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Buy Meher Flutes Traverse Flute (Western Bb, Small) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available.
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Traverse Flute (Bansuri) (Tonic : Hindustani Kali-5, Western Bb ...

Brand, ‎Meher Flutes. Manufacturer, ‎Meher Musical Instruments. Model, ‎BK-5PS. Product Dimensions, ‎50 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm; 90 Grams. Item model number, ‎BK-5PS.


Traverse बांसुरी (बंसुरी) (टोन: हिंदुस्तानी काली-5, वेस्टर्न बीबीबी) PVC ...

ब्रांड, Meher Flutes. उपकरण कुंजी, B Flat. मटीरियल, पॉलीविनाइल क्लोराइड. स्टाइल, Western.


Meher Flutes Traverse Flute (Western Bb, Small) Features

  • Made from light weight PVC material
  • Good for beginners as well as professionals
  • Western Key: F , Tonic: Bb
  • Hindustani : Kali 5
  • Length (approx): 50 cm
  • Key specs are not available.

Find the best deal on Meher Flutes Traverse Flute (Western Bb, Small) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Meher Flutes Traverse Flute (Western Bb, Small) Price in India is ₹385 at Amazon.
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Meher Flutes Traverse Flute (Western Bb, Small) Reviews from YouTube

Meher Flutes. Traverse flute(Bansuri) {Tonic: Hindustani safed-6, western A} Bambo
C natural base Customize Nadvenu flutes 36 inches
Flute Expert tries AMAZON $70 FLUTE VS HER $10K FLUTE
Apka number. Mil Sakata hai
Ami basi kinte chai
Bhai tmi kuta teke
This flute has not 7th hole .
Anyone can open a package in 1 minute. You took over 4 minutes what a idiot and waste of time. Do something better next time. Maybe a magic trick would be nice. I-D-I-O-T
Bekar hai bhai mat kharidna maine bhi le thee
Bas yhi dikha rha tha. Ki kese uncover krte h kr k .flute ka information to deta.
Bhai kon sa scale ka hai ye to bta do.
This guy is a space cadet, showing people how to open a package. Next time make a video with title " how to put on an underwear or how to switch on a fan." clown.
Bhai price kitna he
Meher flute wale chutiya banate hai. Maine mangwaya to galt b beja or fir no com coment
Poor cover
Musical instrument hai to bajane k lie hi hoga na, maarne k lie danda thodi hai jo batana pad raha hai
When you are demonstrating the musical instrument, it is quite obvious that viewers want to listen the music sound also. Just showing the unpacking is of no use.
Plz tell me the price and send me the link. Plzzz plz plz
Please, tell me the address and phone number. I want to buy this flute. How can I get one.?
yeh mera whatsapp number hain plz contact meplzzzz
Bhaiya iska price kinta hain
Sir baja ke dikhana thha na. Sound pata chalta
4 minutes lag Gaye only packing open karne m. Nice packing. I am impressed
Are you kidding? D#(Eb) are one of the most commonplace whistles for Traditional Irish instrument is just plain badly tuned.
Good God. Did she say "hope you're enjoying 2020"?
Little bit alike this from bangladesh.
That c note flute tho
Hello Stéphanie ,and the other , i'm Frensh and i would know the cost of a bambou flute on LABU . The cost of A Bambou flute IS really 2.000 euros or not? I would like know the Price of a bambou flute on LABU BYE ^^ THANK'S
I thought these were called BaBa flutes How long is the C flute?
the sound really nice. i've gotten more into whistles and flutes recently. tried bow and string, just wasn't for me
Labu flutes are world class. They make good bamboo instruments. Butour CutiePie makes them better. Love from Bangladesh
the key of D# is better known as Eb/Eflat isnt it?
How much do these flutes cost?
Is it possible to find these kinds of flutes with a back thumb hole?
in my language labu means pumpkin lol
Ha I just found your channel and am listening to all your videos and this one said "I hope you're enjoying 2020 so far!" and it made me laugh.
I would be very careful promoting this brand to avoid becoming an enabler of a fraudulent store. I do not know whether the flute maker is aware that there might be some undesirables within his business or whether he is party to this but after paying an invoice for a pack of flutes, they have ceased contact altogether. I will be looking into employing a bangladeshi lawyer to commence litigation. Stay away from ordering online is what I would recommend meanwhile, going in store to buy might be the only option with this brand.
Just a note for the unwary. You may wonder that the "C" bamboo flute is so much larger than a standard C tin whistle. This is because these south Asian bamboo flutes have their keys named differently to "western" tin whistles. A whistle/bamboo flute will play straightforwardly in two major keys. So, for example, a D tin whistle will play easily in G. With that it in mind, it would make as much sense to call a D tin whistle a G tin whistle, except "western" tin whistles aren't but these bamboo fipple flutes are. So . The D sharp bamboo flute is the same key as a B flat tin whistle. The E bamboo flute is the same key as a B tin whistle. The C bamboo flute is the same key as a G tin whistle.
Superb sir
Superb sir
Excellent tonal quality and build Raj ji. I will be buying this soon :)
Cost how much?
Mast What is the distance between beginning of the First hole to end of Third holeand beginning of the 4 th hole to end of 6 th hole
As an experiment I would like to see a whole orchestra playing cheap instruments like this and see if anybody noticed
:D hey guys that was my first flute ad it's really great for learning your first steps! love it :D even thoug it's a beginner's one, it can do a great job for the first times while learning :)
Great video,keep it up!22+
How can I tell what my flute is worth? I have an Armstrong 104 29 20714. My parents purchased it for me in band back in 1979 or so. I didn't know if I should keep it, sell it or melt it down for the silver. I'm having a hard time finding anything out about it. Thanks for any feedback you could give oh, and I enjoyed the video - interesting comparison between the Amazon flute and the professional flute!
Can I have a poster
Chinese budget brands include a pair of gloves as their products are mostly used for school brass bands in China, which usually wear uniforms and gloves while performing
my new evening routine: Flute Channel and chill
After 20 years of dreaming of being able to play the flute, I finally found the courage to start learning how to read sheet music and was thinking of buying an affordable flute on Amazon so I could dip my toes into the wonderful world of being a flautist. I was so discouraged when I saw so many comments about how horrible quality instruments they were, that I was being scammed, and I should have waited and saved up a long time more to buy a 600 dollar student flute. Money I didn't have. But I can honestly say this video really encouraged me to just go for it. It might not be the best quality flute, but it doesn't mean I can't use it to practice the basics and fingerings until I can afford a good flute! My flute comes today! Here's to begining my flute journey!
Just a Clarinet player scrolling through flute videos
I need 1The flute
I was more concerned about tone of the flute
If you can hear the keys going hitting the body joint more than the flute itself then something is wrong.
Honestly the head joint sounded like a saxophone at first
My bf bought me a flute for Christmas from Amazon - I haven't played in years but definitely enjoyed it for the price! It's great for people who want to get back into it but don't want to spend the money.
Thanks, i was looking for a flute but since im only a beginner i didn't know which flute would be good to buy that is not so expensive.
8:59 what’s the name of this piece? the tune has been stucked in my head for quite some time now.
I wanted to learn the flute and got one of those $70 ones to learn on
If only eastar made a bass flute
She's a fantastic player!

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