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Mars: Prospective Energy and Material Resources Book Reviews from YouTube

Mars Prospective Energy and Material Resources
Which Planet Is Most Valuable? | Unveiled
Unit-1 Renewable energy resources | solar cell
All Energy Resources | Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal | PDE | NTA UGC NET JRF 2021 | by Shiv Meena
Which of these places most interests you? How about the moon? Find out all about our closest celestial neighbour, right here ---->
Saturn's moon Titan is a black gold mine. Hydrocarbons literally fall from the sky.
All the planets are valuable. It depends on having way to reach them and land on them.
Can we just bio engineer ants to recover mineral particles for us "platinum/gold ,see what they can extract given say 10 years worth of food. . . Then time a human space crew arrival to coinside with the end of there decade long shift. . Thumbs up if you think this should be possible🤓
Would mercury , venus not be gold , platinum rich ?. But in the far future if ever it will be a brave brave person who 1st sets foot on titan
The movie bladerunner is pretty much a predicament of what will happen in the future, we will colonize other planets, with more resources and earth will become useless
You forgot nuckear, showed mars instead of mercury
Mars has a huge platinum deposit which offer great incentive to explore and mine on Mars.
We might find intelligent life on...Earth?
I always dream of someone I am listening on TV giving speech on first dyson sphere with help of Mercury planet and like they created 3 dyson sphere plates at the cost of 10 billion dollars and will produce in batch so the production cost per unit will reduce and in few years it will be free energy
In my opinion is all of the terrestial planet in solar system
Oh no helium-3 on the moon might run out! Call space Greenpeace there is only a hundred thousand years of helium-3 that's how much is up there I think we might build some new technologies by that time, like tapping black holes for energy and if you say we have to conserve those it will run out sometime at the end of time
Valuable to who a handful of people who control everything? opportunity comes where there new claims to be struck
It would be Mercury because it said it could contain a lot of helium-3 and other metals on it
I thought Mercury has an abundant of well... Mercury
want to get the US' attention to it? tell them it has OIL!
Most valuable planet is 55 cancri e
What about the sun itself? If we harvested it we would have endless power for millions if not billions of years
I could see the solar system completely stripped of precious metals within 50,000 years (dismantle all of Mercury, Venus the asteroid belt, all the moons of the gas giants and then the Ort cloud). Humanity would be a type 2 civilization ready to explore the stars with comfort. (The end of scarcity, the end of the economy and people having to work to support themselves - too bad we wont see it)
The answer is no. There are other earths.
Sir please aap product Design ka bhi all units bata dijiye ,🙏🙏🙏
Tx sir
Shukriya bhai...
bro tumhari saari video 2x prr dekhi thi sirf 2 hour main sbb krr diya or exam dene gaya or exaamm faad k aa raaha hu .. thankyou so much brother❤.... aiise hii or video banate raho..... bass thoda english sahi krr lo😅🤣 (jokes apart) once again thankyou❤
very very Thanks veerji ✌️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bahut Bahut dhanyawad Bhai..aj Mera paper huaa 2022 semester exam .m kewal apka lecture dekh ke gya tha..or complete paper karke aaya..
Sir thankyou very much aaj ka exam apki wajah se bhaut bhadiya ho gya... thankyou! 🙏
Thank you🙏 bro
Brooo...aaj exam tha..aur raat tmhare video se pdha bs...zeher gya ekdum..thnkx for these video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Very helpful video sir
6:31 bhai wo koyal, oyal mast rhyme kiya maza aagya.....Bhai aapka knowledge to kamal ka hai
Aek din padh lo pass gajab bhai maja agaya
Good bhai Pankaj
Bhai ye notes mil jayenge??
thankew sir apne ek video m hi saraa smjhaa diyaa
Kya yea aktu ke syllables ke according hai?
Helpfull but your handwriting is poor
Computer science branch me ye subject noncredit ya nhi
Energy ka full topic nehy ka .but question 🤔 karka ka karo shrip chinnel views bar na ka liya video bana ta ho.
Really osm session thanku so much
Thanku sir
Very useful session sir , thanks a lot sir 🙏🙏💐🌺🌺❤️
COP kra dijye sir ek bar plz
Super session sir protocol btadigyga sir 🙏🙏🎉🎉🎊🎊💐💐
Energy ka full topic karwa dijiye and disease and causes karwa dijiye sar... Thanks 🤗

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