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Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow (Tenacious Teal) price at Amazon - ₹2,773 ₹4,223

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REVIEW: 24 HR Maybelline Color Tattoo "Tenacious Teal"
TIP: using medical tape is much better on your skin than scotch tape which really pulls on your skin. I like using medical tape.
Thanks so much,Julie!
like the way you explain 😊
I love the pretty colors it the prettiest
really pretty insane pink blue purple eyeshadow insanely pretty
I have all the colors and this is one of my favorite
I have this color but I never wear it because I just thought it was too bright. Will try this 😉
Thank you so much for searing this awesome tutorial from this serie
I wanann get all of them I only have the silver and one other one can't remember
HI Julie, I see you made this video a while ago, but do you remember the nail polish colors you were wearing? I really like that combination. :) By the way, I'm saving this video so that I can do a similar look with my teal color tattoo.
Mermaid colors! Beautiful.
You are very talented!
I love this look so so much!! the blue/teal colour is gorgeous and you make the tutorial so easy that for a beginner like me I can understand it:) thanks!
i think im gonna have to recreate some of these chic there so pretty im so glad i found your channel i would love it if you would do a series using the colour pop shadows there arent many tutorials and people would love to learn different ways to use them and how to use some color combos just an idea 
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so so pretty i love it
Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so loving this series!
Hey m from India and from where I m gonna get this???????
Oh finally someone thst doesnt use layer upon layer upon layer, looks great!
You have such a cute face omg
Could I use this in a brown for my eyebrows? Would it be transfer and smudge proof?
So far I love this shadow! No mess, goes on easily, super pretty. Good job on video!!:)
it,,،,,,,,0, s not a cream eyeshadow. wtf?
Is this good as a base?
I have somthing like this in black, can i use it as eyeliner over my eyelid?
I just got mines and I can't wait to try them!
like becuse Florrie is the background music.
effortless and absolutely gorgeous on you. great job
You sold me on the eye shadow! Thank you for the review. I love the look.
Beautiful is that your real eye colour it's really pretty :)
Looks really good with your skin tone
People always look so much better w out fake contacts in...even when people think or say how natural they look I can always tell theyre fake... they just dont look right I guess... not just on her but anyone...shes free to do what she wants im not saying she shouldnt...just my opinion I guess
Your eyes are beautiful!!
Yes she has eyelids
Cool eye
This look amazing on your skin
i have a black one of these and it’s literally a game changer i get my eyes done way faster than how i used to with powder eyeshadow and it lasts longer i need more colors asap
Wow! what a gorgeous look on you and I can't believe, if I didn't see that you started out with the black tone first and then blended in. Like you, I too have small eyes and will have to take a look at Gel Eyeliner Pots as I too like a thinner line application and would like something with staying power...ALL day. 😉 Will pop over and take a look at that Tutorial. Thank you .
lvoe the look and the whole process, but the lips closing together sound you have many times during the video that is LOUD i just CANT get over.
Ladies, it takes practice to get these to look the way you want. But it works, and they are great. The matte black makes a great eyeliner!!! 😀👍
I have a few of these and they all dried up so quickly, just as you suspected they would. Any thoughts on what one could use as a thinner?
You should use a sponge applicator or brush, js. It's at least cleaner.
Bought this stuff today. The black one. Little bit too creamy for this boy. Should have stick with my L'Oréal .
I found 5 of these in my 99 cent store some of them are beautiful but others are too patchy
Can't wait to try these, they are exactly what I'm looking for
Look beautiful i got all of them and they are amazing
I seen this in the store today. So after seen this video I am going to have to get me some colors.
Thanks for sharing, be blessed.
I know you did this video a while ago but I just saw it. You talked so highly of it so I'm going to go to Walgreens today to go pick up the tenacious teal. Thank You for taking your time out to make this video.
I've been putting off getting this for a while. Blues are my favorite. but you've convinced me to get it
great review, i was looking for someone close to my skin tone that actually swatch things on their face instead of hands. I just subscribed
@themindcatcher aye dnt you go too crazy!
@makeupbag02 OOOH I luv J Hud! lol for the hair that is a full wig! My winter protective style since I am natural!
@txcutie75 I know right the orange is very pretty but not exactly my favorite...I will be posting that video soon! Thanks for watching!
Yo! I gotta get all the colors now! I loooooove these! I'm gonna try to get some of MAC naturally collection soon too! Great review sis!!!! Cyber kisses xoxoxo
I have to get that product
I love "Bold to the bronze!"