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Bvlgari Aqva Marine for Men, 100ml : BVLGARI: Beauty

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Bvlgari Aqva Marine EDT - 50 ml Features

The creator of the original Aqua Pour Homme fragrance, who tried to evoke the natural freshness and the strength of the ocean with Posidonia Oceanica seaweed, neroli, grapefruit, rosemary and white cedar.

  • Quantity: 50 ml
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Fragrance Classification: Eau de Toilette
  • Fragrance Family: Fresh
  • Fragrance Segment: Luxury
  • Key specs are not available.

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Bvlgari Aqva Marine EDT - 50 ml Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family Fresh
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Men
Quantity 50 ml
Sales Package 1 Perfume

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Bvlgari Aqva Marine EDT - 50 ml Reviews from YouTube

Bvlgari Aqva Marine Pour Homme Fragrance review
Is there a very similar fragrance from another brand?
Is aqva marine simmilar to egoiste platinium by chanel., searching for smell like egoiste platinium?
uhh i am addicted to this scent! I get 8 hours from this
Apa cuma mau beli parfumnya jadi liat ini
How would you compare with Dune from Dior ? Ty
Just got the Amara,not bad but but I feel the aquatic note is not that prominent. The atlantique i tried was really pleasing in the aquatic vibe. It felt like I was diving into the depts of the ocean. Atnlantique was really inspiring. Amara doesn‘t really have that feel to it. Maybe I should order some marine and atlantique samples first. The decide what’s really the best.
When I wear this I feel like I'm at the ocean beach. Great balance of fresh and salty. Just wished it lasted longer. Second favorite fresh scent is D&G LBEI
Took a couple years for aqua Amara to grow on me , but I'm liking it now
Hello Dallas. I pulled the trigger on Aqva Marine Yesterday. One word. WOW ! This is a beautiful summer banger. Absolutely beautiful .
How do you decant bvlgari aqva line? Is it safe to remove the cap
Where did you get those stands for this one and your other aqva fragrances?
From the times I've tested it, I've had good crazy projection, though not poor either.
OK ,so I'm a girl but I rlly like aquatic fragrances. By far my favorite type. I can't rlly find many perfumes in my country so I need to blind-buy a lot (which means I don't test it to see how it smells beforehand). Same case with this fragrance. I would need to blind-buy it. My question is: does it smell manly? I don't like manly smelling fragrances on me.
Where'd you get the display that you have in the thumbnail, bro?
I’ve had this one for years since high school and haven’t revisited it until tonight I decided to revisit and it’s actually a good casual day time freshie I’m happy I have it
I just got this at marshalls for 32 bucks on clearance. I checked the. Batch code which is 20184h1 and it says it was made in 2001 which is wrong since this came out in 2017. any ideas as to why it has that batch code?
This is beautiful. My gymscent right now
for competitive prices on over 1,000+ designer & niche fragrances!
You should do a versus with all the bvlgari's aqva's you've got
- Purchase Bvlgari Aqua Fragrances - can you decipher all the notes Is it something you can practice and get good at
i have atlantique should i bother getting marine?
Thank you for this! Exactly the video I was looking for!
Thank you Dallas! I got Aqua Atlantique because of you. Solid scent! ✨
My Aqua Marine is spoiled.
I'm searching for a signature line of fragrance so that I can have a signature DNA all year round while switching things up according to seasons/occasions. The Bvlgari aqua line is one I'm considering! Which would you use for these occasions : winter, office, night, hot summer day? :)
The drydown of Marine definitely reminds me of Invictus Aqua. Their compositions are similar anyway!
Bvlgari Aqua original is a panty dropper for sure!
So far I got Amara marine and atlantique.n Amara is definitely the best of the 3 to me.I love it
Aqva lasts for me more than 8hrs on my skin in India. It leaves whiffs once in a while like a ocean tide.
Aqva Amara ✅
Aqua Pour Homme is the best. It's aquatic but in a darker sense. Just like a bottle color shows. It's this type of deep water which is powerful and can be peaceful or vicious and wavy. Along Kenzo Pour Homme (used to be my no1 scent but new one is a joke), and Issey Miyake L'Eau Majeure are the best sea/aqua frags you can get.
This is really helpful! Thank u for sharing this!
bro these always smelled like piss to me
Which one smells more sea-like? I would love to wear a scent that reminds me of the ocean.
Favor si puedes incorporar traducción al español todos están a la espera. Gracias
Awesome review! I gave Atlantique another shot and ended up adding it into my regular rotation. Got Marine several days ago and let me say that that is all I have been wearing! The scent is phenomenal! Hope to check out the others soon.
4 commercials in a 13 min. Video? You seem like a good dude, but selling out on your subscribers isnt cool. One add at the beginning is fine, but come on. Unsubscribed.
How long does it take for fragrance to go back ?
Do you like this one more than atlantique?
bruh this fragrance is so addicting
I wore this this winter 1/20 had to spray a little heavier got a lot of compliments it has enough spice in it for the winter. I wear all my colognes whenever i want i dont categorize by season if " i" Like it ill wear it anytime i want
Perfect hair man! Cool shades.
Amazing review , good job ;)
Original Aqva starts good, but has a really weird dry down smell. I people prefer Aqva Marine, it doesn't start as good but has a MUCH better dry down smell.
so much shit it good or bad? wtf
How old is your bottle?
Hey joy do a review on mont blanc legend spirit
aqua marine or aqua amara for you?
What about Bvlgari Man in Black Orient?
This suffers in performance for me. Amara lasts better but I don't like the scent as much. The bottle looks nice, but I prefer the 50ml as it's easier to spray with my small hands Thanks for posting Joy.
A lot of people prefer Aqva Marine but i like the original Aqva better, XD Aqva Amara is great!
Just seeing this now and enjoyed the review. My favorite of the Aqva line is Marine. Would really like to see you do a review of the full Blvgari Aqva line; Aqva Pour Homme, Aqva Marine, Aqva Amara, Aqva Atlantiqve, Aqva Toniq and Aqva Marine Toniq.
Outstanding review. Thank you.
I love aqua marine its the only sea vibe i have at this moment i will try heelys sel marine soon i saw was reallly well liked as well
Nice. I must invest in Bvlgari after this review.
I bought the Vintage Marine (2008) in a antiques fair, it's a good cologne but it's too heavy on the seaweed smell for my taste. Smells like salt air, i sold it to someone else. Never tried the original and Amara, but i have the Atlantique one and it's AMAZING, monster performance on my Skin.
Aqua pour home is a great scentCan be worn most of the it smells wonderful!
If you live in hot and humid climate aqva marine works the best, it has the sea notes and a hint swimming pool chlorine vibe! It’s very clean dumb reach that smells better than most of the ambroxin heavy aquatics. Very masculine and to the point, fresh and clean, no bubblegum vanilla here.I have the 4 blvgari aqva and marine is always my pick.clean, fresh, by the water feel, ie heaven.unfortunately marine is the least underrated in the line while amara and Atlantiuqe get all the hype
I'll go with Marine
Hi,what happened to your voice?
416 and 619 represent'n
I’m not the world’s biggest marine fragrance fan, but the Aqua range is hands down my favorite. As far as ocean notes are concerned, Aqua to me is more realistic than the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue line, Nautica fragrances, and the Davidoff Cool Water range. When I run out of Aqua, I’ll probably pick up Aqua Marine.
Aqva marine used to be my signature scent in high school
For me Aqva is tough to pull off. I had to sell that one as it is not too versatile for me. Goes straight to seaweed on my skin and can be cloying. Marine is fresher and reminds me the beach and seashore, whereas Aqva is deep ocean. You can try Marine Tonic (woodier than Marine) and Aqva Tonic (less agressive vs the original)
Great and I enjoyed it and I'm going to try these fragrances and have a blessed day
Bvlgari Aqva is in my top 5 of shocking great first smells. Drakkar, Dior Fahrenheit, IM l’eau D’issey, Chanel AHS.
Speaking of coachCoach got me on marine before it got all the hype way back in 2016 when I watched one of his top 10 summer list thankgod for u guys I swear to god marine one of my all time favourite designer scents I remember coach made me really intrigued on it after he expressed that he wore bvlgari aqua marine and reminded him of his trip to Hawaii from the waters over there amazing scent
Always a fan of the Bvlgari Aqua line. Bvlgari in general I feel is an underrated house I remember being about 21 years old and my mom had brought home 5-6 random fragrances from a friend at her work who’s son didn’t like them. Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme was one of them. I could tell even back then that it wasn’t necessarily for a young guy (I.e. teenager) Which the kid that didn’t like them was still in HS Now, being a broke young man still in college at the time. I was open to anything free, especially a new fragrance. I wear it that summer and have loved the line ever since Marine is great, awesome high heat scent Easier to wear for the younger guys then the original Pour Homme I have it now and wear it a decent amount this Summer
Love Marine, the smells just like you're in the ocean.
Lake kaka
They are both excellent fragrances, but to me the OG is my favorite because it’s a little more complex and unique than the Marine flanker.

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