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Buy Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black) online at Amazon. Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black)
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Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black) Features

  • 55% Polyester and 45% wool
  • Buttoned closure with button fly
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in India
Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black)
The lowest Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black) Price in India is ₹5,499 at Amazon.
Buy Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black) online at Amazon.
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Men's Suit Trousers (8907253048365_PMDF02899-K7_92_Black) Reviews from YouTube

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Proper Pant Length | A Guide To Men's Pant Breaks
Trousers for Men:- Types of Pants/Chinos/Joggers/Track pants/ at affordable prices. | (In Hindi)
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Thanks so much for this info. It allows me to make use of my old pants and turn them into a modern fit. I can get a few more years out of them.
Color clash!!.... lets talk about color..... Blue and green should never be seen.
Nice video! Any way I can get a link to the outfit you wore here? I dig it!
great tips.
I'm just going with chinos. My legs and waist is just too big for anything else at this point lol
Thanks Aaron
nah g this aint it
Great info. Brief and to the point. Thanks!
Found your video from recommendation on great tips here don't mind if we share
I didnt know this video would be as helpful as it is. I subscribed and liked, thanks!
you have a very nice chino/beige colored pants that fits and look better in you
I wear my paints a little baggy so its not gonna show my socks
Thanks for showing this. Great video.Do you have any idea why my pants are always bulging in the front?The crotch area. They always do. Even tailored made.
0:44 That fit is sexy af.
My pants looks a bit baggy but idk if is how must look because I have big big thighs and calves.
Youre going to look back at this video and cringe. Bro what are you wearing? Wtf is that hat are you a Mexican farmer? Those Italian loafers don't look at all proportionate at all on you. And showing your ankles with that tattoo looks so unprofessional. Also don't yuck your polo you have major muffin top
Great vid!!!!!!
Nice contents
Well done. One might want to consider sitting as well.When you sit, the hem will rise considerably.If you are sitting behind a desk for the most of your meetings, the short or medium break would work bestIf you are standing on a stage in front of an audience, the short break will look nice. But then, when you sit down with a short break hem, your ankles and socks will be exposed. So wear argyle socks.When I go to a party, I am mostly standing up, so I like the medium break. Should I sit down, it does not look like I am expecting high-water flood.
I have 52 years old and use the Full Break , is Perfect For Me , Elegant , Traditional and Vintage
Great tips! This is very useful and people can use this for requesting their pant hems online.
I was wondering why you choose your pant length. This makes a lot more sense to me now. Another excellent video and I get caught up on your channel.
Those Burgundy whole cuts are
Thanks dude! I appreciate the info!
no break never looks good to me.
Really enjoyed this video. Look forward to receiving more.
I didn't know about these. I feel like I only ever see the full break and I've never liked it. It looks like your pants are too long. I learned from this that I like the slight break.
Tip....when you sit down the trs will go up 2 far if it is 2 short.
Very informative.
Nice video, i like a slight break slight tapper as well
Although clear and realistic, video lacks of good supportive information to make a choice. More examples on different body types and kind of trousers would be appreciated. I am subscribing to your channel willing for part number 2 of this topic.
At 6'0" 175lbs, I still gravitate towards a full break on any of my trousers that are turned up or made of a material that drapes nicely over the shoe.Exceptions that I make:1. Winter weight trousers get slight break as they are more frequently worn with boots.2. Summer linen trousers also only get a slight break for comfort reasons and are frequently worn with no show socks and loafers or driver's.
Hey Brain.Does it make a difference if you wear it with boots ?
time for a update version
thanks for the video! im looking to get a custom suit for my wedding. What is the standard leg opening for a slight break pant. I like the fitted tapered look and im thinking about a 7 inch leg opening. I just don't want it to be too aggressive since its a suit and not skinny jeans. Im 5'9 and 185 pounds. Do you think a 7 would work without being too much or could 8 work without losing the tapered fit look?
I think no break looks silly, like your trousers have shrunk, a break looks way better imo, aspecially when you consider trousers ride up slightly when you walk too, i don't se how no break can be considered 'modern' or more 'fashion forward' ?
Informative and precise.. Great presentation.
When you go for the shortest length pant, you have nowhere to go if the fashion trends change. You can't get them tailored longer.
Im.a tomboy and im just struggling to find cool trousers.Thanks for vedio
16 sal walo ka trouser milta hai ki nai
Thodha sans lele bhai
For 21 years I was thinking all tracks are same....and this guy make my life wasted
Bhai please suggest me performax track plant & jacket iam 174cm 85 kg
Bhai achi t shirt k upper b ek video banana plzzz
Bhai tumhare yeh yellow wale T-shirt tumne kaha se karidah....mereko b ko Dena plz
Bhai Regular use ke liye konsa sahi hai
Track pant aur jogger ko Kaha kaha pahan Skte h, Mai bas lower phanta hu
Bro ,Myntra se headphone buy kre ya nhi ,, please help,, because no return policy..
1st view
Thickness kaisi hai,bahut jyaada to nhi hai na?

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