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Men's Black Slim Fit Blazer Suit Jacket Reviews from YouTube

Blazer Vs Suit Jacket
Hanayome Men's Slim Fit Suit Blazer Jacket Tux Vest & Trousers Review, Wonderful quality suit you c
Suit Jacket,Blazer,Sport Coat, What's The Difference?
3 Suit Mistakes 99% of Men Make
Bros hips dont lie
Pants are way too tight dude.
The whole video is an oxymoron because they're the same thing the word "suite" in suit jacket spectates the two because without a matching pair of pants it's no longer a unite or a "suit" people just be making shit to seem like they know something "A blazer is more casual" yeh duh because you've down dressed once you decided to not wear a suit this man just said "a suit comes with matching pants" duh mf it's a suit ! "A suit is more conservative" suits come in all shapes colors sizes styles and fabric! And stop giving male fashion advice if you gone wear feminine pants
Pants are waayyyyy to tight my guy
Uhm a blazer is not a sports coat. A blazer, especially for men have specific attributes. For example a classic blazer can have metal buttons. I stress this point, because blurring the line between them can make it hard to find what you want.
dude's legs look like a faun
You need a model to show off the gears.
your clothes are too small bro
Does suit jacket have pocket flaps in front or not?
Bro stands like an NPC
Bro got a flatfoot
Avoid the trend of tight suits and high water pants. Go for a classic fit. I can't take suit advice from someone wearing their pants above their ankles with no socks.Try dressing like this for a professional luncheon or an interview and you'll get laughed at.
Blazer is named so because it's supposed to be more flashy, contrasting buttons etc. You described a sport coat sir
I want the shoess
Not gonna lie, looks the same
This man is so well dressed , i saw this man on the street and there was 3 guys behind him , amazed by his looks. They followed him into a elevator that gone to 5th floor and i was amazed to see it.
You can see his underwear gotta be the worse fashion
Some of yall cock watching too much, he wears want he wants
dont be making tips if you cant even find a pants that will fit you
Thank you!!
Where do you get yours from?
Don't forget a blazer usually comes with contrasting buttons also and usually comes in more "blazing" colours, hence the term blazer
Where should a blazer sit how long should it be length wise ?
Thank you so i really could never figure this out
What are you wearing now. It looks sloppy.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.John 3:16-17Lookin sharp
sport coat is causal
Great video
Thanks man!
I often hear this very same definition of the three, but respectfully I think that it is quite incorrect a suit can be made in any type of fabric, formal or casual, just think of a linen or corduroy suit. A sports jacket is what was used for sporting activities, hence the name for me the blazer is slightly more complicated to define, but I think that it is most often associated with sailing or some sort of club it is correct that only a suit comes with matching trousers
Houndstooth is a pattern, not a material
First time someone has explained the differences.
I enjoy my casual Blazers but any thoughts on a Charcoal suit jacket with Black jeans? I also want to add a couple sport coats for Winter. Thanks Jeff!
Appreciate your content always.
Your voice is literally identical to that of Samuel L Jackson, how can this be?
Fire. You pick great content for these short clips. Salute!
Very GQ Jeff Great video!
The og
dont do that third tip ffs
Without the tie, 50% of drip is GONE.
Buy one that actually fits you.
You added the wrong picture the vents were cut on both jackets. The right one was just a double vent
The first mistake is wearing an off the rack suit like that...
Step 2: Change what kind of vent style you have.
A poor fit suit
If 99% is wearing in a certain wayyou should do same else it will look like as if you are doing something wrongI just checked big stores suits and most of them have double vents
Hey Alex I'm new to this channel. I really liked this video. Can you tell me what was the name of your Chelsea boots? It matches really well with the overall dress
You can't pull it off
You do realise that #2 the first ones an American suit and the second ones a British suit ?
Chelsea boots with suits look so good
aabsolutely disgusting you do realise the mile slit vent on a suit is worse quality an less fllattering
Rules meant to be brokenMe: why not just wear a dress
I don't think I would be more pissed off than gents forgetting to remove those vent threads. They actually think it's part of the suit no matter what you tell them. le sigh
I don't remove the logo to show my friends LEGRNDS
Bruh looks like that one cool math teacher who always has great life advice
What is the Watch in that man?
All was saying remove logo or out logo what is actually need to do say someone

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