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Mars One: The Ultimate Reality TV Show? (Springer Praxis Books) Book Reviews from YouTube

Was Mars One Ever a Real Thing? | The Daily Show
Recommending Books Based On Your Fav Reality TV Show!
Mars via the Moon The Next Giant Leap Springer Praxis Books
Expedition Mars Springer Praxis Books Space Exploration
This news site is just trying to trump up a story where there is none. There is no way that Bars Lansdorp was trying to cheat anyone.. he firmly believed that it just needed money and time to get done. Perhaps they needed more time with technical issues but like with going to moon ii needed money and finally the negotiations for a Mars type of big brother funding failed. Bars chucked and lost most of his personal wealth on this .. it wasnt a scam. The Yankees are just jealous they didnt think of it. Ma es one motivated Elon Musk who is now running with Mars idea... but more patiently and will get nasa funding to help him
The reporter ruined it by trying to hard to be funny
I still bought a laser glass engraving. Looked dope asf
I remember how the first human colony to populate mars was sold as only la crme de la crme would be there at the end of the decade.
If a Dr.No and Sean Connerys hybrid tells me i can go to mars, I believe him!!
that old hag with a messed up crazy hair is a loony baloony haha
Hahahahahaha! Each person who signed up paid a $10 application fee. This was genius! Huge SCAM!
I actually donated 10$ to this scam and I was going to donate 100$ more.. so glad I didn't
That Herbacaine works wonders tho
When are people going to wake up and realize that space is fake and the world that we live on is flat as a pancake with an ice barrier to keep the waters in their place here on this level plane.
Can I borrow the reporter? "My father" wants to have a little chat with her.
6:15 Desi killed that line
Lmfao pyramid scheme selling cocaine
I couldn't tell if the people were sarcastic or not.. Obviously the anchor. But I'm clueless on the others...
I'm 68 years old and I can name all the celebrities I have ever had a crush on on one hand. Haley Mills, Farah Faucett and Kim Bassinger. Well Desi, you have made the list and to me confirm that exceptionally great work is extremely rare, even for God.
Man how could you?You want to leave your husband forever on earth to go sacrifice your life for mars or make babies with another man?That's just wrong!
Flying Dutchman past Mars
One way ticket to Mars...
Yes a funding scam. Filthy coke sniffing ceo's.
Ouch town
The Challenge is everything and more. I've been watching it for so long and am just obsessed if we need to use all of those particular terms.
Such a cool idea!
More this! I would love a recommendation for Queer Eye and Project Runway/Next in Fashion. And America`s Next Topmodel!
Can I just comment on how healthy your plant looks? Like wow! Please do a if you like this house plant, pick up this book video
omg thank you so much im weirdly obsessed with reality tv rn and i love reading ive been looking for a recommendation video like this for so long
This is such a great topic!
....suggestions for those of us who guiltily binge Americas Next Top Model and (less guiltily) Project Runway? And thanks for the further incentive to pick up House on the Cerulean Sea!
I love The Challenge!!
You always have the cutest outfits! Goals
Ohhhh the cover you showed for Pride and Prejudice is so pretty!
Do I watch any reality television at all? No I do not. Do I know anything about these shows? Also no. But do I watch every video Regan puts out and trust all her recommendations? Yes, yes I do.
Never watched these apart from great British bake off lol
Loved this video! I need more time to read all these books this year!
The challenge is my FAVORITE show and Jade city has been sitting on my shelf since Christmas, you totally just made it shoot straight to the top of my TBR!
It's be hilarious to see how fantasy characters would do on these reality shows
SURVIVOR MY FAV, I could also talk game play all day and have definitely given my family lectures about Survivor
I LOVE reality tv so this video is everything I needed
So love jade city can't wait for jade legacy will be reading gideon the ninth in September have you ever read or heard of a book series written by sharon lathan it's called the Darcy saga basically a sequel series of pride and prejudice I have read all 5 books I read them years ago
The Bachelor = Selection series by Kiera Cass
There's actually a pride and prejudice retelling set on a show similar to the bachelor, Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. Bingley is the bachelor character tho, but it's pretty good. I read it a few years back and remember liking it

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