Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory)

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Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory)

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation (Porcelain Ivory) Specifications

Foundation Traits
Application Area Face
Finish Smooth, Natural, Flawless
General Traits
Container Type Jar
Organic Type Natural
Quantity 14.491029 ml
Shade Porcelain Ivory

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First Impression Review :: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation (10 Porcelain Ivory)
First Impression Review :: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation (10 Porcelain Ivory)
How I Apply Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
How I Apply Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
I was so young 😭
I love this foundation. It feels so light and blends so easily for me and stays.
Omg I literally came here from that meme, i- I'm dead😂
This was the first foundation i ever used lol
This use to be my go to foundation when I was young I use to apply it with my fingers then top it off with lots of dark shimmery bronzer I didn’t have a clue 😂
Lol this is still my favorite foundation. I keep going back to it.
I absolutely love this foundation, but hate that Maybelline tests on animals. Does anyone know a good cruelty free dupe for it?
Thanks so much for done this video and thanks for the zoom up and shows up your skin! (sorry, my english isn't that good🙈😅) you were so explainable and honest with your opinion.
This Is my diehard foundation I love it. I will cry if they ever stop making it. I’ve never lived a foundation more
Which colore is better?20or 10?
Who came here because of that me,just me ok
This was my SHIT lol.
Yep that was my life!
I remember me using this foundation as a conciler many years ago it was wondefull as consiler
Those are the best kind of cheetos!!!
Taylaa, I purchased this foundation through a liquidator. Actually, I wasn't paying attention to my cart and purchased 2 by mistake. Lol! Same color as you reviewed, the porcelain ivory. Your super zoomed in close-ups are informative, however, as my dermatologist says, that is not a "social distance" and at a "social distance" no one would see those flaws. So, I am happy that this performed well on your skin. How it will do on my dry, mature, skin is another question. I think lots of hydration with my The Ordinary cosmeseuticals will be in order. Love your videos! 💖🌼
I’ve been wearing this foundation for years. It was my hg when I was younger and still one of my faves. I never understood why it didn’t get more attention. It works like a dream on oily skin and it blurs pores. It works best when applied with fingers, you will get little crumbly pieces but just rub those right in with the rest and it’s fine. I can’t wear this foundation like I used to because my skin is severely dry in my older age but I still keep this foundation in 3 different shades at all times just in case they discontinue it. I highly recommend this mousse for people who need to control oily skin and blur pores (using it with a blurring primer and an HD setting powder gave me very soft focus filter skin). I just have to add that during my 20s I tried a lot of high end foundations, but none worked like the dream mousse. Idk why I had such great results but I imagine people with similar skin would have similar results.
Are these reviews about Cheetos?
Very brave Hun !!! XX♡♡ I only had a few my teenage years...but am blessed with clear skin later. You look.... A M A Z I N G ¡¿¡¿ SO HAPPY FOR YOU. 😉🥰🥳
I actually have the moose kind because I can not afford 200$ make up
Can’t believe they still make this!
I feel like I'm living on the edge right now 😂😂😂 You go girl! 💟
Dimitra, Have you ever did a test on the full line of "Boots No.7" I'm more interested in the skin care & serums. I've heard so much awesome info on it along with their makeup line as well. I am in my middle age with pretty good skin but starting to get some wrinkles, fine lines & some sagging on one cheek. If you haven't would you do a video on this product? Thanks, Sherry E.
It looks great on you....xo
You are amazing on product b reviewing seriously
SOLD! Hahaha for that price why not eh!
I used to use that foundation while I was in high school it is a really nice foundation!
I've just started the video, but I have to say that I used to *love* this Dream Matte Mousse foundation! However, that was going on 9 years ago, and I'm now 37. My skin has changed *so* much in just the last 2 years.. so obviously my 28 year old skin was much different than my 37yr old skin, and I'm sure it sat much better on my skin back then compared to now lol. Now my skin is much more dry/combo...whereas before it was normal/oily (tzone oily). I always applied with my fingers, but only bc back then I wasn't really into makeup like I am now, so I didn't own any brushes other than a blush brush lol.
Wowww💕💕💕great video ❤️❤️
Girl I could relate with so many issues in the skin so finding a good foundation is a journey jejeje. Great review. And is sad that is not buildable.
Great video! I love when you make videos like this! 👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm obsessed with foundation. Finding a perfect match and a good foundation is so hard. All trial and error lol
I tried the rimmel and the maybelline with normal maturing skin. The maybelline was ok but the rimmel sucked the life out of my face. If you have normal skin and not oily then the maybeline might be best if you're on the fence.
This is my diehard foundation I love it
You resemble monalisa🙂
This is my first foundation I Ave and still using it everytime I attend an event. I found this quite cover the blemishes as my skin is combination to oily and I have dark spots. Thanks for the tips!
How to use dried mousse foundation? I bought it 2 years ago, now it has dried up. How can I use it now?
"Nothing rhymes with Rachel" I love that.
I have dry patch on my face and I have dry skin also. can I use this product and my skin tone is yellowish so which shade I chose for me
It’s my fave foundation, thanks for the tips
haha maam you are already beauty queen
The wife just bought this product and loves it. She uses a small makeup wedge and applies it in small amounts and loves the finish. A little goes a long way.
Definitely my favorite foundation. I've never broken out using it and I found if I use my fingers, it covers areas that are red from acne better.
I LOVE this foundation. It makes me feel airbrushed. I use a flat top brush too, an elf kabuki just slightly bigger than urs with no handle. I dot it over my face with my fingers first and then buff it in with the brush. It takes no time and blends flawlessly. Ive tried many liquid foundations an never found one that comes close aside from the Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look which is wayyy too expensive for me and I actually prefer Dream Matte Mousse.
Love from Pakistan You are so pretty 💕😗😚
Ive been using this mousse for it!
You have beautiful eyes
Hi, so if I buy this mousse foundation, I don't have to buy the liquid one? (Fit me)
Hi. Grt video. Seems it is working on you very well. Could you telle why it enters my pores and make it look patchy.maybe I am missing something can you let me know
you don't use a brush to apply the mousse. you will use the whole thing trying to do that. put it on the face first, then blend
I just love this product.
You are so beautiful so you don't need any foundation at all.