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Math for Programmers: 3D graphics, machine learning, and simulations with Python Book Reviews from YouTube

All the maths you need for machine learning for FREE!
Machine Learning is Just Mathematics! Free Machine Learning Resources
why you NEED math for programming
Math for Machine Learning by Imperial & Coursera: REVIEW
Check out my video on the Titanic - I think you'll like it
You're a legend, thanks for sharing!
In my opinion, the book quite hard to follow .
Beatiful turkies!
Checked the book. It's gibberish. Starts off good but then starts explaining the symbols etc with another set of symbols with no explanation and then just continues that way. Another bad example of teaching it to someone who already knows. You know, teaching is an art and I don't expect more than 1 out of 10000 teachers to know what this really means.
Dataquest is not free
My math is on 5th grade
thanks a lot 🙏🙏🙏
This book makes easy concepts way too hard to grasp and you will need a very SOLID background in Linear algebra, Calculus and Probability to fully understand it. Even the notations are little different. Read Wikipedia better.
Sir we like your channel so please use name is screen when u naming the maths chapters name when u Speaking something by mouth and We want more mathematics related maths and also teach use all Keywords off all languages Like python Java c C++ and r language
"The book assumes the reader to have mathematical knowledge commonly covered in high school mathematics and physics. For example, the reader should have seen derivatives and integrals before, and geometric vectors in two or three dimensions". What If i have a very vague and poor knowledge of even this concepts...i saw them in highschool but learned them just to pass exams....its there a book which really covers ALL of the math needed for machine learning from the start?
This is not a very good book.
thanx :) that's what i was looking for..... keep going u help us aloooot. i can't stop watching ur videos:)
Great Book thank you alot for recommendation!
I love your accent! 😂😁😅
Thank you so much for this precious information.
Thank you.
Thank you Giles. I was looking of a good book about mathematics for Machine Learning. I will go through this book and hope this book satisfies my thirst for mathematics in Machine Learning.
Thank you for making this informative video! cheers from India!
Take a look at the mathematics for machine learning course from Coursera (affiliate link)
Hello, Im looking for a book that is not just python listings but which has its focus on the mathematical concepts behind sets of certain problems. Can you recommend me a book? Your recommendation from the other video ("hands on machine learning with sci kit-learn, keros & tensorflow") rather looks like a python cookbook how to use python ai libraries but not how neural networks and machine learning actually work conceptually? Thanks!
Links for all the books are gone?
Are all the topics you mentioned, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, all included in the Maths for Machine Learning course on Coursera? I don’t like reading textbooks and feel like a course is the most structured way for me to learn multiple things at once. Do you still recommend one to get that course if money isn’t a problem?
'machine is learning maths'. Hmm.
Thanks a lot for this content, it is awesome , I am spanish guy but your english is pretty clear and your content give me tons of clarity and real path where to get that insights, I have taken deep learning training and have a lot of code samples but it is true that maths are the fundation to go deeper and make the real value in technology. Please keep with the good job.
Machine is learning maths
My favorite part of this community are the folks who are generous with their knowledge and experience, enabling others to follow in their footsteps.
Links please....
So, if I don't like Math, basically I can't work with AI?
It is just proving that Machine Learning is not for me...
hi there, great resources you always provide thank you. There is a course provided by the Corporate Finance Institute ' Applied Machine Learning Algorithms '. May you please advise if the syllabus content is any good ?
당신은 지금 한국인 댓글을 찾았습니다.
Does the same apply for AI? All maths?
Great video thank you 🙂
jason Brownlee said the opposite ,,you don't have to be great mathematician etccc....
This is the first time I'm communicating with you so just wanted to say all your content is fantastic and is helping me learn data science and python very well. Regarding this video, again it's brilliant and has helped me understand the mathematical methods I need to learn/refresh and focus on for Machine Learning. Finally, I cannot find the download link for the book "Think Stats" in the description, so can you please share it with me if you don't mind? Many thanks and keep up the good work!
Thank you , you deserve billions likes and subscribe :D, sir the links are not in description :/ please can you add them?
where are the books links ?
It also can be physics.
Thanks for watching
This made me cry today..
"shut up, I know this is bagel" I was so ready....
Ok after watching this iam sure i hate programming 😂
Wait, is that the donut that is using ethereum as a rendering engine?
He said shutup
wow very cool
I have built a Facebook and an Instagram clone and I barley understood the process in the making of this fascinating donut. This marks the difference between a coder and a programmer.
It's bewildering how I can understand everything and don't get anything at the same time
I don't have ideas to solve problems,how I solve this issue?
I can't down dislike this enough, you have been brainwashed into thinking math and programming have a huge intersection, when in fact it is just the opposite. You would have just as much luck suggesting geology or economics are required to be a good programmer.
You absolutelu dont need math for programing , like ever.
Save time and learn woke math. The only thing you need to know is 2+2=5 and you are done with the full course
I didn't understand anything…everything has gone over my head
yeah - that's why i hate linear algebra in college.
A mega thx Jomas from France for you for your share thx a lot
Me with a calculator app on my toolbar: im 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Just because amazing devs created languages and frameworks to simplify our lives doesn’t mean developers don’t need math anymore. Cool video man keep it up
Wow bro just wow
This is so true ngl
does this course help us with coding?
Thanks, I just signed up for the Calculus course you mentioned!
I am still in the second course, and you wouldn't believe me when If I told you that I already finished my Deep Learning specialization, but chose to study this specialization to gain more depth in the related math, and still I am impressed so far by the first 2 courses.
Does the first course teach enough linear algebra to be able to follow a university level ML course? I already know basic high school LA btw.
I finished the Deep Learning specialization and would like to take another course/specialization and use my Coursera for students credit on another course. Which of these two is better to put on a resume when applying for a DS/ML/DL job? -Mathematics for Machine Learning (Imperial College London - this one) -Modern Application Development with Python on AWS (Amazon Web Services) I took part in a hackathon, where we used AWS, so I guess some cloud-based experience would be useful in an industry setting, that's why I am considering that specialization.
thank you for your reviews. really I was confused about this course
thanks for the review, but I thought they should have added the Statistics and Probability course as well. I am designing syllabus for Mathematics for Machine Learning for my master's students. I think this is the course which I will consider.
does anyone have the notes for the specialization
would you advise to begin with python ? or html / css / JS ?
Sounds very compelling
That's what i looking for some time ago. Thanks so much for the info Giles.
I am was not strong, when it came to maths at school but in in my "post-high school" education, I worked really hard and exceeded expectations. So much so, that my parents asked if I had cheated or paid someone to write my exams, lol...but this gave me the belief to overcome these fears I had, related to these "high school" shortcomings and changed my perception that DS, ML and AI were realms for other people, not me..... I have become really interested in these fields, ML and AI in particular. I am a long way from reaching my goals but your channel and recommendation are useful, awesome, insightful and inspiring. PS: His new courses starts today and I just watched this vid! 5th July 2021 - Thank You so much.
is it availbale on udemy?
I am scanning through skills required for ML, very helpful indeed, at least I know I will be able to do maths ;)
Thank you for this recommendation, Giles. I just completed the entire course. tl;dr: I'm glad I did it, it's a great course overall and I would recommend people take it, bu unlike you, the reason I also found the PCA course (i.e. the third and last part) the weakest isn't because the teacher wasn't as personable as the previous two. For those interested, read below for my full impressions of that part: I didn't really mind the fact that the third teacher doesn't really connect with the viewer. Yes, they don't smile much and they don't have the same kind of energy as the first two teachers, but as long as the pedagogy is there, it's all good... But that's the issue really: the teacher and the content make too many assumptions about the students, and the pedagogy felt lacking as a result. Even if the course is labeled "intermediate", it's supposed to be the logical progression of courses 1 and 2, and it feels like anything but that. Mathematical concepts, formulas and notation are often glossed over in a sentence, with few visual or concrete examples, such that you're very quickly overwhelmed if your math knowledge isn't already way beyond what was expected in the other two courses. When you're not already really comfortable with (from my point of view) fairly advanced maths, too much abstraction can be very intimidating and a complete motivation killer. You just end up feeling like you're an idiot or like mathematics just aren't for you. The course content is lighter (4 weeks only), yet at the same time, it covers far more complex topics, and it often feels like much less effort was put into it. For example, the teacher often defaults to giving you reading material - some of which is quite heavy on esoteric notation that is barely covered, if at all - instead of making explanatory videos. Another example: the feedback on quiz questions, most of the time, amounts to "Great job!" or "Incorrect", with no explanations. The quizzes themselves often feel completely disconnected from the lessons that precede or follow them. They can be extremely easy, or extremely hard, usually with no in-between. And the programming assignments can be strangely worded or contain mistakes at times, which can throw you off as a student. They certainly threw me off, even though I'm already quite familiar with Python and numpy. In other words, the substance of the assignments wasn't necessarily insurmountable - I was shocked how quickly I completed some of them, in fact -, but the way they're framed and explained made some of them more puzzling than they needed to be sometimes. All those aspects are big departures from the teaching style of the previous courses. Lastly, though this was also an issue with the other courses, the teachers and staff barely ever reply to questions on the forum. Not too much of an issue when the course itself is great, but for this third course, it didn't help matters. I realize I sound very critical, but again, this isn't to say people shouldn't take the course. They should take it, including the third part, if they have any interest in machine/deep learning and they need to brush up on maths. It's easily worth the €40/month - by the way, you can go through the entire curriculum in a month if you can devote 4-6 hours to it almost every day like I inexplicably managed to do. I just wanted to push back a little against what you said in the video, where you seemed to imply that people were unfairly complaining about some of the assignments. From someone who isn't already very comfortable with maths and abstractions but was diligently making their way through all the content regardless, let me emphasize: it's not just that the third course will challenge you and you should just deal with it; it's that it could stand to be improved, or at least give more pointers to helpful external resources (not just a link to a Wikipedia article). Being challenging or intermediate level isn't an excuse for an unbalanced difficulty curve or hasty coverage of complex topics. I will say this though: that last quiz before the final assignment forced me to do a deep dive on partial derivatives (especially the chain rule) and gave my poor little brain quite a workout. Genuinely thankful for that. And again, the previous two courses alone are worth enrolling for. Looking forward to more course/book recommendations! :)
Actually I completed the first course of this specialization and having completed this far Idk why are people commenting that the assignments are hard. In fact those were totally based on lectures. After all this is the price you need to pay to learn something new and earn a certificate from a renowned institution. Otherwise just fast forwarding the lectures and solving just the petty assignment doesn't add any worth to your learning. Rather it is the best course for anyone who wants to equip themselves with the mathematical knowledge needed for machine learning.
I am not good at Mathematics. Where do I start to improve my maths?
I enrolled in this course when i could free because of my school account but i now i cant get a certificate without upgrading my account. So the question is if i add the course in my linkedin without the certificate when i completed the course does it matter that i don't have a certificate?
I love mathematics… I wish I were younger so I could become mathematician. Now I just work every day and come home ….
PCA is more complicated than computing eigenvectors or multivariable calculus. Although PCA is part of multivariable calculus.

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