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Microwaves and Metals Book Reviews from YouTube

The Carbon Almanac Book Review With Seth Godin! | Book Recommendations 2022 | Ankur Warikoo
METAL in MICROWAVE Oven Is NOT That Dangerous
What's The Deal With Metal In The Microwave?
Microwave Fill With Metals #shorts
Download Kuku FM here, India's most vernacular podcasting platform: When you download it, use the code WARIKOO50 and the first 1000 users get 50% off on your annual subscription!Now hear all my selected books in your preferred vernacular language!Also, check out Seth Godin's daily blog, which he has been writing for over 20 years now: Check out my previous book reviews here:The Defining Decade: Sapiens: The Intelligent Investor: Courage to be Disliked: Ikigai: Rich Dad Poor Dad: Atomic Habits: Psychology of Money: Rework: smart caring people make the things change what we needed before it's too late, thank you seth and ankur !
I think solar energy cannot be solution for next 15 to 20 years.........will be in the future but not now.......I think any alternate energy like "Green energy" as our union minister Nitin Gadkari sir speak about can be a solution.....but work of Seth Godin is too good....thank you Ankur warikoo sir for this prodcast........
The problems of capitalism are solved by capitalism
Why does this man look like charlie puth gone bald.
We need tim ferris and Gary vaynerchuk
When will you start announcing the winners of give away! Please hurry up. It has already been more than 2 weeks.
This is insaaaane!
Can it be hindi edition
Thank you Ankur for bringing in such amazing guests
He is my favourite. I knew him through Purple Cow.
Hi AWDo you recommend in investing through PMS (portfolio management services) I understand one of the big considerations with this is the minimum ticket size which is 50 L.. but keeping that aside whats your view on investing through PMS.. and how do you compare to investing in mutual funds or direct individual stock investing.. thank you
Gift it to me!!Hey Ankur, I was so moved by the conversation and instantly got interested to buy the book because I also have difficulties in understanding how things work and science behind climate change. Seeing the cost of the book i thought I got disappointed and I know this isn't a giveaway but Gift me if you can
Sir I have invested my 50% in vauld now what I have to do next
Nice book nice bro keep it going
This is by far one of the best podcast episodes on this channel! Seth Godin is a powerhouse of ideas. Thank you for this, Ankur!
One of the best discussions :)
amz session :)
Thanks to Ali Humaydan for bringing the idea to my attention! One more item off my list, and I didn't kill the microwave oven in the process either! Nguyen - Nguyen! (look up the pronunciation)
what about a cd or dvd?
When I was a kid we used to put phonecards, the sort you used for payphones, into the microwaveovens at school. Those arc'd like crazy.
I never had any issues making sparks in the microwave as a kid. I was always doing it accidentally. One thing I remember was butter packaging. Foil lined paper. Really exciting
Try a bag of chips thats open.
It works pretty well with a grape cut in half. But importantly, leave the two halfes connected by a little bridge.
my mom have some nice hexagonal plates with a gold ring around it, and when you put it on the microwave it will arc (little arcs) and make noises
Try Charcol in the microwave. It arcs instantly and is in fire in under 0,5 minutes :)Greetings from Germany
I like how he keeps the microwave right next to his headIf the microwave dies he going down with it
Oh wait-
Duh i always put spoons in the oven
i know that i had some kind of public microwave in the school and used it often, one day i had food packed in aluminum foil and welp, not even 10 seconds past and that sht started smelling like burned and the microwave did not turn again, it was about 10 years ago so maybe new ovens have some kind of protection against metal
I do have some pottery plates, and when i use these in the microwave (well, at least 1 of them) creates some sparks, because apparently there is iron residu in the pottery.
It is dangerous.. if my mom caught wind of me putting forks or spoons in the microwave tv remotes, soap, cell phones, anything she can get he hands on will come flying toward me
Turn on empty microwave oven
Put a small bag of potato chips in there, it will shrink it to a tiny little chip bag.
Try microwaving a smaller cheap microwave from and see what happens in your back yard. I accidentally left some aluminium foil in my Panasonic and it just got a little hot. However when I put grapes in I got a plasma glow.
My grandma had plates with gold along the edges. I often forgot about it and it was fireworkw inside every time!
i wish the sause packet in my happy meal i microwaved acted like 90% of this video and not burn up
You need the microwave I had as a child. So, find one from the 1980's
Fork: are you putting me in the microwave spoon: I'm safe to be putted in the microwave
What about those metal racks that come in microwaves and don't do anything in the microwave when using it.
*eating in a steel bowl*We are good
It's tough to trust the "woke" Huffpost. You've lost all credibility with your agenda and propaganda.
Imagine WW3...couldn't be 2022
Some people are sick after using a microwave-oven: fybromyalgie and chronic fatigue. Most people feel nothing.
Boom blast
haha WW3... oh wait
Thank you for this video. My microwave has a grill which comes with a metal rack and a metal tray. I also sometimes use a stainless plate for heating food with no problem.. Although some info I found online say that if you use a metal plate, the waves won't be able to penetrate the metal, so it won't be able to heat up the food facing the plate, it will only be able to heat the food from above. Which I'm not totally sure, because I noticed that when you heat food, the first to heat up is the inside of the food, the exterior would be the last to heat up...
This is actually a very informative video. Nice pace and narrating.
My wife was trying to make popcorn by putting it into a paperbag but used a metal twist tie to hold it closed. At 11 seconds it burst into flames. I didnt know what to do, so I unplugged it and threw it out the back door into the snow...
Why did they use a spoon as an example? Why not something more practical, like...maybe a gold bracelet?
Id always been taught not to put metal in the microwave. Then my roomie microwaved stuff in a stainless steel bowl. I thought he was crazy but it was just fine.
Me and the boys watching the forks in the microwave sparking
I just put a cup of milk in the microwave but didn't realise that the gold metallic finish on the cups handle would cause a problem.I didn't see any arcing but when I opened the door to take out the cup I touched the handle and I heard a spark, it jumped to one of my fingers. The pain was unbelievable, my finger went white and I thought I would lose that finger but the blood soon returned.Looks like I got a nasty burn.
Tks Dear Clear Details of subject
So you can but you can't but you can but you must not and you would but you shouldn't
I'm here after microwaving a spoon 5 mins with my soup and nothing happened.

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