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Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory) Features

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory)

The lowest Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory) Price in India is ₹4,766 at Flipkart.
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Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory) Specifications

Foundation Traits
Application Area Face
Finish Smooth, Natural, Flawless
General Traits
Container Type Jar
Organic Type Natural
Quantity 14.491029 ml
Shade Porcelain Ivory

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Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory) Reviews from YouTube

Throw Back Drugstore Foundation! | Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foudation | Retro Review
Maybelline New York dream matte mousse foundation demo |full coverage foundation for monsoon |RARA
Product Review: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation
I remember the very first time I bought this when I was 12 years old! 2003 baby!I actually just purchased some tonight for the first time since around that time period. I needed something to just slap on my face while Im hanging around my house. (I feel naked not wearing makeup, even if Im just sitting on the couch all day ) but I didnt wanna use my pricey foundations for that.I love a good whipped foundation and honestly, this one really doesnt disappoint!
Baerito here
Came here fromThat meme, lets see how you make it work
I LOVED this in my early 20s prob same time you used it. I rem buying it many times. I have never bought a makeup more than once bc my skin breaks out w everything else. I think I switched to mineral powders after this & liked them too. I used my fingers but only used a teeny amount. My skin never broke out then either...
I know this comment is 3 years late but washing your hair in very cold water can help your hair dye colours from bleeding together!
I was so young
I love this foundation. It feels so light and blends so easily for me and stays.
Omg I literally came here from that meme, i- I'm dead
This was the first foundation i ever used lol
This use to be my go to foundation when I was young I use to apply it with my fingers then top it off with lots of dark shimmery bronzer I didnt have a clue
Lol this is still my favorite foundation. I keep going back to it.
I absolutely love this foundation, but hate that Maybelline tests on animals. Does anyone know a good cruelty free dupe for it?
Thanks so much for done this video and thanks for the zoom up and shows up your skin! (sorry, my english isn't that good) you were so explainable and honest with your opinion.
This Is my diehard foundation I love it. I will cry if they ever stop making it. Ive never lived a foundation more
Which colore is better?20or 10?
Who came here because of that me,just me ok
On the market for a decade and a half! What do we think? Whos used this before?Dont forget to check out my latest video on the new Morphe collaboration with Saweetie! skin is beautiful you definitely don't need to apologize for it. Love ur video and thank u!
You don't really need to blend mousse foundation with sponges pr brushes hands work fine for it kinda better
I used to love this! I dont rem why I stopped wearing it. I used a tiny amount, & applied w my fingers. I havent been able to wear any other foundation since, bc I have sensitive skin & dont like having even ONE clogged pore. This has some oils in it too I think, didnt dry my skin out.
This certainly won't apply w/ a sponge on my skin but works w/ a brush or my fingers The Honey Beige just matches my skin so perfectly that I can't give it up eventhough it's such an awkward application.
I cant believe they still make this! If I recall correctly, isnt the component glass?
This is the only foundation that looks good on me. I've tried very high end brands and just did not like it
it would mean the world to me if you could check out my channel
I have seen this but haven't used it. My allergies are killing lately too.
My fav foundation was the first loreal infalablle back then. The foundation looks amazing on you.
Wow that's really not as good as I remember it
Omggggg that was my day 1! That was my 2005 jam when I was still in school lmao
Hi Haley, thanks for this review the foundation, really looks so good, in your face looks great, thanks for this great video, Have a wonderful day, blessings. ...Mary
This foundation gives me nightmares I use to wear this in middle school too and let me just say I wish makeup never existed then , Im so amazed of how good this wore , things really change when you learn how to actually do your makeup
Girl! This is such a throwback, one of the first foundations i ever used. I was 13! hahaa
I wore this stuff years ago and tried it again last year. I absolutely hate it lolNo matter what I do, no matter what primer or brush/sponge I use that stuff is awful on my skin. It just wont blend in and pulls up and cakes so bad on me
Hey Girl! Look at you, rockin the Dream Mousse! I love the whole idea of Throwback Makeup! I never tried this on fact, Ive never tried a mousse before - very interesting and Im so curious! Hahaha, totally relating to the cool friend makeup situation........she used some type of serious cake makeup. . Hunni, that Dream Mousse is looking good! I wonder if my old Cover Girl Aquasmooth would work or what Id think of it now. Might have to sneak back to the drugstore for a makeup haul (especially since Sephora and Ulta have shut down). And speaking of drugstores, I GOT THE LOREAL INFALLIBLE FOUNDATION! I just put some on this morning and am really liking it more and more. Like every time I pass a mirror, I have to check in with my face! Yes! Great recommendation, fabulous adult you! . Really think Im gonna love this by the end of the day! .Okay, shout outs to Spicy having a cat moment and your black Lab coming in for the comfort of the couch and pillow! That reminded me SO much of my Lab.....he sleeps on a pillow at all times....has to have it! You know I love seeing your pets just hanging out while mama does her face! Oh, and final shout out to those little triangle sponges.....ahahahahaha! .Always enjoy watching your videos, keep up the fantastic work! And have a fantastic day, luv!
OMG i never tried this foundation, Im so weird with texture
This makeup look is fantastics .
Girl you look like you could be in your early 20s! I'm only 21 but it's crazy to see how different some kids are compared to when I was growing up. Theres kids all over the internet better at makeup than I'll ever be but I was all about that old lip smacker lip glosses and the liquid in those little rolly tubes. If that makes sense
Ese sath sun block laga sakte ha
Shade to bta dy
Ye dry skin k liye hai
Can we use mousse foundation in winters
from where to bye
Link plz
Aap product ke link q ni deti
Ur face powdr v kaise lgau
Pl reply dd kuc hlp kr dijiye foundation me konsa lu dry skin k liye
D mujhe bilkul v foundation ya cmpct powdrse mk up Krna nh ata ,aj hi mne lkme ka 9tp5cmpct powdr khrida h shade h 03natural pr mera tonese tra kala h mne muhko face washse dhok k alovera jel lgak pach mnt k liye chr diya fr powdr lgta pr mn agr spngeko vigok lgati hu to powdr spngeme utta hi nh h ur nrml songe na vigok aj lgya to v jst ankhonk niche sukha sukha jse powdrse ur v jyda muh dry ho gya dry pactches dikh rh the ,mne lakmeka perfecting foundation v khrida h pr mera muh bht jlta h jse us din apka v jla ,mn nh use krti hu ab o ,ur blue heavnka o kala tubeme jo foundation gulabi wala ata h o v ek liya h pr lkme ur blue heavn se koi coverage to nh h uprse mera chehra kuc muh ur fula lg rh h mujhe mn nariyl tel lgak fr alovera jel lgak fir a sb lgak dekh liya mn v ek look chhti hu apk JSA pr mwra muh sukha pr jta h foundation lgay ya powdd
Dd mera nrml to dry skin h pl mujhe konsa foundation 300k andr ful cverage dega pl bolo na mn phli br use krungi foundation
Which shade?
plzzz reply Dii I have dry to combination skin I regurally follow ur videos so plzz help me dii I am 17 yrs old dii Mujhe long lasting high coverej foundation bataiye Jo functione ke liye best ho diiii so plzz plzz help me dii reply me which Lakme mouses ya Maybelline mouses plzzz help me
Thank you didi
Plz share shade that u reviewed ...not mentioned in video
You have beautiful face
Loved it.
Didi foundation se pehle moisturiser kyu lagate hai? Aagar moisturiser na lagaye toh skin ko kuch nuksaan hoa hai kya?
ap k lips bht ache hn pink pink pls is ka raaz humen b batayn...
really good review
Good video :-) you seem to know what your talking about can you recommend a good coverage foundation that is not to drying
Can u tell me the shade for deeper skin tone
Has anyone else had a problem with it smelling bad I just opened it, brand new, and it smells horrible!
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200, creamy natural.She says it in the video. :)
which shade did you use? :)
i luv ur skin n u r beautiful...
between dream matte mousse foundation & this dream smooth mousse foundation,which 1 is better for dry skin n doesn't make us like a cake face?
Thanks for your review. Appreciate your telling how many hrs the products last, & what applying tools work. Great job!
i got this foundation and idk if its just mine but ever since the first use when i apply the foundation to the sponge it comes with it just smells like disgusting rotten eggs. I dont understand why... has anyone else noticed this?
what shade are you in mac?
Yes, with soap n water :) not that often though
I love this foundation! Yes it covers redness and blemishes. It makes you look airbrushed! I wet the sponge that comes with it and use it damp. Works wonders when I dap it on :)
would it be able to cover reddness? on the cheeks , thankx
What would you say if you have to compare this product and with Revlon new complexion one-step compact makeup in terms of coverage and how long would they last on your face. I have oily/combination skin as well. Thanks for the video!!
which do u prefer out of the dream matte mousse and the dream smooth mouse
Will the product last longer (for about 10 hours) if I apply a drug store primer If yes, what primer (drug store) would you recommend
Why does it turn orange on my skin but looks fine on you?
Brush or buffing brush the coverage is better :)

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