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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core M Colours:
  • Silver

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core M Specifications

Technical Details
Audio Details Headphones
Brand Microsoft
Colour Silver
Connectivity Type Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-V4
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD 515
Hard Drive Size 128 GB
Included Components Tablet, Surface Pen, Power Adapter
Item Height 8 Millimeters
Item model number SU3-0015
Item Weight 767 g
Item Width 20.1 Centimeters
Memory Technology DDR3
Number of Audio-out Ports 1
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1
Operating System Windows 10
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Speed 2.3 GHz
Processor Type core_m
Product Dimensions 29.2 x 20.1 x 0.8 cm
RAM Size 4 GB
Screen Size 31.242 Centimeters
Series Surface Pro 4
Speaker Description Stereo Speakers
Wireless Type 802.11bgn

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Surface Pro 4 Core m3 Review: Buy or Don't Buy?
Surface Pro 4 Core m3 Review: Buy or Don't Buy?
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Is the Core M Surface Pro REALLY enough?
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review
Surface Pro 4 Core M3 6Y30 Gaming, Benchmarks, Temps & Throttling
Surface Pro 4 Core M3 6Y30 Gaming, Benchmarks, Temps & Throttling
How much does this cost as of today?
Bloody hell, position your mic a bit better.
Mine goes for 4 hours battery life.
Great review. Thank you 🙂
Microsoft destroy apple
there is no any thunderbolt!
And now.. 5/18 the i5 is fanless ... sweet!
you luk way different than in ur profile pic
many thanks great review.
is it touch screen
The pen comes with your surface? I didn't get one in my box
Do you think it’s still worth buying(2nd hand) in 2018? For $500 or less?
Great Review! I just purchased this model for my wife and you answered the questions i had about it with this video! Thanks
The micro sd slot will support up to one terrabyte (i know it's not made yet)
I really just bought two, one for me and my wife. I got the newest one. We only paid 600 We got them for school. We really only needed it for word and power point. Do you think it was a good buy??
My came with the key board and no pen
Nice video!
I know this is an old review, but I am curious about battery life and the Core M3.. Is there ANY tablet that has a Core M3 process that gets GOOD battery life.
3:35 Yes. It's called the VAIO Z Flip from 2016, and your kind hated it so much, that it's no longer sold anywhere. Great job! Nice cinematic review with a dumb question waiting for you at the end.
My confusion is between buying M3 with 8 GB or i3 with 4 GB
I am poor and i am confused Which is better this surface pro core m3 or macbook air mid 2013 which has 5th gen i5
Can you run RuneScape on it? haha
My Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 all-in-one desktop has died, after almost ten years of good use, so I bought a refurbished Core m3 Surface Pro 4 for about less than $300 on eBay. I also already have a USB 3.0 hub, so I can use multiple accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse, an external USB Blu-ray/DVD writer, and a USB flash drive. I've ordered a few more accessories to go with my Surface Pro 4. Since I'm a cartoonist/2D animator, I ordered a Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus smart stylus pen to draw and/or animate my cartoons with. For extra storage space, I've ordered a 512GB microSDXC card. I also already have a 256GB USB flash drive and a 1TB external USB hard drive, in case my 512GB microSDXC card is still not enough. I also ordered a replacement charging cord for my Surface Pro 4, since the charging cord that came packaged with my Surface Pro 4 had stopped working. When it comes to digital art, my two go-to apps are GIMP and Krita, which are both free and open-source, and less resource-intensive than Adobe Photoshop.
Can you paint on this without issues on photoshop and other graphic design/painting software?
Hi, eine Frage ist das hier das Pro 5? Und ist es wohl als Student genug? Ich brauche keine krasse Leistung, das soll hauptsächlich für Mitschriften und vielleicht Office dienen... Ich hab zwar noch andere 2in1 Geräte gesehen aber ich glaube mich würde das stören, wenn man die Tastatur nicht entfernen kann Ich bin mir nichtmal sicher ob ich überhaupt eine Tastatur brauche oder einfach ein iPad kaufen soll... habe einen DesktopPC zuhause auf dem ich Office benutzen kann Diese ganze Auswahl ist mir zu viel xD hab Stunden in die Suche gesteckt aber irgendwie bin ich mir immer total unsicher
I bought this surface pro for £230 with a couple of scratches this is an incredible device would 100% recommend
What you will recomend Microsoft surface pro core M or Microsoft surface pro 7 i5
Is it good for voice recording
Would the M3 4GB Surface Pro (2017) be ok for light Youtube editing?
Moin, handelt es sich hier um die 2017er Version, also das Pro 5? Super Video, hilft mir sehr!
Can you use it for music software like FL Studio?
What would you recommend: Surface Go 8GB vs Surface Pro (2017) 4GB (m3)?
should I download crome
I use it for drawing in Clip Studio Paint. It's a pretty good little machine.
What about code in visual studio, can it run it? Its not alot of code but its enough code to get though programming 1 & 2 class lol
Minecraft capable?
Solution install android or chrome os and get the proper tablet experience
At Best Buy right now, this is on sale in a bundle with the pen, keyboard, office 365 and the mouse for $699. Is this good?
I don’t know if I should get the surface pro 4, or the surface book
The Surface Pro is lightweight enough to throw into my bag when I leave the house and carry it around during the day🚅>JustU.Faith/Surface_Pro?姻 I'm using it for so much more than I intended originally. It could easily be used as one's regular computer; despite its size, it's definitely not limited in any way like a tablet might be. I'm just delighted with it!
I hate to spam your comments section, but I'm kinda looking for an answer on my question of whether or not it is worth it to buy this Surface Pro 4 for $500 with an i7/16gb RAM/512gb storage in good to excellent condition. Thank you. :)
How does it handle Mic office
Thanks for the review Lisa, you’re one of the finest and most authoritative reviewers in the world. I am considering one of these Surface Pro units as a secondary portable laptop/tablet to my main MacBook Pro. Would you consider this a good second-hand buy in 2019 or are there other Windows 10 tablets you would rather steer me towards? Steve.
How is this fairing three years later?
Lol got this for free and still hate it shit overpriced accessories. Backlight bleed...
Victoria Guys Got Product Key from website: *Thekey365 . com*, just what I was after,
Chamberlain *Try website Thekey365 . Com . So far so good after 1 week. it working as perfect as described. Great transaction*
When are they ever going to update this thing???
Hello, Can i ask; What is the contrast on the screen? Thanks
Have you noticed any light bleed in the panel? Mine has at the bottom. Many people are complaining about that
I need Microsoft surface without camra
Hi, Lisa. Do you think that it's possible to use Photoshop and Premiere with a Surface Pro 4 i7 8gb? I'm talking about light use, nothing too intensive. Cheers!
It’s a fact they are indistinguishable physically. However when a user such as me reaches a certain age we become creatures of habit and continuity of product form becomes as important as new wow gizmo factor. If it had a neon glow bar around the edges, reviewers would be panning its kitsch.
Do you know if I would be able to find a latam keyboard with the enyie Ñ ?
Hope ya'll look forward to forced updates that take hours at any given time. It's really cool when I'm on the road and truly need it to send an essential file. But no, I HAVE to do to a 45 minute update. Even better this place I'm staying has somewhat weak internet, so the update after 2 hours has now been locked "100% complete do not turn off computer" for 2 extra hours. It's so great. There's alotta things that drive me over the edge in this world, but this has gotta be the worst. It's almost like Microsoft is trying to f**k me, anally. My desktop gives me the option to update. Why can't this? You're telling me not one person in your entire production staff didn't suggest this might be a bad idea? Are ya'll just so rich and high now ya forgot this simple feature that will once again quite literally F**K thousands of people? Ya dumb?
Lisa, I just love your reviews. Your professionalism, technical knowledge and attention to detail is so refreshing. I'm a late adopter of Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 i5. I'm literally picking it up tonight, which has allowed me to take advantage of some significant price discounts now that the Surface Pro 2017 is on the market. All the reviews I've seen indicate that the i5 module is a decent alternative to a laptop for casual users such as myself. Do you do any videos on setting up you Surface Pro 4 out of the box. I'm curious to know if there are any settings I should consider or which are the best apps for drawing, or using as an e-reader. Keep up the great work.
Thinkpad all the way .. Not looking back.
But can it handle minecraft is the question
How does it compare to the Surface Pro 2017 with m3 core and 4GB RAM
How did you do to run the cs go with 80 fps?
i get 6 fps on fortnite lol with Surface Pro 4 Core M3 6Y30
Your surface pro 4 is even slower then my surface pro 3 i5 4gb
what a remarkable device
5:04 Don't try cache, it's a really heavy map. Try something like mirage
Why do I only get 20-30 fps at this setting in CS GO?, I'm using a m3 New Surface Pro. It's so strange
dota 2 - 70-80 fps... how??
I would just get something proper for gaming. It doesn't cost that much to build a decent gaming desktop especially if you already have a tower laying around.The gaming performance is so bad on these it's not worth it. I have a gaming pc and the surface pro 4 that I use mainly for illustrations.
Thanks :)
4gb ram or 8gb ram
Even if this is an old video still debating about selling my current laptop and use the money I get back to get one of these. Haven't decided yet on a M3 or I5 and might play light games here and there when there's down time. On best buy they are offering the surface pro 4 i5 with type cover for 900 and I can get the student savings since I'm currently in college.
so should i buy this laptop tablet for school work and some casual gaming. im really interested in one.
Core M3 ...
i got a good deal on a dell 2 in 1 for 280 with the same guts at this. totally worth it at that price.
video starts at 0:00 thank me later.
How are the results on this M3 vs the cheaper Cube Mix Plus tablet?
Did you increase the TDP values before benchmarking or are these on defaults? Pretty amazing performance if you didn't up the TDP...
will i5 do better in game? any thought on 2017 SF ? specially battery and cpu performance?
Try Witcher 3