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Men's Multicolor Shorts (Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

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People React To 2" SHORT Running Shorts
What % do you get?
i wear shorts the wrong way all the time but i dont care i love it
Ya no
This dude is insecure as fuck. Holy shit.
I didn't know you're 5'6 you look tall
How am I suppose to wear shorts that must be above the knee if my knees are dark?I'm so concsious with my dark knees, how to get rid of it guys?
Why does this guy remind me of Casey niestat
Stop being a salesman
No guys should wear shorts once they become a teenager unless you are at the beach, pool or doing a physical activity. The reason for this is no one wants to see a guys knees or thighs.
And there are men with one leg.
real men don't care what you think
I wear running shorts and kids at my high school say that theyre gay... like wtf
When did all these really short shorts become popular on men? Way too short.
Wear watever i want to wear lol
thx bruh
Sad. Your gay because you shave your legs, really, you moron. You more then insecure then you calves.
Why am I watching this? I'm a 13 year old girl
Great show...but shy away from peoplethat needs to yellinstead of talk .Talking down to peoplelike they are not able to hearor just not interestedunless they are yelled atis condescending.Sound like you grew upon a show lot ...barking for a sideshow.
Nice sir
Bhai price kya hai iska
Please add in English when introducing in an Indian languagr
Bhai ne upar se hi dekh ke silaayi ka quality bata diya . Bina andar dekhe.
Which knife and watch you are using
Model nice
Bro apka waist Ka size kya hai ? Mera 32 hai so I'm confused about Which size should I choose
Call me brother 6300789206
How much price Anna
size kua hai
Bohut accha
New channel
M apke fund guruji channel ka subscriber b hu...itna to krna pdega first 10 subscriber ko milna chahiy...apse jude rhte h hr kadam pr
Maine 4th no pr kiya h or 2nd comment mera h
Bhaiya aap na hum first 10 new subscriber ko gift send kro aap...
Liked this? Make sure you Subscribe to The Running Channel and well get Rick to do some more stupid stuff...
The funny thing is that, people dont accept men wearing 2 short, but women yes! If you dont like, dont use it, simple!
This should be totally fine!
Dude. If youre an active man and need to move do whatever you need to.
I believe it depends on the frame. Sure they are Athlete shorts worn by smaller men rather than big men. If I wore something like that I would definitely be arrested. It takes a brave man to do what you did.
I think 2 inch is a good race day but besides that 4 inch minimum
Next time just body paint them shorts on, yo.
10/10 best clothing related video on the channel don't at me.
Good video,Just be confident in the cloths you pick!I run, work and be casual in split shorts regularly, I dont give a hoot what others think. Running in split shorts is comfy as! I also walk around in tights, spandex, leggings long or short ( what ever you call them) depends on the weather. Im also in a country town australia and no one has ever said anything. Girls have a good look and support a smile and want a chat so whats the big deal. I see more bare ass cheeks hanging out of girls shorts and women's front purse in tights which is all accepted. Long shorts are hot, and that restrictive you start bending in the lower back to compensate ( sore back?). I could run a 3 day seminar on the benefits of short shorts!
Bullying rick for 8 minutes straight
Ask to the LGBT community members...they will say....he looks grate
Seriously: Is there ANY functional advantage of longer shorts?
My short-shorts are lighter, more comfortable, they dry faster, AND they last longer (less friction)... So... F* ALL THOSE PEOLE, I'm using them!
I wear short shorts kinda like that maybe a inch or two longer and I do weight lifting and running and no one every says anything I like them because they give me more range of motion and also they make my legs looks awesome
You have to be a runner to understand that split shorts are practical and comfortable for men. Don't like it, don't stare!
men used to rock short shorts back in the 60s & women stole it from us
No these are wayyyy to short for me lol
Too short, sorry Dick... I mean Rick!
I come from some place a bit conservative, although we can see runners in their 50s who wear this. I plan to eventually pair these with long running tights. So I get the skin coverage of the tights and the decency of the added shorts(at least it obscures the private shapes), while maintaining maximum lightness

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