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Buy Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner online at Amazon TATACliq. Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Colours: Black
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Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • 10 meter operating radius
  • 360 degree swivel castor
  • Super airclean filter
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1800 watts/With 15A plug
  • Includes: Vacuum cleaner, Dust bag, Motor filter, AirClean filter, Dusting brush, Corner brush, Upholstery nozzle, Carpet/Floor brush, Telescopic suction tube, Flexi suction hose and Vario clip
Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Price in India is ₹18,999 at Amazon.
Buy Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner online at Amazon TATACliq.
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Miele Compact C2 3.5 L Vacuum Cleaner Reviews from YouTube

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Miele C2 Compact Electro + Plus Vacuum Review and Demo - Canister Cleaner
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Miele C2 Vacuum Review
Thank you so much for this video! It really helped in putting it together.
Excellent video. The printed instructions that arrive with the machine are terrible and all of my questions were answered by this video. Love the machine!
12:00 Does all the canister models c1, c2, c3 and classic, compact and complete comes with the electric port under the handle to attach the powered wands?
Thank you so much for the detailed video. I just ordered my C2 and can’t wait to receive it.
Very informative...WELL DONE!
Thanks for this! Can the electric head be used to clean hard floor as well (assuming you turn off the bristle head)? And how do you typically store canister vacuum like this?
Bravo! Montreal loves Honey Miele;)
This was very well done. Thanks, Lauren!
Thank you for a super useful tutorial.
God bless you!
Thank you for this great video
Is the hose on this shorter than the c3?
I have this model.....bought it in 2017, and it has been the best vacuum I've ever owned. I bought it at a local shop.....I have lung issues and required the best filtration I could get....they sold many different brands and models, including far higher priced units, and this is the one they highly recommended.....and I couldn't have been happier with it. The bags and hepa filter are pricey, but you can find good deals online for them......and it's totally worth it.
Excellent Hoover,purchased 2 of these around six and a half years back,one for me and one for me sister,Miele c2 powerline,really cheap at the time paid around 115 pound each brand new on sale from AO .com .bags aren’t badly priced also if you look around,think man said around 400 dollars they are,should of bought a lot of them and sold them on,now you pay more than that for refurbished ones ,must be a lot of profit on them,the suction is excellent,think I maybe got two year warranty,to exstend. the warranty is quite exspensive compared to what I paid though 🇬🇧
We have a Kirby Sentria II thats rarely used and so cumbersome, heavy, and hard to use attachments. Love to trade it for a Miele cannister. Do you know of any vacuum trade programs?
what is the little wire at the end of the hose connector for and how is it used ??? tx
Miele is simply elite.
Just ordered mine! Can't wait to replace this Shark vacuum
Does the bag come with it already included or is that an additional purchase??
I believe you have the wrong bags in the Miele. They should match the color we’re the snap in to which is red and the bag you have is blue.
Very good review!
Fantastic review! Those who disliked this probably don't know anything about quality vacuums.
I have a Miele titan and I like it
I absolutely love mieles. Great build quality and durability, easy to maintain and clean and awesome cleaning performance and power. Love them.
does it need a bag?
Wow, I really can’t grow a beard 🧔
Just a heads up, you’ve made a very common mistake with this. The pedal on the floor tool is to switch between carpets and hard floors. The brushes should be retracted for carpets so that the lint pickers come into direct contact with the carpet. The brushes should be down for hard floors to stop the plastic parts of the floor head scratching the floors and also to give more clearance to allow for larger particles to be sucked up.
*Wonderful vacuum.>>>**t.co/McEXsineKO**   This is my second one as I gave the first one to my daughter. Love that it has good suction but is not too heavy.*
Hi Henry, thank you for the fantastic review you had done on Miele models. I just have to ask, if you have to choose only ONE, which one would you choose, the C2 or C3 Cat and Dog? Yes it has lots of differences(price, size, weight, compartment), but overall which would you pick out of the two? Thank you as I value your opinion greatly. Good day!
Nice vac, nice vac, superb execution.
I need to ask a couple of questions on this - firstly, what is the wattage of the motor - it should say on the ratings sticker on the bottom of the machine, and also, I didnt see any full sized turbo brush, which all prior S6 Cat and Dog (2000W) and C2 Compact Cat and Dog (1200W) bagged vacuums came complete with, so without a turbo brush, if one was not supplied, I could not recommend this model for people with pets and carpets, as with just a straight suction nozzle, it would offer no advantage in pickup over a standard Miele C2 Compact for less money than the cat and dog. Also, in your description, you refer to this machine as the C2 Complete cat and Dog, which is a different machine, and refers to the older S5 type full size machine, as found here, and this one does come with a turbo brush: https://www.miele.co.uk/domestic/vacuum-cleaners-1784.htm?mat=10660750&name=Complete_C2_Cat%26Dog_PowerLine_-_SFBF3
Hello, i saw you tried all the miele lineup, can you compare the c2/c3 and cx please ? What would you choose if budget was not a issue ? Power wise, the 550w motor of the c2 offer less suction power in front of the c3 or cx powerline with 1200w ? thanks for youyr review
Jesus, what a crock...
What was the parking system??
I got lucky and grabbed the c2 hardwood floor model for 250 at home sense. But i will be visiting you guys to stock up on bags and filters soon
A warning: I have one of these, and it works great on hard floors. However, when you use it on carpet, even on the lowest setting, it sucks so hard it can barely be moved. In this review it worked fine on carpet, but it has the very expensive electronic brush, instead of the standard one I have.
*Great vacuum for my wood floors>>> **t.co/McEXsineKO ** Easy to use and is able to get to hard to reach places. Good suction as we have pets. Love the retractable cord. Light weight and stores easily.*
I have new Berber wool carpet from New Zealand Quite expensive The Dealer and Manufacturer do NOT recommend using a rotating brush They state that it will void the warranty Your suggestion needs to be re evaluated Sorry js
How about a dirtier rug? A fifty dollar carpet sweeper would pick up rice. Not a very meaningful test for such a high-dollar machine. Prove its value against a $150 upright?
can you actually get a c3 for 83.05 ?
excellent review--thank you. did you ever explain what the parking system was about? if i missed, it please let me know the time (mm:ss) of when it was explained. thanks again for the comprehensive, fun, and clear demonstration!
Thanks for the wonderful review.

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