.
This channel is EVERYTHING!!!!
Colors chip😞
$180 cast iron pan is just $175 of margin
thank you for providing this detailed test result without charging for us to see it.
I’m just wondering what she is comparing? Griswold vs Le Crueset? Lodge vs ABC new fangled enameled, just $50?
Soap doesn't remove seasoning. Seasoning is a hard, polymerised layer which isn't soluble. It's disappointing to see you perpetuate such a myth.
Lodge should machine the pan surface
I got the lodge skillet the other day and I am soooo happy with it
I’m a lazy cook and don’t want to have to keep seasoning a cast iron skillet which is why I have cast enamel pans. Easy clean up too.
I bought my lodge 12 in at walmart for 20 bucks! did 2 seasonings on it and boom its beautiful and slick
I once had Le Creuset enamel cast iron pans. After trying them for many different uses, I finally found one for which they worked well: as the dogs' water bowl. Holds a lot, too heavy for the dogs to tip over.
Soap does not take out patina, that is a stupid myth. Steel wool rubbing hard will do more damage to patina then some mild soap. I cannot eat from a dirty pan, how people do it just to baby their pan is beyond me. Use a mild soap with hot water and a sponge and you pan will be clean. I have many cast iron pans and woks from carbon steel and I use soap to clean them and they are all non stick and make great food and they are not rusted. So its up to you, eat food from a dirty pan or clean it and enjoy good food!! Oh and if you really want to put it in the test. Grab your stainless steel pan that has all kinds of oil stuck on it which is a patina, and use as much soap and sponge and scrub all day long, that patina will not come off unless you use chemicals or elbow grease with a heavy steel wool and even that will not take out the patina 100%. Lye or easy off which contains lye will destroy your patina not Soap! try it for yourself and stop listening to myths :)
I own both, love them both. I use my pure cast for searing and frying. The Le C for everything else, beans, rice, red sauces, steaming vegetables etc. I owned my cast pan for over 30 plus years. It out lasted my marriage. Best relationship I’ve ever been in LOL🤣
I’d be interested to see other materials like ceramic pots/pans, some kind of rock material ones, and I’ve seen one with an olive oil infusion! Have you tried copper pans? There’s copper on the outside, all copper, or stainless steel with copper rings layered. I’m also wondering if you’ve tested Staub cookware. 😀
Great video
I just bought one on Amazon ...cant wait to cook my cirlion steak in it.
Well season pans are the best cost less and last 100 years. I have tried all the coated pans end up back at cast iron.