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Buy Meinl MS16HC Heavy Crash Cymbal (16-Inch) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Meinl MS16HC Heavy Crash Cymbal (16-Inch) Colours: Gold
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Meinl Cymbals MS16HC 16-Inch M-Series Heavy Crash Cymbal ...

Meinl Cymbals MS16HC 16-Inch M-Series Heavy Crash Cymbal : Musical Instruments.


Sabian 18-inch Legacy Crash Cymbal : Musical ...

Sabian 18-inch Legacy Crash Cymbal : Musical Instruments. ... Not for heavy crashing as pretty thin but the sound that comes out of this cymbal ...


Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Cymbal 5 in. : Musical Instruments

... Heavy Crash CymbalMeinl Cymbals MS16HC 16-Inch M-Series Heavy Crash Cymbal ... The Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Cymbal sounds bright, warm, full, brilliant.


Meinl MS16HC Heavy Crash Cymbal (16-Inch) Features

  • B20 Bronze Alloy
  • High-tech computerized manufacturing
  • Strong attack and response with a bright, clear sound, yet with rich sound characteristics
  • Key specs are not available.
Meinl MS16HC Heavy Crash Cymbal (16-Inch) Colours:
  • Gold

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Meinl MS16HC Heavy Crash Cymbal (16-Inch) Reviews from YouTube

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Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbal Pack set Review
#1. Istanbul agop. #2 Sabian HHX. Thx.
Имел полный комплект тарелок "Пайст Сигнатюр" + два набора хай-хета.Великолепный звук,идеальный сустейн.А в сочетании с барабанами "Перл Мастер-студио" просто идеально! Работать одно удовольствие,чётко всё выравнено.
All of them except the istanbuls were too pinchy, overly present to my ears.
The one hit tests at the end, speaking as a guitarist, it’s hard to distinguish between them as anything other than one pshhhhhhh sound against a slightly higher or lower pitch pshhhhhhh sound. What am I missing? Why is one better than another?
ok- i think we can all agree meinl cymbals are crap
Sabian aax
No Paiste 2002? Shame on you!
Nice, Zildjian A, Istanbul Agop paper thin, and Meinl pure alloy are my top 3.
Always like the sabian AA, but now it sounds like Sabian b8 in this video, imoZildian A , and I always was a Sabian fan
the winner is snare
Instabul agop,k zildjian and paiste 602.
i’ll take your entire stock
Istanbul Agop Signature Crash, Sabian HHX Legacy Brilliant, Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Medium :D
No 18”A Custom on this list?
I love the hi-hats
I’m a Sabian guy, but that Paiste Signature sounds the best, IMO
saibian hhx is the best
The Meinl pure alloy sounded better tha I thought it would. Love the Zildijan K custom.
they sound like sh*t
Entry level and or value pack, you get what you pay for. Of coarse you spend more money, better quality cymbals. I am getting these for myself because these are good enough for me. It depends on what you want.
hola drum center soy de Mexico me pregunto si hacen envios para aca
I like your videos, so great and educational. always loved these
Wow beautiful and good sound
Glad I came to listen first. They sound extremely dry and flat. I prefer a wet, glassy sound with a hint of wash. Just seeing whats out there after having gone through a set of Z customs and Titaniums. I'm still leaning hard towards the A customs. Just don't like how thin they are.
I get that they’re entry level and aren’t gonna sound like sabian AAX’s but these sound like garbage.
I have a 16” and 18”. The bells sound awesome,but for crashes they’re kinda low volume. All in all,I like them.
Best resonating low end cymbals for the price hands down. Was really pleasantly surprised with mine. Makes Sabian B8s sound like trash can lids.
Remember these are entery level cymbals on of mine paiste 2002- 22 ride cost the double as this starting kit
What awful sounding cymbals. worst than the awful planet z
Yo tengo el crash de 16", el ride de 20", los hi-hats de 14" y el Splash de 10"; si están pensando que el sonido es diferente en persona ¡pues no!, en realidad quede muy sorprendido porque prácticamente así como se escuchan en el vídeo suenan en persona. ¡Nice video!
Demo pack complete: tried these out today at Guitar center and they sound way better in person. I ended up buying the ultimate pack which came with 9 cymbals ,10 if you count both hi-hats. I know they are not Zildjian K customs or anything,but you can't beat $389 for all those cymbals. I did however also purchase a Meinl Classic Crash pack for $299 that came with a "16 &"18 medium crash, "10 Splash, and a "8 Medium Bell, And was just out a little over $700 for all thatI spent way less and got way more than if I would have with something like A or K Customs, But to each its own
nice cymbal s
Meinl HCS Demo Pack
Hats and ride sound surprisingly good for brass.
are these "cheap cymbals" what i mean by that is do they break easily whats different between these and zildjian
The hats and the ride are incredibly good for the price. The others sound pretty cheap though
Which cymbal was your favorite Get access to 100's of drum lessons (+ MUCH more) and join the #DBOFamily HERE: video! are you using die cast or triple flange hoops on that snare?
You just about sold me on the Byzances. I've been looking at getting the 19" Traditional Medium Thin and 20" Traditional Medium crashes for a while now. I want the 23" Traditional Heavy Ride (I'm a fan of big heavy cymbals) but hearing the Polyphonic ride used in some grooves I haven't heard it used in yet really makes me want it. My ideal Byzance combo as of right now would be 16" Hi hats (I made these myself by pairing a Pure Alloy crash (top) with a Byzance Dark Crash (bottom) 19" Traditional Medium Thin Crash 20" Traditional Medium Crash 20" Dual Trash Crash 21" Polyphonic Ride OR 23" Traditional Heavy Ride.
That snare! Wow!
lmao that Zildjian ride is fire
could you do a crash trash comparison
20 medium is awesome
7:40 unsainted?
Huge question! Your first crash mentioned wait it was “18 deep hats bottom”
Where's the head banging at?
what snare drum do you have
Beautiful setup! I’ve been playing byzance for 10 years! My favorite cymbal of all time is my byzance traditional 21” medium ride and I use it for ANYTHING Love crashing it Gillespie style lol
Very rad and informative video! I appreciate how much you talk about riding your crashes. That important for me and I'm trying to learn which ride or crash I should be using
Zildgain and paste say no more
After you said “crash my ride” I was stuck with pimp my ride, and then you followed up with “not all rides can crash” which was very funny in that context
the 20 china is fab!
23" K sweet ride is the best cymbal I've ever played
Meinl became my favourite cymbal company because of Gabe, love the videos, keep it going!
this video made me cut through the mix
i like the first one
I would return them, the Meinl HCS-SCS1 pack sounds a bit better. You get what you pay for, if you don't spend at least 1k you get crap. Like the guy said below you can't tune cymbals.
Cool vid! If you want to try something that made drumming more comfortable to me try raising your drum throne a bit so when you sit your knees are below your hips. Keep rockin , the kit sounds great
Goods sounds, but the China is horrible
Fold your high hat stand up . Push it against the bass drum and use a shoe lace to tie it to a tention rod . That way your not reaching so far .
I think it’s the way the recording is that doesn’t do the cymbals justice I have 2 16in Hcs crashes and they don’t sound bad. but I also haven’t tried any other cymbals, I mainly play guitar but I’m putting together a drumset
Dude the stands probably cost more than the cymbals I wish I actually had money
He is a beginner, his cymbals will improve as does his ability. Tuning the snare, toms etc. Give it time.
These cymbals are good for beginners just learning on a cheaper kit. But that's it. I had them on my kit for a while and had to take them off cause of how bad they were. Not saying you need zildgian customs or anything like that. But there's definitely better sounding cymbals out there for fair prices. Remember when it comes to cymbals quality over quantity
They sound pretty bad I cringed when the 14 inch crash was played No wonder such a large set is so cheap
Sound way better than zbt, or some the s just don't think I need that much metal. but maybe
I don't remember when i heard a set sounding that poor last time
Is that Lars Ulrich?
It's really difficult to get a good representative sound recording in a small, enclosed room with solid walls like this. There's always going to be unwanted echoes and reverb, especially with loud cymbals. Although several of these don't appear to sound very good here, that may be because of recording issues, it's hard to say. I previously bought a Zildjian 4 piece cymbal set(ZHT or ZBT, I dont recall which), and they sounded pretty good. On the other hand, the very first set i ever owned, came with a 16" or 17" Sabian B8 crash, but it sounded absolutely awful! It was the only crash i owned at the time, and i cringed every time i hit it, it was 'that' bad!
Just some friendly advice bro, and just my opinion, but I played single kicks w/ double pedals for almost 11 years before switching to using 2 kicks, and what I learned was that it's best before you even think about new cymbals to just go ahead and invest in a rack. I have the Gibraltar GCS-450C rack with GCS-150C side extensions for both sides. It has saved alot of floor space, and the versatility of cymbal placement is endless. Also you should get a 2 leg or no leg hi-hat stand and a hi-hat to kick attachment. I bought and highly suggest the Mapex Falcon, it has 2 removable legs is the best Hi-hat stand I've ever used. I attached it to my left kick with the Pearl HA-130 attachment. Racks can be somewhat expensive at first especially with the multi clamp and boom arm purchases I've had to make, but it was worth it, I have alot of floor space now and my set up is perfect and everything in reach. Just a suggestion.
20 inch crash sounding bell
I like this Cymbal pack but the only thing I hate is that China Cymbal. I would prefer the 16/18in HCS China for that pack. Or I would get a Zildjian Oriental China 18in. Favorite to least favorite Cymbals from that pack: 1. Trash Crash 2. 18 Crash 3. Splash 4. Ride 5. 16 Crash 6. Hi Hats 7. 14 Crash 8. Bell 9. China
These arent bad for the money. The ride, 16 and 18 in. crashes, and the trash crash sound decent, and the hi hats are passable, definitely a good value just for those, The 14 in crash, China, Bell, and Splash I could do without
The sounds are awsome , any drummer can play with those , you know sound that is all implement it in your music , thank you for taking your time to demostrate these cymbals
Thanks for posting! What a great value!
Worst sound cymbals and drum go for zildjian

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