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Metal Matrix Composites Book Reviews from YouTube

Metal Matrix Composites
Metal Matrix Composites|#Knowledge Capsule for Mechanical Engineers
Processing of Metal Matrix Composites part 1
Aluminum Tornado for Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)
Very fruitful session Thank You..
I suggested to used the Cu metal composite..
Good explanation sir thank u
Why AMC is able to be reinforced by Graphite fibers as this coupling causes galvanic reaction ?
Why aluminum MMC is so much important
Very useful Lecture on composite material.
Very useful for composites Industries
Reference of this lecture sir?
Very strange session at MMC i am interesting -
thank u sir
Thank you.... So much sir... It's very useful...
(MMC Metal Matrix Composite) including Xwin, neoX and XCC this process clear please
sir can u give some detailed information on" MMC involving Copper + Silicon carbide and Graphite"
Thanks a lot
Garib bache YouTube se padhte h or YouTube m sab London k angrezi se padhate h Asha q? Hindustan m Hindi se q ni padhate? Humara kya hoga
Sir I love you
not a great video at the iit level
what is the best ceramic reinforcement for Aluminium
Is there any way we can improve wettability of metal matrix Nano composite?
Thanks for the video sir,IAM a aluminum die caster using A356 for casting different kinds of products,how do I increase the tensile strength and elogation of my products,what should I mix with A356 or what process I should follow to increase my tensile strength and elongation,thanks in advance
Very informative video thank you
Pls give suggestion for which reinforcement is used for A356 ....
I am also working on the AMC. Thank for sharing the great information love from India .
can i ask why metal matric composite cant use a natural filler as reinforcement
That was sick, make more videos of stuff
My research topic was on MMC.When i was under PG project
I love this field of research! Thank you for posting this. Would love to see more covered on the topic of metal matrix composites
You guys do for a job that of which I would do for free for the fun of it! Great work!
super helpful
Awesome experiment and presentations. Eagerly waiting for more MHD contents. What power source do you use for the induction heating and frequency? Also could you not use an induction coil with time varying current as an alternative to the rotating magnet?
Great video, im writing my bachelor thesis on MMCs as we speak. Will you make more videos abou MMCs?

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