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Buy Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner online at Amazon TATACliq. Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Colours: Blue
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Amazon Offers ₹14,499
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Amazon Offers ₹14,499
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TATACliq Offers ₹15,990
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Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Features

  • High suction power – 1,400 W
  • Versatile applications – universal floorhead
  • Particularly lightweight – 5.8 kg with vacuuming accessories
  • Effortless vacuuming of large areas with a 9 m operating radius
Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Colours:
  • Blue

The lowest Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Price in India is ₹14,499 at Amazon.
Buy Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner online at Amazon TATACliq.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner Reviews from YouTube

Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Review
Miele Classic C1 Ecoline Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look
Miele Classic C1 HardFloor Vacuum Demo
Miele C1 Classic Pure Suction Vacuum - Review, 4 Year Update, & How to Change Filters
Buy Miele Classic C1 - https://amzn.to/2E680NH Questions? Ask in the comments! I do my best to respond within 24 hours.
The powerful suction of this vacuum is fantastic🌼 Compared to my old Kenmore vacuum there is no contest. The build quality seems a bit light but only time will tell about it's durability. For the money, this vacuum is the best available in my opinion.
Thanks for your work! Would be helpful if you guys came up with "leader board" to compare different brands/models.
I freakin hate bagless vacuums that always spray all microdusts whenever emptying the dustbin. I did not hesistate to purchase this vacuum and I am really really satisfied with the decision.
Are there other Miele reviews by chance?
I just bought a meile v1 aswell for Christmas and great vacuum cleaners
Does it come with the hardwood floor attachment? Or do you have to purchase separately?
Is C1 model is only for hard wood or ceramic flooring looks like only ? Do you recomend for carpet flooring? Please let me know. I am conceder for carpet brushes too same vacuuming.
Thanks for the video! Which would be better, the c1 classic reviewed here or the turbo model, which adds a carpet tool? Does this c1 classic clean shag carpet? Does the turbo handle shag as well? Thank you!
Excellent review, thank you!
I would like to know why Americans love to use all in one units. I feel canister vacuums are superior to all in one builds.
i just got this vacuum cleaner and Its very hard to push and glide onto rugs because of its strong suction. Its really only good for hardwood
The review on your site along with this video was very helpful. You look a lot like my son - same hair, facial features, probably around the same age (very different voice though). Why does someone who looks like my son know so much more about vacuum cleaners than I do? ;-) I'll be relying on your website and probably your videos too as I figure out which vacuum cleaner to get. The Miele C1 series is my top choice right now, but I've only started the search.
Every other review said the Classic C1 should not be used on medium to high pile carpets. Perhaps the compact C1, according to your review, is an exception. Could you please clarify. I need something for medium pile carpet and hardwood floors.
Did he just, throw the vacuum on the floor?
How often does one need to change the bag? We currently have a Bagless and have to empty after two or three uses. How much are bags to replace?
I love the bag system. That cannot be a bad feature
Just bought a Miele C1 Compact today, and a little disappointing to find out that this C1 is made in China. I thought they were made in Germany?
So it looks like the Miele C1 did well on high pile carpet even though it doesn’t have an agitator brush head. Do you see any disadvantage with it compared to your traditional brush rollers? Or is it as good because of the superior suction?
Why didn't you decipher the graphic signs?
I have a vax vacuum cleaner
My nan has this model, hers has the FiberTeq Head. Hers was a S2110.
Бб б
Cool how hard floor and carpet tools have names On this c1, it has an airteq hardfloor/carpet tool
Get the hepa filter for the exhaust if you want an A rating for dust.
Hi there. You said you were going to do a full review of this product, but so far I cannot see it on your page. Have you done it yet?
Pardon my curiosity but where do you keep so many vacuum cleaners? You seem to own almost all models on the market! Do you use them all or do you sell / give them away?
thank you very well done review
Daisy is wonderful!
Daisy is such a good girl
Daisy is like : yay a new friend to keep my bed nice and fluffy
Tbh i love your reviews about electronics devices Its really interesting And also the way how you tell things about devices is very interesting!. I really like it. I always look forward to it to watch your new videos!.
many thanks!!!
I wish I could afford a Miele C1 powerline cat and dog and a U1 cat and dog.
Why don't you do the demonstration and review of the meile c1 ecoline
Our miele is 1400 watts
Hi Roger I have the C1 Junior Powerline version of this in a lovely red colour, unfortunately it has picked up a few scuffs and scratches on the top of the casing, nothing deep though- I was wondering whether you know of any product that I can apply to get rid of these? I was going to try a plastic polishing compound but am wary of making it look worse.
I need a vacuum that doesn't have a bag
This brand it seem to be the quite vacuum out there right ? Anyone known other brand that less noise loud vacuum?
Thanks, that video was very helpful to watch as I look for a vacuum cleaner for my home.
That was a great demo
The best vacuum Cleaner
I own one. Very good machine. Recommend to get it.
*This unit works great>>>**t.co/0o4oPDH5Bu**   It has good suction and is lightweight which is why I decided to buy it. It is pretty easy to change attachments. Works great on lamanent floors as well as carpets in motor vehicles. You have to get a special attachment if you want to use it on thick carpet. I mainly use it for the furniture in my house as well as my car*
damet garm very professional !!!
U The Real MVP!
thanks! good video. Your are the best. I earned a lot about Miele vacuum here
Очень полезно. То, что хотел узнать о Miele!
Thanks for the nice video. I hope Miele is paying you for this... Greetings from Germany :-)
Thank you very much. It is very nice of you. Regards,
Great demo. Nice to see how a professional work.
incredible video
Does he have a fruit fly issue?? So distracting LOL
Can you use an electric wand and powerbrush with it (SET 220 Electric Telescope Wand and SEB 236 Electro Premium Full-Size Electrobrush)?
“If you want to clean your ear” 😂
I just bought one aswell for Christmas and they are a great vacuum cleaners to use
Really nice review.. Best thing : a review after real usage not a half hour review before anyone gets the product.. A review after 4 yrs of usage tells a lot in itself.. I have put all hardwood floor in house 3500 sq ft.. Any advise, I should buy Miele (meela 🤔) or Dyson.? Or any other...
Finally found your channel again!
Lots of information. Thank you!
This is an excellent review
Great review, thank you!
good review and glad you pointed out that there is no brush in the head. it sounds like an airplane, don't you think? Wow, 2 filters... that's great how you dirtied up your floors for this demo. thanks again.
Outstanding review. Exactly the kind I was looking for.
In Australia and was heavily considering this. But my apartment will be all carpet. Wondering if you could simply get a different attachment to fix that downside?
That was a great review. I didn't know about the other storage clip!
Just ordered a Miele C1 Classic Turbo Team, was mildly concerned whether their more budget options were actually worth getting, seeing this review gives me some hope that my unit should last a decently long time without breaking like every other vacuum I've had over the years.
can this vacuum used to blow?
Thank you for the thorough review!
i have the c1 classic grey straight suction. The problem with it is that its very hard to glide on area rugs even though its advertised as meant for low pile rugs. do you have the same issue with the grey one?
Did not have a manual, thanx for the full bag indicator info
You want the classic and not the pure suction. The classic is made in Germany VS China. Just got one yesterday
This is really well done, you really took the time to show all the features. NIce to see it working in a realistic setting

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