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Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam Features

Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam

Find the best deal on Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam at Snapdeal Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam Price in India is ₹7,999 at Amazon.
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Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam Specifications

Brand Microsoft
Built In Microphone Yes
Category Webcam
Color Black
Compatible Software Windows Live
Connectivity USB
Digital Zoom 4 X
Focus Range 30 - 150 cm
Focus Type Fixed
Has Night Vision No
Has Pan Yes
Has Tilt Yes
Model Id Lifecam HD 3000
Model Name Lifecam HD 3000
Part Number Lifecam HD 3000
Video Features Microsoft TrueColor Technology
System Requirements
Hard Drive 1.5 GB free hard disk space
Memory 1 GB RAM
Operating System Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack 2
Other System Requirement CD-ROM Drive, Windows-compatible speakers or headphones, USB 2.0, Intel Dual Core 3.0 GHz or higher (For 720p HD Recording), 2 GB of RAM (For 720p HD Recording), 1.5 GB of Hard Drive (For 720p HD Recording)
Processor Intel Dual Core 1.6 GHz or higher
Video and Image
Frame Rate 30 fps
Image Capture Resolution 1280 x 800
Is HD Yes
Sensor Type CMOS
Video Capture Resolution 1280 x 720

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Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 Webcam Reviews from YouTube

UNDER $25 WEBCAM // Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 Webcam Review
BEST BARGAIN HD Webcam For Skype Zoom MS Teams Microsoft Lifecam 3000
Logitech C270 VS Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 As A Webcam Or For Streaming
Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam Unboxing & Review | How Does It Compare with Logitech C920
Just got it
This was my first webcam and every other webcam still hasn't been able to do what this one was able to do. I had this webcam and it was able to show a dust ball floating in the air and no other webcams has been able to do sonot even my C920 in the same settings and room lighting
I've had this thing for almost 10years now and I can't believe they are still selling them!
what light are you using?
2:02 that looks well focused
This camera is rubbish, it does not work in MS teams, how much of a joke is this. MS selling hardware that's not compatible with their software.
This webcam doesn't like you man, you are always out of focus!
In 2020, if you order this webcam you're likely to get it unboxed (in a plastic bag) and with a high likelihood that the audio, at least in Windows 10, will add a horrible buzzing sound. Plan on using a separate mic, and if you care about better lighting/color, say for Zoom, then use OBS to capture from the Lifecam, adjust color/lighting in OBS, and use OBS Virtual Cam as your "camera" in Zoom. Do-able, and still failry cheap, but kind of defeats the purpose if you're recommending a set-up for a total non-techie who does not enjoy or understand fiddling with these things. You can still find a Logitech C270 that will beat this for quality at about the same 2020 prices.
I just love your voice. lol
You know how hard it is to resist the temptation to make that 99 a hundred! But I liked the video!
So is it worth buying
lol i bought this one in like 2014 i think and it finally came in handy, cant believe it is soo expensive now
very helpful!
Your intro deserves an epilepsy trigger warning in and of itself. Damn. (0:27)
Not anymore 25
I hate your mic and your voice. It gives an announcer vibes that doesn't really fit into these type of videos.
My name is Casey Miller.
Hard to find info about this what is the megapixel resolution? 1? 2?
its actually really good for 25$. you are not going to have it at fullscreen so its subpar quality is not an issue
Have you thought of being a news reporter?
thank you so much i love you man my school is begging for a camera cuz of the pandemic
Seen of forums this camera isn't recognised when using MS Teams. Have you, or anyone used it successfully on MS Teams? Thanks
I'm wanting to use this cam as a second cam on my it's not recogising there something I can do?
what review is that?!?! Stop rambling about other cameras, show what you can do with THIS one, like have it on, so that people see and hear. It says on the box: Video recording. DUH? My first time my last time.
I've been looking to upgrade and came across this video. I've had this webcam for 8 years and its amazing that its still in the discussion for a usable webcam
This camera is rubbish, it does not work in MS teams, how much of a joke is this. MS selling hardware that's not compatible with their software. Just look at all the complaints online, I took mine back to Argos and got the Logitech C720 which works well.
it is so unbelievably expensive and I can't find one under 99$ in Canada. kinda sucks
Hi Mike, I have not been able to use this webcam with Windows 10. Does this camera work for you with Windows 10 for you?
What is the webcam you used to film the video as that is much more clearer than the item describing?
ive owned this camera for like 4 years now. I've used it here and there but now its getting its use. If anyone is buying one, they last very long.
You have same intro sound as of Technical Guruji
thanks Mike, I'm in Australia over here its @$85 but it's still one of our cheaper options. Working from Home and I've had a really cheap $20 webcam and this is definitely going to be a step up from that! After your video I ordered this one for myself I'm not a video streamer but this is to used more for Zoom meeting where I'm just sitting in front of the pc screen, so this will be good enough for me. thanks so much for your video it was helpful for me!
LifeCam HD-3000 not compatible with windows 10
I'm currently on my Dell device, on Windows 10, using the Lifecam hd-3000. For Skype, works fine, for the windows camera app, works fine. However, using Microsoft teams, it looks as though i'm sitting in a cave I've looked all over the internet and it seems that there is an issue with teams and this camera. Microsoft have recommended using a 'Teams camera' i don't imagine that'll be inexpensive Currently not a big fan of Microsoft!
Great review and I couldn't agree more that it's one of the best bargain webcams out there. It's shocking to see how expensive webcams can get, especially the more professional ones as some are only two or three times better than this one, but the price is five times greater. It's always helpful to shop around and these reviews are tremendously useful :)
I recently purchased a logasmart cam for my daughter's desktop. But there seems to be a slight delay in audio when she is on a web call. How would I correct this?
I bet it is all glued together so if it goes wrong that's it bin job just like there mini Bluetooth keyboard all glued so you cant change the battery so I don't purchase MS stuff too much glue
That Mic is awesome Mike I got some rhyming there lol but tbh I was amazed at how good the mic actually is
I'm thinking about getting a digital SLR camera and get back into photography. Maybe a Canon EOS Rebel T6 bundle for about $400 that comes with extra lenses, filters, extra battery, 32gb micro mem card, and a cleaning kit.
MS hardware is very good. A friend of mine bought the Wireless 3000 MK and still works like the firts day. Thanks for the review, Mike!
Thank you This video is really helpful I like microsoft wide angle
CEX don't sell them at those prices anymore
thank you, very helpful
dose u no how too spel?
oh boy these webcam prices are so inflated at the moment.
Thanks mate, appreciate the review, allowed us to decide which cam to purchase
Thank you I am going to buy the Microsoft webcam now
Dis guy look like that guy who helped voldemort come back
Thanks, i used to be HP))
Is the Microsoft one works with win 10 ?
needed to find a new webcam thank you for the help dude
The microsoft flicered because it has the feature called auto exposure, and it just fixed the lightning and the framerate actually.
Hmm many ppl report problems getting the LifeCam above 10fps @ 720p while the c270 runs with stable 30fps @ 720p. have you installed any drivers or additional software?
I FRIKIN bought the Logitech C270 before looking at his, I regret it
So the lifecam is better , am i right
Thanks mate
Thanks man you helped me so much!
Wow the Microsoft Lifecam hd-3000 is pretty nice, can't wait to get home and use it since my friend gave me one from his media tech class since they threw them out for new ones
The Microsoft one blows the Logitech out of the water
The 2nd camera (logitec) also seems to create a delay in video vs sound.
Why u saying microsoft hd lifecam 3000 and logitech 90200?
Great review! Does this work on the Xbox One?

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