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Wow amazing bro💕💕
Very nice explain 👍👍👍
Please let me know which pen u are using
Thanks for help bro ♥️
Very good writing
Thank you so much 🥰 btw ur handwriting is very good 🌺💟
Wow this is so awesome its help my project
Very good handwriting 👍👍👍👌👍
My mother said your writing is beautiful mashaallah
Thank you so much sir
Thank u so much
Thanks it gives quick reminder for exam
Thank you so much for this video
man you can't believe how much this helped me tysm
This is amazing and easiest language
Thank you ❤️
Thank you mam
Writing is so beautiful
This is helpful 😊 dear ❣️
Thanku mam
On monday i have an exam of rer I have read ur unit But 2,3,4,5 unit Pls tell
Where is unit 2 mam
Thank U Mam
thank you mam🤗🤗🤩
Good lecture
3h are left to do the gcse exam
How about gravity generator?
What's the song playing?
thank u
It missed supernatural power.
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you wish to make a difference?? Hydro electricity The Frozen technology An open letter to the world By Simon Bowman Australia Since the beginning the growth of hydro science has been slow and we have made very little forward movement in the past 40 years. The ideas that might make it leap forward with more efficient use of the water are stifled by education being thought of as immovable . What was wrong yesterday will be wrong forever and new tech can't get around a problem. This is not a problem solving mind set Australia has forced many an idea to leave this country to grow just because we have an issue with new ideas A classic example was Metal Storm a new type of fire arm that had no magazine and no brass cartridges to hold the propellent. all the bullets are held in the barrel and with this configuration the barrels can be stacked this gives it a rate of fire unmatched anywhere It had to leave Australia to become a product or stay and die. This I fear is the same story about to happen with the hydroelectric field For the past two years RDP Marine Australia has been working on a system that can be retro fitted to all dams with tailraces longer than the turbine hall needs so it has to deal with a backpressure higher than is ideal creating a loss that can now be recovered At this point it should also be noted that the inventor asks where is it written that water storage dams can’t make hydro power to ? So is this inventor saying “This is the answer to all ur power needs?” No of course not but like all good things it is a part of a solution it will fill the gap for base load green power Lets not forget at the location where these units will be fitted has most of the infrastructure already in place to build the system NOW TO THE ISSUES There are three main issues right of the top that are the most commonly raised as why it will not happen So lets stomp on them straight off 1, fit an item into the tailrace and backpressure will rise in the turbines No this is not true as a this system if done right it can be fitted to be like a tuned exhaust for a car 2, There will be to little back pressure so RPM will not be constant Again No if the system is correctly fitted this to is a dead issue 3, Dissolved gasses that are held in suspension This is a minor issue and most chief engineers are well capable to work with this 4, NOW this one can be a deal-breaker it is to do with a what if question. So what if the new set of turbines go down or just one ? Well if one or all freeze up the main turbine hall will be unaffected and no issues flowing up hill These four issues are the most common reasons I am told No It is this closed thinking (knee jerk response) to a new idea from the same family of being blinded by their education that stifles the industry moving forward The one question I have no answer to is time How long to install? How long to service the new turbines? To service time i still don't know but the system is set to allow a swap out setup so actual down time for that turbine slot is less than two hours and the rest of the system remains running during the swap How much will it cost? I can guess only the price but the price is not so high as to be to costly Whats its life span? Well with servicing I can see it giving service for the life of the dam NOW the big question Money!! this is a fluid issue shall we say the rate changes and i have stated previously money values but the income is in two parts the improved tailrace efficiency and the second bank of turbines should be close to 10% extra income The one main issue I find so wrong is the time line needed from this point to the world seeing a working unit. The tech is there to make it The skills are available to hire The market is in need of this item But the price will rise with demand as the population is getting bigger but the book keepers are happy to see it remain as a rare item with a limited output that pushes up the price The first adopters have always been the biggest winners I wonder in this area if it will be the big four or will a player from left field run on and wipe the floor with the rest standing with their hands in their pockets confused as to what just happened Well, I hope this has given you food for thought and made you pause your thinking and look into what I have said I do not expect you to just except what I have stated as fact nor do I know it all so I can learn a new thing to. Please pass this around let the open minded look it over and pass judgment after all the driver in the end is the need and the ability to see what is needed down the road is the saving grace of the human species to plan ahead If you think i have missed a point or you have questions please comment i will respond well within 24hr and as i have said many times i don't know it all and you never stop learning
8:43 your welcome
el pepe ete sech
Here's a few truths. Why has Sri Lanka imposed 14 hour power off, because of the fuel crises due to sanctions by the west on Russia? Why does a country close down when they have plenty of sunshine wave motion as it is an lsland and windpower? SO WHY HAVE THEY PLACED A CURFEW ON ENERGY??? England one of the biggest suppliers of cucumbers didn't plant seed in January because they would have a huge financial loss due to increase in gas prices which heated the glasshouses to produce the cucumbers. Why didn't use solar panels, windpower etc? Because it cannot provide sustainable energy 24/7 FACT
thank you for the link ms.veng pichrachana
The choice of music is not very pleasant!
Somethings that could be improved with most renewable energy sources is that most turbines use lubricant that comes from fossil fuels. Also after awhile, they need to be moved into landfills. 👍
Nice 👌
It really helped me in my exam
did you see these green energy innovations
There may be ways for every household and every neighborhood to produce their own energy. Thank you for sharing informative videos!
Where did such intrusive advertising for green energy and concerns for us come from? After all, it is unprofitable for the states, and they are forced to subsidize these projects and buy that energy, 5 times more expensive than traditional energy. Germany is a prime example. Closing most of the nuclear power plants in favor of green energy, it fell into a dead end. On productive days, electricity production is only 17%. So today he has to buy energy for huge taxpayer money from the same “non-green” nuclear power plants in neighboring countries. Isn't that absurd? Renewable energy depends on the sun and wind, so it must either be used immediately or stored in batteries. And electricity is a complex and expensive commodity for storage. Calculate how many batteries are needed to store electricity and use it during periods of lack of wind, sun, or shortages due to accidents. The average family of two consumes about 235 kW per month, just imagine… It takes about 100 batteries of 2.4 kW to cover the electricity consumption of one family per month. Now let us remember that the battery converts electricity into chemical and vice versa. Harmful chemicals that cannot be disposed of are used to make them. And child labor in Congo's mines is used to extract cobalt. All this so that you and I supposedly breathe clean air.
3.Now let's look at the downside of hydropower. 65% of the world's largest rivers are blocked by hydroelectric power plants. At the same time, accidents and dam breaks threaten human lives, and the planet’s ecology suffers. Hydropower plants directly affect the Earth's bowels - tons of water from reservoirs press on tectonic plates causing earthquakes, which are therefore caused by man. The hydropower plant stops the natural flow of organic matter needed for vegetation growth. There is a well-known story: when the Nile River flooded and then receded, it enabled a good crop yield. There is another major environmental impact of hydropower. And that is the change of all watercourses in the area. As soon as the water stops and raises its level, it has a big impact. Since we live in a consumer society, it doesn’t matter what the impact is on the environment and people’s lives, as long as profits are made. We remain convinced that alternative sources will improve the environment and solve the problem of climate change. Why?
I don't support geo thermal energy it's really very dangerous to our planet. we should not disturb the nature too much then the consequences will be too fatel. Thank you madam
11:00 wind energy
Very Good Explanation Ma'am.Thank You.
Simple and lucid explanation ma'am.
Is there a need to read the book after making notes from these lectures?
Which state has highest solar power efficiency in 2021?
In which year Non-Solar Renewable Purchase obligation Implemented?
Hi.. In which year they converted LHP under renewable source?
Good job
Very thanks madam
Awesome lecture madam thank you....... Mind-blowing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Your teaching Excellent mam 👍
Very good explanation,but ma'am if u would have added some MCQs related to the topics which u have taught at the end of the video then..I think we can test ourselves as to how much we know about the topic.
Nice explanation mam thank you so much
Great lecture mam
Graet,your lectures are very easy to understand. Thank you very much for lectures.
I love you mam
Mam, Thank you for your nice explanation about renewable energy. As I have chosen my research domain is RE. I need more information about RE..
Thanks ma'am for important topic
Thank you mam....

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