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Metallurgical and Ceramic Protective Coatings Book Reviews from YouTube

Ceramic Material(properties, Application)
Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coatings
PPF Coating vs Ceramic Coating - Know the Practical Truth! MG Astor 2022
Ceramic All theory PDF sand me' sir pranam
Thanks you sir
Thanku sir
As it is quantum series concept
Aktu quantum se padhate ho kya
Sir ji ceramics engineer diploma full class mil jaye ga
Dear sir, what are compressive strength and tensile strength as mentioned in the video? What is the difference between them?
Sir ceramics engineer me govt job scope hai
Bhai mein Pakistan sy hi Kya AP apna WhatsApp number do gy is k baryein tafseel sy pochna hai
Please make video. On all type of ceramics
Sir I need more about ceramic...
Sir ccm machine ke uper video banaye
Sir kindly make video on binary carbides and Ternary Carbides
Sir can you make video on mechanical peoperty of composite
Can i get in pdf file?
Sir,Please make the video of difference between ceramics and glasses.
Wow!!! the mud slides are impressive. I am from the Midwest so we sure love going on off-roading trips out to Colorado. I have also found ceramic coating useful to keep my Acura in good shape. I go to this place called Detail Doctors and I cannot be happier with the results
Don't pull tapes off after as there will be hard edges on the pannel after .&most coatings shops are labeling as " ceramic " but are just normal waxes
Protective film and ceramic Coatings all things that seem like sunlight will cause to fail in about five years kind of like clear coat on cars from the 2000s after about 10 years it just Peels and crumbles off
If you all haven't seen a documentary called... It's worse then you think... By revelations of Jesus Christ ministry... I suggest you do... All praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ.
Very informative!
That's a small bottle
Why don't car manufacturers do this as standard?
Just childish. Stick films which sun will destroy, ceramic and condition...guy's there is for everyone good solution to protect your car paint with less money, more easier and important have the same results. be Smart car loose it's value over Time from the first Day.... just protect it with less money and enjoy it.
I need job how much salaryIam working know tent and PPF
8:28 so your paint can heal itself in Texas weather noted LOL
Can i use that on my phone display to prevent fingerprints
We use Xpel where I work. Very nice product to apply and remove. Leaves a super glossy, slick finish.We were using Ceramic Pro, and it was the shits.
damn, I'm getting my car coated right now. But it's raining heavily outside. A waste right?
why coat a wrapped car? do you have to to get that ridiculous shine?
Hi i am in South Africa and would like to place an of the products
I have literally never heard a bigger pile of marketing BS than I've heard here. The inventive "science" spouted throughout this video is just legendary. Wow. But anytime you start talking about coatings, the kooks and home chemists come out spouting off marketing terms and claims. Self-healing. LOL
How often would you need to re-apply the ceramic coating?
What thr name of ceramix waz idol
Shout out idol
I always thought ceramic coating was to prevent rust in exreme conditions and heat.
I need helpI need ceramic sink top coat for crone and dizining
thanks for this Video..Do you or any one have any recommendation for Ceramic Coating in Chandigarh or Panchkula area based on personal experience
Thanks man. I was very reluctant about the coatings as they are expensive. Thanks for clearing that they aren't mandatory!
This was good! Thanks!
I totally agree with you
Hi Prakash, i am buying Astor White/Silver depending on availability, do you think its required to go for ceramic coating?
Very informative videos dude. You are a big help to the Astor community. Need some help. Can you please suggest where can we get the perfect sun shades for MG Astor. I live in Rajasthan and desperately need the right shades for the car.
I recently bought an Astor and your videos are the most useful and very honest. After watching many videos of yours I feel like we are friends for a while and you are sharing all the information like you would do with your best friend. This video has been very helpful because I have been contemplating whether to get these two or not. Now it is very clear to me it is not that much ROI on Astor. Good to know that whole new coat of paint can be done in 25K. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Hi prakash, I live in a cement factory colony, lot of cement dust settles on car. At some point of time windshield will be blur and can't get rid of that permanently. Will this Ceramic or ppf coating will protect?
Well said
Thank you very much bro
Waiting for my Astor
Yaha pe ceramic k jagah graphene karane ko bol rahe hai jo ki 55k padega ,karau kya apne Astor k liye ? Mujhe apne car me shine and glossy looks chahiye
Very useful video. I'm still confused whether a ceramic coating is needed or not. Is it damaging something on the original color
Hi I am a subscriber of your channel and follow all your videos. I have ordered for Astor Sharp manual variant. MG's website shows paint protection film charges for Astor as just Rs 5685. I am skeptical as this charge is way lower than the market price for PPF right? Are you aware of this? If yes, is it worth opting for this PPF from MG itself directly instead of the ceramic coating option which they are offering? They are charging 36k for 9 layer ceramic coating. Please advise.
Excellent explaination. Every point you shared is with a logic. Keep it up.
Better do a Carnauba Wax after a car wash during every 3 months. You can DIY. But, always purchase a genuine Carnauba Wax from a reputed brand. Its old-school but in the long run its far better for your car. Pro-tip, please follow the right procedure or you won't get the right results And, its important to ask yourself what would you do if you'd have to respray on top of these ceramic coating if something unfortunate happened, its not worth it. The PPF also once damaged must need replacement of the entire panel/section which during removal will surely damage the paint.
Thank you, you forgot to mention ceramic costing .
Bro mene astor style model book kiya he mera 2nd batch me number he...lekin muje co driver or driver ki sit me side ki space(dono side matlab per felake nahi bethsakte)seltos or creta se kam lagrahi he to long drive me problems hote he ya comfort he me bahot confused hu please uska test kr ke review dona
Finally happy with my decision of not getting ppf for my black Astor

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