Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip color Unlimited Raisin 050

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Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip color (Unlimited Raisin 050) price at Amazon - ₹589

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The lowest Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip color (Unlimited Raisin 050) Price in India is ₹589 at Amazon.
Buy Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip color (Unlimited Raisin 050) online at Amazon.
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Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip color (Unlimited Raisin 050) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Maybelline
Color Unlimited Raisin
feature All products are imported from the USA. All electronic products must be used with a step down/up converter for Indian voltage compatibility.
Manufacturer L'Oreal India Private Ltd.

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Bloopers was nice
Thank you good job
Seriously I am scrolling down from may be more than 5 min and your video list is not at all ending 😂dedicated vlogger ..😍
The lips are sticky and after trying in the lipstick my lips were dry. I would love to take it back. For sure I won't buy it again.
We have to use lip balm before applying the liquid lipstick
This was the first lisptick I bought in my life when I had zero knowledge about listicks. I was pretty disappointed because it had shimmer in it which didn't suit me at all. And the colour looked pale on me. I dont use it anymore. But the review was honest ❤
Honestly I haven’t watched her video and those lipsticks r not worth any money. You can spend $10 more and get ur self a good quality lipstick. It is so bad and I don’t have the patience for it
you made a 6 min video for just 1 swatch. LOL
Yes for us too.. they are expensive really
Share your make-up collection 2018 plzzzzz
how funny
I like you because your mentality matches with me very much 😃😃😃 diii color is awesome.....
Which shade in this lipstick add
And thanks for the review
Cute son
It just gets dried up within few secs and apply the glossy balm so dat stickiness would not be there. Ur lips doesn't get sticked together....Use A soap n scrub it just goes off. Am using it from last 6months. Its really a very nice product..
Loved this video ... You are so true and such a natural video; nothing felt like made up or show off stuff. Wonderful! Ur son is so cute ♥️♥️
Very good review nidhi mam
Very good review Duggu is so naughty n cute😙😘
i love this Maybelline Superstay product AND Revlon Colorstay(similar lip product) both stay on very well. my only issue is the container design. once the color portion is used some, i cannot get the rest out. i end up throwing out about 1/4 of the revlon color and about 1/3 of the maybelline color being unable to access the color which collects near the screw-together section and in the bottom of the tube. Does anyone know how to use up the color without wasting it? you cannot add water or oil to the color without affecting its drying/staying ability. Storing it up-right, up-side-down, cutting open the tube,etc. none of it works/is usable. i've been trying for years to come up with a way to NOT waste these $8-$11 colors. If you know a hack, please comment.
Drugstore lipstick is so terrible. I'd rather be poor but spend my last dime on Guerlain or Lancome. cute
So annoying 😑
I use this lipstick and I love it, it glides on great, great coverage and it lasts all day (unless maybe you eat a big greasy hamburger). If your lips are cracking you have dry lips, it’s not the lipstick as it does not do that.
And I just found out about Maybelline products to tested on animals and so is Victoria's Secret products I don't use them anymore
I got that lip gloss and I don't like it it feels weird on my lips
I own 3 different kinds of these and work great, I didn’t apply lip liner on it, so I guessing that it cracked on you because of the liner product underneath. Use it on clean lips and it works great.
so far I'm not to impressed with your video. you applied a liner to your whole lip!
I love this product. It is the ONLY thing I’ve been able to not have to reapply several times. If it’s cracking it’s because you put something under it
Your application was bad. This is a really terrific product!
7:27 straight to the point
I don’t think the red was flattering on you but I liked the nude. I have found to not put liner on the full bottom lip, just prime, line around and it sets much better🤗
Yes very drying and cracked/peeled right off right away before being able to apply balm and after. I was disappointed with this product too.
i have a couple of these and let me tell you. they do not come off. lasted me for at least 10 hours. took it off with coconut oil. very pretty colors
I have three of these bark purple and pinks the money is worth it.i hated buying others that comes off as soon you put your lips on something,it's wasting money,it's like you spend time applying nice colors and it's gone,that's why from now on I get 24 hour stay
Don’t use a lip liner with these I use the lip stick for my liner
So full of shit yes it stays for so long but it cracks and drys out and peels off even if you repeat the balm and it stays sticky and Ruby rush looks like burnt orange
How can I order Maybelline color swatches. I the 24hour mind
You have a beautiful eye colour, and the info in the vid is great
Thanks helpful
Hi love you and your channel please suggest me real red matte lipstick pls
Hey Ankitha! Can I know the Kajol/eyeliner you’ve applied in this video?
Hi Ankita, I really like your reviews. I always see your reviews before buying a particular lipstick I wanna buy lakme absolute sculpt studio matte lipsticks.....but I could not find any review about it on your channel. Can you please review and swatch it, and if you already have then please provide the link
Loved the review!!!
hi, which concealer brand is good? Will u suggest me one?
really helpful. ...thanx ankita di...#Lots_of_Love ❤
Hi Ankita your doing a great job,I love your presentation and makeup techniques which are point on! 💁I love the glowy look you create with so many drugstore products!!👍🏼👍🏼one suggestion your swatches don't match in real time,think it's the lighting.. If you could do something about it ,it would be of great help to the viewers!! Your channel is of excellent quality! Best wishes 😊
both shades are looking fabulous on u..😘😘
I just love u n ur channel .... ur makeup dewy finish n glow is always upto the mark darling
plz post ur eyebrow routine nd different eyeliner styles
booked mine just after watching this ♥
great review as always👍
thanks for the honest review❤
I dun like the sticky feeling it gives and with balm it looks shiny and glossy,so do not love the formula of it,but love the shade constantly cabernet and it's looking beautiful on you 😊😘
love your review 👌👌
hi these lipsticks are so uncomfortable and get flaky after 1 to 2 he's on my lips I dnt know wy can u suggest me how can u suggest me how can I correct it
love the mauve one more on you. thank you for this lovely and honest review. 😘💖
Thank u ki aapne honest review kiya 👍👍 Kaafi help mil gai, 💕💕✨✨🌹🌹
This range has beautiful shades!!😍
You put the color first, let it dry then the balm to keep it lubricated so that the color doesn't peel off, and reapply the balm throughout the day
I LOVE the whole line of Maybelline 24 hour liquid lips. It is truly 24 hour wear and doesn't budge. So far it is the ONLY liquid lip product I have found that is truly transfer proof and long wearing, no touch ups required. I'm on the quest for all the coffee colors
I'm sorry you didn't like these because they all looked beautiful on you. I have just purchased two from this collection and love both colors on me. I lip look usually consist of constantly toast and then two to three more lip products to get a beautiful color that lasts all day. But with these new shades I only need them and liner to get the same beautiful color and effect. I will probably be purchasing the rest from this collection based on how beautiful they looked in your swatches.
First of all thanks for putting your lips through all this and my thoughts i only use the red one . Because its the only color worth putting my lips through all this. Had pizza and by end of day I still had it on. Anything brown I just reapply.
I have them you put the gloss color then you apply the stick when dry!
This is beautifully reviewed . These look nice 🤩.
Their matte ink brand has a coffee edition as has them really cheap!
👏👏 Love lip swatches! I prefer the regular super stay liquid lip color on you better too. Now I have to go get some! 🙂
hii,, I pierced my own 2nds with a clean needle yesterday, and did my other one today. my older one has started to hurt although I’ve been cleaning with salt water, and my newest one is hurting too, but I expected that from a fresh piercing. Also, I’m not sure what kind of earrings I put in, as they have been taken out of the packaging,, will it be okay? X
hola que gran vídeo, saludándote desde colombia, bendiciones, super conectada con tu canal, recuerda que esta semana subí vídeo espero que pases por mi canal, abrazos.
i recently started following you. i love how you make an effort to show the lip swatch in sun light as well, not many youtubers do that. love love