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The lowest Men's Shorts Price in India is ₹779 at Flipkart.
Buy Men's Shorts online at Flipkart.
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Men's Shorts Reviews from YouTube

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Perfect for Summer - Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts Review
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i wear shorts the wrong way all the time but i dont care i love it
Ya no
This dude is insecure as fuck. Holy shit.
I didn't know you're 5'6 you look tall
How am I suppose to wear shorts that must be above the knee if my knees are dark? I'm so concsious with my dark knees, how to get rid of it guys?
Why does this guy remind me of Casey niestat
Stop being a salesman
No guys should wear shorts once they become a teenager unless you are at the beach, pool or doing a physical activity. The reason for this is no one wants to see a guys knees or thighs.
And there are men with one leg.
real men don't care what you think
I wear running shorts and kids at my high school say that they’re gay😂🤦‍♂️... like wtf
When did all these really short shorts become popular on men? Way too short.
Wear watever i want to wear lol
thx bruh 🤜
Sad. Your gay because you shave your legs, really, you moron. You more then insecure then you calves.
Why am I watching this? I'm a 13 year old girl 😂 😂
Great show... but shy away from people that needs to yell instead of talk . Talking down to people like they are not able to hear or just not interested unless they are yelled at is condescending. Sound like you grew up on a show lot ... barking for a sideshow.
Men shaving leg's its a gay
Since these are tactical shorts, they are designed to have belt loops compatible with handgun holsters.
32” in Levis? What you e reckon in these
Great review. I bought a pair on the strength of this review and they are indeed just what you say. A fantastic pair of shorts in just about every way (fit, quality, comfort etc.). There are eleven pockets and my back pockets are zippered not velcroed...
I was just wondering if they are true to size-I usually wear 38?
Just bought my first pair. Thanks for the video.
Do you wear belts? If so, what kind & how do they feel?
Have they updated these? Their website puts them at 4.2 oz.
How tall are you? And what is your waist size?
"Come" very close to it? 🤔
They should have saved the labor, material expense of the useless four lower leg pockets and used the money to add two more belt loops. Any decent pants or shorts should have the normal seven. Anything in the lower pockets swing and bounce against the leg when walking. Maybe something soft and light weight like kerchief may not be an issue but keys ,phones ,knifes,wallets, etc etc cannot be placed in the lower leg pockets if you are going to be doing any walking. The constant smacking the leg each step will quickly have you removing anything in these pockets.
What kind of belt is that?
Interesting design, but I would never pay for any pants with mesh pockets.
What is the inseam? How tall are you?
what do you need to make them at home for all seasons of the year
I'm thinking about getting the pant version for rock climbing, but I worry they might not be flexible enough. Do you think they have enough strech for that and is it 4-way or just 2-way?
the summer weight BDU's I wore back in the mid-80's and into the early 90s were made from ripstop nylon most comfortable set of fatigues outside of the old cottons back in the 70's and before. Nice review. I may have to pick up a pair.
awesome shorts. I have a pair of slightly different proper shorts, love them,. just got some Columbia omni shade pants for summer when you have to wear pants. Very similar construction, lightweight, breathable, thin, awesome pants. What belt is that. I like it
the belt goes just like u show to the side. for those who carries apendix that way the buckle don't get in the way
I always wear 5.11 pants and shorts, pocket layout is the same, they are great for pocket carry and have elasticized waist band, have yo ever tried the 5.11 and if so how do they compare to the Propper?, The price seems to be similar.........ty.....great video
Fantastic review. Looks like a great pair. Love the pocket options. Especially that back pocket. Good colour too Be well Luke Craig
you ever try birddog? I heard they took lulus designer or something
Thank you bro this helped me out massively!
loving the content my dude!
Amazing video!
keep up the great work man!
Aye mayne imma cop some lulus this week!
Great video!!! 😍
Here’s the Top 10 Summer Shorts vid -
Check out this Luxury × Moncler Shorts I found on Grailed:
I don’t want to look like Lt Dangle.
Bro what's the size and length of the nike woven shorts from waist down? How many inches? TY in advance
Hi Eddie, are the NBA shorts below the knees? Cause i noticed that basketball shorts' styles today are already above the knees, are there still below the knee shorts available? Cause i'm looking but i can't. Can i find it in Foot Locker stores or NBA stores? Can you suggest where to find a Chicago Bulls red shorts that MJ wearing? Thank you very much! I would appreciate it very much. I'm from the Philippines.
i'm 6ft 1 and i'd like shorts that go one or 2 inch above my knee. is 7 inch good
Im 5''6" and I wear em Half way down my butt, and then halfway on my calves so only half my calve shows ..I have good calves so wearing it halfway on the calve gives an illusion of vascularity/definition.. Women love legs and unfortunately 95% of guys have NO calves 😂😂. Also I know they are called "shorts" but men should not wear shorts any shorter then top of the calve and below the knee
thanks bro, ive been buying nike shorts at the knee and had to roll up the waistband. great info 💯
Great video thank u brother
You made my day keep killing it. 6’5 & small “how”
put subtitles into the videos pleaseee!!!!
I wish I had normal legs 😥 left leg is tiny compared to the right cuz I’ve had sooo many surgeries on it... can’t possible rock short the ladies
It’s definitely annoying when a brand doesn’t include the inseam information. I am a woman with long legs and I’m looking for shorts that hit mid thigh—many women’s shorts are too short for my personal preference. Your video was informative and easy to understand! I am glad I clicked, I thought maybe this video would be geared towards males, but I was thankfully wrong. New sub!
Thanks for this! I’m 5’4 and a girl, so finding the right size of basketball shorts is always frustrating! Even if I go with a small, the inseam or leg openings are usually way too big. Really sucks they don’t sell basketball shorts (specifically nba) in women’s sizes!
Im from Germany you make good stuff
Good video bro
Niceeeee video bro
Well done
This was super helpful
I usually get the 11" in seam

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