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Men's Shorts
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5 Short Wearing Rules ALL Men Should Follow!
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Best Gym Shorts for Men (Lululemon, Nike, Chubbies, and More Compared!)
Gear Review | Running Shorts
where did you get them
fak you all damb beaches tanginanyonglahat sialan kamu bodoh indonesia peroid . all of you beach
gonna send this to my mom
You have to do more reps with the calves. Dont forget about body weight. Do you 200 body weight calve raises everyday. Once thats complete when In the gym lower the weight and get 15-20 reps for 5 sets and you will most definitely see a difference. High volume = Muscle Growth.
Look better in the one that wasn't so tight
Dear brother your videos are amazing and entertaining too...specially the style of explaining....In my opinion
Long shorts look better. Shorts that is too short suits kids not too elegant for a grown ups.
Dude... you've been skipping leg days too frequent
2:50 looks better.
12 or 13 inches for me. Im a stocky dude. Short shorts ridiculous on me.
His intro
Nope just nope.
Incredible illustration
All those shorts are ugly. And who made up that dumb rule about not showing socks? I hate those feet condoms that you showed.
Who cares what you wear and how you wear it.
I avoid wearing shorts like the plague. I'm 6'3 and have ridiculously skinny calves/ankles.
When you have small calves its better to have hair on the legs it makes it look bigger.
What % do you get?
i wear shorts the wrong way all the time but i dont care i love it
I'm answering all questions, so leave a comment here and I'll respond promptly!
Perfect review, man. Straight to the point and it helped me make a decision quick!
this is exactly what i needed thank you mate you made my decision pretty easy honestly
awesome review, this is just what I was looking for.
58 what size do I get?
Subscribing to this guy
Sweaty butt seems like a personal problem
U got a 7in or 9in inseam ?
Bro, you gave honest opinion with no fucks ha ha thanks !
Which inseam size did you get?
I really need a in dept joggers review
Sup man , Im about the same size as you (62 210 34 waist ) and normally in shorts and sweats Im a size medium , you said youre wearing a large right?
I've got a couple pairs of the lined Franchise shorts and I like 'em well enough. I'm a smaller dude (5'6", 138lbs), so I wish they came in a 5" inseam (gotta show off these quads!), but that's about the only complaint I have. I've been curious about the Fundamentals, so thanks for the video!
Pro shorts are night and day difference
How do we know ur not lying about being sponsored
Bro how are you talking without moving your mouth
What was the inseam of the intervals and whats your height? Also wondering if they are antimicrobial/odor resistant even without the liner. Im completely new to brand and have a tactical on the way but actually need two pairs so Im looking at another pair.
I own 5 pairs of chubbies gym shorts, and 3 pairs of theirs casual shorts. Worth every penny, I'm willing to gice 10 thousand a try though.
im kind of interested in those nike shorts. Could you check the style number of those on the tag?
Thanks for the reviews. I am watching your video and then... is that golds gym in Citrus Heights?
Cool review. Whats the sizing like compared to the Nike?
Ill have to check out ten thousands website and you did a great job on the video. But what are the Nike shorts called or could you link me to them?
I own several of there shorts. They are amazing.
Amen. I think I have the intervals in every color now except the camo. Wear them out as casual shorts quite a bit too.
ever try Vuori Kore?
What about gym shark
Great video man i love the production. Do you mind adding the specific models to the shorts in your vids?
U looks like indian
I just bought two pairs of running shorts on amazon for under 40 bucks. Running shorts are stupid expensive and why?
For the Solomon shorts, is the back pocket deep enough to hold an iPhone?
If you lived on the gulf coast, we live in the Panhandle of FL, even for trail runs, you'd appreciate the lightest, shortest short you could find, with a pocket for a car key avoiding a pouch around your waist, such as the Saucony. Long, heavy and no pockets are no goes here, not when like today it was 80 degrees with a 76 degree dew point. That said, excellent presentation.
How to buy these shorts I m from India
Does anybody actually keep the liner on the shorts ? I bought some adidas running shorts recently and I am not a fan of the liner , I usually wear compression shorts/tights when running.
How to buy this shorts ....sir..I am an Indian ...your videos are very helpful for running...plz reply
Since there are quite a few comments regarding underwear or not, Ill add this: I do not wear underwear of any kind under my running shorts. Ive been running 21 years and have tons of shorts from various manufacturers and all of them have liners. I will say that 99% of my running shorts are 2.5 inseam or less. Freedom of movement is what its all about for me. However, I do see guys who wear compression shorts under their running shorts. But that may be a topic for another day.
1" BOA are unbeatable
Very informative video, but I would have liked additional comments on certain brands' true-to-fit sizes. Some brands I can wear a size "S" whereas other brands I have to wear a size 'M" due to the liner being too restrictive. But great video nonetheless. :-)
Thanks a lots sir your collection is wonderfulBe with you every time
No boas:(
Where's Boa?
Do you wear underwear with High cut ones?
The Boa 1 inch split shorts available at Running Warehouse and Amazon are pretty amazing and they cost around $30. They also come in a wider variety of colors, not the standard blacks and greys that you are limited to with most shorts. I've never been able to bring myself to spend $50 or $60 on a pair of running shorts. Boa also has a 3 inch inseam version for those guys who don't like showing as much skin. LOL
have a pair of the acer 3" splits that are connected at theside which I am a huge fan of! I don't like the ones where the sides are disconnected and flap around out in the wind! Do you know if all asics so-called splits are this same config? I sure hope so. I like the connected sides better than the flappy disconnecting floppy sides. I hope to get more asics ones as they are cheap and very high quality and I hope they keep this same config design. Do you know if all asic's shorts are made the same? I am talking about the split ones. Look at the sides, how am I supposed to know if the channeling is splilt disconnected or if it is connected spilt?please help!thanks!
Its no easy its not in the description
Great review. Can you review liner-less running shorts? I know there are not many. They can be difficult to find. I find liners very uncomfortable in shorts. I prefer to wear my own boxer briefs or running tights under liner-less shorts.

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