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  • Physical Condition: Pen / Pencil Marks

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Mastering CAD/CAM - SIE Book Reviews from YouTube

is doing CAD/CAM/CAE Courses Worth It, Should You do Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Design Courses
How much money can you make with SOLIDWORKS
Pass Every Coursera Peer-Graded Assignment With 100 % Credit| 2020 | Coursera Assignment | Coursera
What CAD software should you learn?
Follow me on insta for live session- do not know my interest what should I do I am looking for big salary
sir kya diploma k saat isko kar sakte hai
Thank you sir
I am complete B.E electrical i have 7 years experience in electrical construction and projects in offshore. I dont have knowledge about design my current package is 5Lac p.aI loss some opportunity due to lack of design experience.Please suggest me what should i do
Muje SOLIDWORKS by Kar na he
I want to learn Autodesk Inventor to join world skill competition some one pls help me i dont have enough knowledge to learn that software
Sir mujhe master cam Karna hai
Cad n cam complete karne k baad.. Kon se jagah per job karna jyada sahi hai as freshers
Plzz suggest best AutoCAD institute for Electrical candidate in Kolkata
Sir Which has best future for us either CNC or Design Sector?
Sir diploma k bad cnc programmer k kasi growth h pls reply
Sir jo certificate milega jo ISO certified hoga because university me bhi submit bhi karna hai Plz reply sir
HY SIR I AM 12TH PASS OUT STUDENT ,AND MY ADMISSION PROCESS HAVE STARTED SIR I HAVE a question , actually i am getting IT branch in decent college while i am getting elect. n telecommu. in 2 lvl. better cllg than the IT one sir what should i go for IT OR EXTC what will be better for my future.
Sir plz UI / UX design pr video banaoKya after mechanical engineering us foeld main jana thik hain?
Sir will you put video about MEP Electrical for BE EEE ..please sir
Sir , Im getting admission in engineering....which branch better mechanical or computer engineering...? Give me reply....
How to get job or find job after learning AutoCAD in mechanical department ?Tell me also about the top notch job in cad
Sir, Can you please give a comparison between safety and design field ?
How to INCREASE your hourly rate charge 50 a hour but I cant get any jobs haha
Is there should learn anything SolidWorks is garbage and the fact that you have to make such a clickbait thumbnail is proof of that enough
From where we learn a professional level solidworks
Are there any private groups from where you can get projects for lower prices;ps I am on freelancing sites and it's really hard to get projects due to the competition involved.
Is there any way to borrow SolidWorks license since buying is costlty?
Hi sir, is it necessary to have licensed CAD software for a freelancer ?
-10 is my hourly rate
Hey Aryan. It was so interesting to watch the video. I am beginner to solidworks with roughly working on it for more than a year. Also I have made up a freelance profile on the Upwork. How much money can I make with tht hourly rate of a beginner level.? Thanks
Cickbait title. This guy does not make any money with Sw besides doing YouTube
I want to share your ai video here the 100k
I like your content man, which website you usually post your designs? I do design as well but, I dont know how to sell it
Solidworks harder to learn than AutoCAD
It would be fair to show your work on this model to the public so that everyone understands the level of your skill, and not empty words. But thanks for the video, it was very interesting!
Blatantly saying he made 10k dollers and 12k dollars per year is very wrong. One has to also bear the subscription cost of solidworks.
Choose the cheaper guy and pester him? Im sure thatll encourage him to raise his price.
I am currently unemployed, back when I was in college I was good at SolidWorks and hope to earn something from what I am passionate about hehe.
Not a huge fan of using the flex command to position the neck. It solves the problem but isn't parametric and wouldn't be ideal for a production environment
I have 5year of experience20$ per hour
Earning $100k in the Seattle area will get you a basic apartment. This wage seemed amazing before I moved somewhere that a small condo cost upwards of $500k... Maybe if you earned this in Ohio you'd be doing amazing.
watch this video "Top 5 Real World REACT JS Projects that will Get You Hired in 2021"
Yr BS bi free hy idar ke nai
Shareable link sy reviewed hone ky kitny time bd certificate mily ga?oska kia procedure hai kindy guide
Pls how do I resolve compile errors In submitting my assignment in kinematic bicycle model notebook aasassignments
Thank you brother very informative...
Sir how to claim for certificate
Hello Akash I also enroll for this principle of management course but now i face some problems in the last I dont get it kya krna h kse krna h. Can uh please help me out
New video
Bro i am not getting a clarity of how to submit.will you please help me.plz send all the required links to post for the assignment.text the process .i am not able to do my assignment.please bro need your help very urgently.
Most of us here are not from India and the only way we can understand you is when you speak English.
But why won't you speak English? How do we understand what you are saying?
Mera overdue ho gya hai aur jab submit karne ja rha tha to submit ka option hi nhi a rha .. help me please..kewal SAVE DRAFT and PREVIEW ka option show kar rha aisa kyu?
Bhagwan ka kaam karra tu bhoi
whenever i open my other account,that link is not working
bhai please help bohut urgent hai meri assignment par plagiarism report lagg gyi hai kya karu
shukriyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am in 5th course and now i am watching
Kuch samaj nahi aya bro
we should study, please don't do this AI is already started taking over, please learn something, certificate toung cleaner if you don't have knowledge....
Same process I have done but not working....what to do ?
Watch my webinar I was wondering if you had experience using Shapr3D?
I am electronics engineer but interesting in AutoCAD mechanical and worked well... Try to learn solidworks and other software
I'm a mechanical engineer and have used inventor for quite some time and I'm thinking of changing to solidworks because I've always heard it's better. Does solidworks have options for drawings or mechanical studies like inventor nastran? and if so are they actually better or is it just a myth?
CATIA is the most expensive
Nice video that focuses on what usually brings people to such subject!I'm a hobbyist/freelancer myself, so I prefer cheapest or free options available.And here's one of the main troubles for many people (like me at least) that most companies use the free versions as a fish-hook to reel you in to their paid (and expensive) options ... or sometimes it's not even intentional, they are free, grow a big community, and then they are bought for cheap by a big company and the free versions and feats are brutally chopped or very limited.Also not being a CAD pro, I prefer not to spend dozens of hours just to learn new software - it (and the paid versions) are worth it if you can sell your work and it's an investment,but for hobbyists whatever software you start with you want it to be user-friendly and do your (admittedly not too complex) things as fast as possible.I personally think that I'll head towards FreeCAD, because of the free for commercial use, and the fact that it's open source license, so it'll be difficult for a big company to appropriate it in the future.I'm not yet familiar with FreeCAD so the ease of use and learning are still a big question for me.But I liked a lot your very first sentence - "You should only master one CAD software ..." :)
As an experienced draftsman. I can tell you.. that you need to know AutoCAD,Revit,Solidworks as a minimum.
Fusion 360 still works with no internet, you save and work locally ..but access for sharing is limited, access to mcmastercarr components needs internet obviously ...certain applications or functions.. add ons need's more desktop than you think
More of a Rhino 7 user but also interested in using/learning SolidWorks as well as Autodesk Inventor i also have Blender for polygon work. Mind Rhino 7 NURBS can do organic work too with built in Sub-D functions found in V7 Rhino
I am jewelry designer. I do work in Rhinoceros and Gemvision matrix. Gemvision matrix works like a.i. like auto diamonds and settings at all. So may be A.I. will be helpful tool for 3d artists rather than replacement of them.
I was going to school for engineering, however i decided to just follow an Associates in CAD. Would i be able to have some type of limited engineering position with a CAD degree?
I wish I watch this video before wasting months trying to learn blender and that's its really not an engineering software though it had added Cad sketches. And just few days ago I was thinking to learn Autodesk. And if my project needed Bio shape I just move the drawing to Blender. But this video gave me a perfect option which is solidworks. Thank You God Bless.
What a waste of time. This is a commercial for solidworks. You should mention that before kissing solidworks ass. Quickly mentioning it at 5:30 doesnt count.
Really good and helpful video! Thank you very much!First time ever seeing you, immediately subscribed :)
Hi,your videos are very interesting so thank you very much for them.Concerning your comparision between the cloud version:Onshape x 10 licenses= 25K $ U/YSolidworks x 3 licenses= 30K $ U/YHere it seems that Silidworks is cheaper than Onshape, but it's not the case then the right comparision shoud be on the same licenses like so:Onshape x 10 licenses= 25K $ U/YSolidworks x 10 licenses= 100K $ U/YAs you see Onshape us the cheapest one.I have used Solid Edge for more than 10 Years and also tested Solidworks for 30 days I thinks. But you're right conserning the impact of the big community using it, because it helps.
Is there a simpler CAD programs? Like example. I build a virtual cabinet of what I want to do. Now i can stick in virtual components to test what is the best layout and move parts around and so on? Like the engineering one I guess can that do what I am saying? Thanks
As a Product Designer, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS is the way to go
Another category is how hard is it to learn for the purpose. If you want a job in your chosen industry, go with the big boys, but I I don't want the hassle of learning such sophisticated programs and the UI such with Autodesk versions, Solidworks, Catia ect... I'm looking to upgrade my cad now and the three I'm looing at are MOI, SelfCAD and Plasticity. Which one I'l go for I have no idea yet, but all I'm saying is not everyone will need such hard to learn and expensive programs. Even with Tinkercad people have made lots of cool stuff, but yeah, that's a bit primitive even for me.PS: I think cloud based cad sucks, but that's obviously just my opinion.
I'm a welder. I typically fix mistakes engineers never even think of when designs actually hit the floor. I'm looking into becoming a designer to bridge the information gap between white collar thinkers and the blue collar people who actually turn theory into reality. What kind of courses would you recommend to learn CAD? More specifically, would you recommend taking design courses at a college or getting a certificaiton?Design vs those who build is an interesting subject. The best designers in the world with all the modern tools at their disposal cannot recreate the Pyramids. Similarly, modern designers cannot recreate the Saturn V Rocket that got us to the moon (many have tried and failed). The building techniques, engineering and design of some of the wonders of the world... those secrets died with the people who built them. The same goes for many modern objects. I worked at Honeywell Aerospace and an entire department and billions of dollars had to be shifted around because a few welders and machinists retired. Techniques and knowledge lost forever and rebuilt from scratch because the blue-collar workers retired. It took engineers and designers years to relearn and retrain. There are techniques and trade secrets I have learned as a welder working at Honeywell Aerospace, the military, SpaceX, etc... that designer and engineers don't know. I'm trying to apply what I learned building physical objects in the real world to building digital objects. Your opinion and advice would be appreciated.

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