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Great video and happy vlogmas! I put a couple designer bags on my Christmas wishlist on my channel!
Such a stunning collection!
Love your outfit and decor of your home. I love your collection! It’s beautiful 😻 That little bag is adorable. That black with the gold Prada is unique. I’ve never seen it before.
Love your dress so much!! Where is it from?!
Just love your collection 😻 want them all Uploaded my new vlog plz come check it out
My dream is a Louis Vuitton and you’ve got the perfect tote! I look for some second hand but they go for almost the same price as new! 💫💫💫
love your collection! A lot of Chloe bags have such awfully noisy hardware :( I actually sold my faye for that reason.
Your blue Prada bag should sell easily! If I had that kind of money I’d buy it, someone will snag that off Poshmark in no time! 💙
You are my favorite youtuber🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
WTF is wrong with her cheeks
I love rectangular crossbody bags too! I find them to be the most convenient style. I recently got a Mini Reissue and have been loving it. It's so functional!
Lol yes👏👏👏I don’t think enough people talk about how loud and annoying the Chloe hardware was. I stopped using my mini Faye backpack bc it jingle jangles so much! But I’m going to see if I embrace the noise again, haha.
Where’s the dress from????
Yasss totally here for your designer purse collection. I've been wanting to see it! 😍
Can u link where u got the diana from pls
How do you keep your light pink bags from colour transfer?
I would buy your red chevron classic chanel in a heartbeat ..Very beautiful ❤️❤️
Great video. You are so honest and I adore your expressions! I have the Valentino Rockstud in the large and I love it. I always get compliments on it when I wear it. It's a little larger than what I really need but I'm glad for the roominess when I have extra things to carry.
I love your videos! Your bags are as lovely as you are ma'am.
What kink of leather is your pink Chanel 19? I'm thinking to get one, can't decide which color (black, white, or pink).
Very nice collection 💕💕💕
The red channel chevron is everything ❤❤❤❤❤
love your honest opinions so muchhhhh!!!
great review. Love your collection
I wish I had that many hand bags
I'll have the 1st bag you showed it will be used alot👛🛍👍🏻❣
Great video. Thank you so much for that info on these bags! 💖💖
so beautiful bags.your collection is so many.can i have one bag someday.hehe..from bacolod City
I love your handbag collection but you look like a complete different woman with make up on! Please don't go into Chanel with no make-up on haha
Omg the red Chanel bags, I'm in love!!
I really like the chanel bucket I want to have like that bag also ❤️
The chanel red bags is stunning... love to have this one day 👜💼😍
Ilove it all
The bag is an inspired Hermes based design.
I ordered a bag from corde New York and ordered it in the emerald color. It came after a month and it came all bent and it wasn’t even the right color.
i am in love with that top! what a great color
Love the Teddy Blake
I love the Caty bag from Teddy Blake, unfortunately it has been discontinued. But it is pretty gorgeous.
I can see the "hassle" of opening and closing the bag being something that could work well for those who have to take public transportation. It could help deter pick pockets.
watched several videos and until this one, I would've guessed you had many designer bags, including Hermès
Love your ideas. You have me hooked 🌻
Love the bag! Love the video
Oh ! What a coincidence !! The taupe handbag that's been sent to you looks like the one I've longed to buy which is a Mac Douglas !! I've recently bought a black Lancaster instead but I'll keep focused on the Mac Douglas as my next handbag purchase !! And yes, taupe is perfect to suit every garment !!
love your videos!!!! I'm 4'9 i don't know why but i love big bags i will try to work on selecting my bags you are right
You are so helpful! thank you for the wonderful information as always!
I love the way you voluminous the back of your hair! Gives you hair such a good look!
Thank you! Another useful video! The advice about the size of the bag depending on the size of your body is great too, and can be applied in other areas. And yes, told my sister about you lol
I follow your videos too. Thank for the good advice. I have to carry a crossbag all the time because I go everywhere with my bicycle since I live in Holland. Keep up the good job.
Tracy I love all the great detailed information you give! You're amazing. I checked out the website for Teddy Blake bags; very very expensive. They are very beautiful but definately would not buy one. Please post some videos on fashion. I love your outfits and need help with style!! God bless!☺
you look like an actrice but as a compliment love bags,
is that first bag a birkin?
Hermes style
thats a hermes birkin handbag