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Buy Marie Women'S Handbag(Blue,Item173) online at Amazon. Marie Women'S Handbag(Blue,Item173)

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Marie Women'S Handbag(Blue,Item173) price at Amazon - ₹449 ₹1,299

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Buy Marie Women'S Handbag(Blue,Item173) online at Amazon.
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Marie Women'S Handbag(Blue,Item173)

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These Luxury Bags Are NOT Classy!
Please make a video on how to stay elegant in an argument with your high quality partner
You can’t just go to Hermès and buy a Birkin. Doesn’t work that way.
I think Salvatore Ferragamo bags are super classy
Am 1 year late what about those who can't afford those bags
To me, these bags not only looks elegant and classy, but it looks professional as well.
Who can afford these bags? I'm single and make less than 100K a year. We need suggestions for a lower income please.
I wisch I would have just such problems
No Chanel made it to the list. Just purchased my first Kelly and Birkin this year for the same reason. For investments. I have been offered already $2k above my purchase price.
So, some people that carry a Birkin isn’t of status or affluence🤔...I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on the sudden wave of African American rappers carrying Hermès Birkins. Some have even made the assumption (in so many words) that they’re bringing down the value of Hermès.
you missed out bags from Salvatore Ferragamo and Loewe Heritage and Loewe Amazona which is 40 years old. You also left out Mulberry brand
Do you have a video like this on footwear?
Make video on Michael kors bags worth buying
I would love to get some of those bags, however I do not buy leather. What alternatives would you suggest for high quality lady like vegan bags? Thank you, love your channel!
There are actually other branded bags that looks / has the same use as these bags. I think this is just about the price tho
Ooh, I’m usually not a fan of Fendi bags that I have seen with the F’s written all over, but that Fendi perk-a-boo is gorgeous 🤩
are people carrying such expensive bags to school?
what I watch after placing an order for a Lavie bag. lol Jokes apart, I believe I will be able to afford this soon. Faith
i would never spend $17,000 on a bag
I enjoy your videos and your candor.. I’m fretfully tired of seeing people in flip flops, leggings, and a hoodie.. but I, for one, do not like name brands and recognizable items, on anything. You can find well-made, classic goods in many brands no one has ever heard of before. Look for craftsmanship.. pride in their product. One-of things say so much more about a person.. and there’s nothing wrong with a partner buying you something special.. but do not forget, we can purchase whatever we decide to have, on our own. Greetings, from TN. 🌺
I can't afford any of the bags you mentioned but I've been wanting a few BRAHMIN for a while, love the texture and the fact that not everyone out there has them.
I literally just love your videos!
hey! l ended my nursing school without bags ! l see "bag" is really an annoying thing & u always have to wear it, it's not like u will put it somewhere until u finish ur things, l always envy men because they don't wear this & l know whem l started "not wearing it" all the girls were talking with that strange look like l murdered somebody !, & also about not bringing my books like is it matter !! l do not care really, but wearing a bay just look nice mybe a good thing & l am not really oppose it because l want to be beautiful & hey who do not want to but the principle itself is kinda of... l dunna, strange & fake maybe ? thx for the vid., l enjoy ur vids lady... u are great and l respect u, because l think my eyesight is sterilized by the people like u ❤
I totally agreed with you, but also I think is boring to be classy 24/7. Now that I’m thinking about it that’s why my husband Cheated on me 🤔...
I'd have to add Gucci to your list. The new designer of Gucci -- the creations just look like "creations" and lack elegance and/or sophistication -- in my opinion, of course. And we all have our opinions!
Totally agree 👍👍👍👍
That Burberry print is HIDEOUS!
you coach women how to be a social climber. I'm sorry but you are not classy nor sophisticated at all. so trying hard in so many ways.
‘How to look expensive’ are we literally crawling back to the 20th century 🥺. Perhaps the more pertinent question or ideal to strive for is ‘how to empower and educate oneself so we can continue to reach out full potential’. Honestly, cannot believe these videos still exist. Class is something that can’t be taught because the definition is very subjective. Let’s give women more to strive for than looking ‘pretty’. Seriously 😒
I like your dress.
Hello! Can you make a video on women having a feminine career while being married and earn her own money and not be masculine?! Like in a feminine way?! Pretty please!
I would understand not wearing these bags at night or to dress up but this video is just awful i get what you mean however there are people out there who save forever to buy 1 of these bags u sound so stuck up!!!!
No waaaay the never full is my favourite
The "which purse?" debate has me glad I sewed pockets into all my clothing. Keys, cellphone, wallet. Done.
Elegance is not expensive. It comes from good upbringing , empathy and humility... Chanel do not sell that unfortunately!!
Talking about always going with the safe option with Chanel and Hermes but a Boy Bag is as common as a Neverfull and a Birkin is as vulgar as a Guess bag lmao
Thank you so much for your advices. Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️
Totally agree !!
Any designer handbag with super overt logos and embellishments. Personal observation!
Oh how I love my neverfull 😂😂😂
Bonjour French Chic Ladies, I hope you will really enjoy this new style of video and if you do (and you live in a participating country like US, AU, NZ, MX, BR, IN) please consider giving me some applause 👏 The subject of proportion is very important in French Chic - let me know what you think in the discussion in the comments during and after the video. Do you find consider proportion important? Do you find it difficult? Easy? Do you think about it at all? Let me know 😃 If you want to get my FREE A-Z Guide To French Chic look here If you would like to have your own French Chic Solution for any style problem you have why not enter it in the comments or email me ? I love to help and you will always get an answer - depending on volume! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with messages xx I have now added two awesome playlists to my channel THE TOP TEN FRENCH CHIC VIDEOS YOU WILL LOVE MY ALL TIME TOP TEN FRENCH CHIC VIDEOS Why not kick back your heels and have a Marie-Anne-derful time
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the shape of the bag according to the clothes and body shape. I’m shopping for new handbag collection and I want to carefully think it through. I’m short, I was obese but I lost weight to say I’m chubby and trying hard to slim down some more. I am short so I was always aware of size of bag, but to know what shape of bag was something I didn’t figure out and I do love bohemian style but also classic. Satchels are perfect work bag to carry agenda, some food and work pass. For everyday, simpler use, a smaller bag is my style. I learned a value lesson today. Thank you very much!💋
Thank you for helping ladies to be sensible chic and stylish. Truly appreciate you!
I’ve always been (and probably will always be) a large purse/bag girl. I just don’t like feeling like I’m without anything I might need lol. Unfortunately my back and shoulders pay the price and I get lectured by my chiropractor, but I am always prepared no matter what!
Absolutely, I am a rectangle with a square face and I do prefer a rounded sadle bag.
Bonjour you are so right about handbag size. I have thought this along. I never liked very large bags
UH OH. My current "handbag" is actually a theft proof/security backpack that is bigger than me. LOL - I"m only 5'1.5"+ tall and very thin. Not only is it probably too big for my frame, but it's not exactly classy/chic AND I have spine issues where carrying heavy stuff on my shoulders or back is not a good idea. I need to downsize!
I am 5'2 but during the day I need a bigger bag to carry my MacBook and documents.
Merci for another video! The wrong bag can throw off a look as quick as you can grab a bag! There are so many available now- something for everyone. Depending on needs, I often pair a smaller bag in a larger bag for work. Then with removable shoulder strap, the small bag holds keys, phone, tissue & cards. That way I'm prepared when "the mother ship" has to be stowed.
Wonderful video! Handbags are my favorite part of my wardrobe. I use my Louis Vuitton Neonoe in black epi and my Polene Numero Un in green crocodile the most. They are so practical and the perfect size for me 🥰
Another great video! I’m more aware now of proportions being a pear shape with lots of curves (!) I was interested to see that I have many structured handbags in my wardrobe. Mmmm interesting! 🤔
One year big bags are THE trend. The next year tiny bags are fashionable. It is all because brands want to sell their stuff. Trends are consciously made, they do not occur spontaneously. When you keep your handbags over the years you will always be fashionable ;) I don' t care about trends myself. I don' t care what people think either. I care about quality, color, shape and practicality . My own taste, my own style. I know exactly what i like or do not like.
Hi Marie-Anne, Another very informative video on style from you! As a 4’10’ 3/4 inch woman of 57 years, I completely agree with you. But I do have one comment to add - Yes, I would never carry a large bag like your gorgeous large Aspinal unless it had a short -medium shoulder strap so it would lie adjacent to my body above the hip. The one bag that always gets me tons of compliments is a small Burberry satchel bag I bought in London about 13 years ago on my first trip there with my British boyfriend - now husband. Even though this type of bag isn’t really seen much as being in style, I do mean bring it out for the autumn/winter months - because it’s small, and I’m small the comments I get far outweigh being out of style. My question is do you think I would look out of place with a bag in a style not much seen anymore? (Satchel hard handle - no strap)???
Bonjour Marie-Anne. You always look so well put together, elegant in your videos but I wonder whether you ever wear outfits that are more relaxed. During the corona pandemic lockdown we stay home with our partners for quite a bit, and for those of us who normally work from home or who is retired, this together time is even larger. We still want to look attractive though. Do you have any tips for the stay-home outfits other than a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt? thanks!
Thank you for the reminder about proportion to one's size in handbags. I think I've always known intuitively that I have to keep my bags small to medium, as I am a small woman. I have several handbags, but my favourite is one left by my aunt and more expensive than I could normally afford. It is years old, in beautiful condition, very structured and the designer is Ferragamo. I am lucky to have it!
Beautiful handbag collection! I believe in buying bags in proportion ones body, for me I have a medium build, so the tiny handbag trend, is not for me. Th only time I will carry a small bag is for evening or black tie (a clutch for example). Very enjoyable video as always!
Merci Marie ~Anne, bons conseils pour le sac-a-mains 🍄🎋🛍🎀🍾🥂🍤🦩🦚🦋👛👒🕶🎩👡👠👗🙆‍♀️🧚
Nice handbags collection Marie-Anne.Thanks for always creating great content :)
Today is Marie-Anne Marathon Day! 💋
Two favorite is charger and gum
I'm obsessed with your channel 🌺🌺🌺🌺
I love structured bags as well. My #1 must have in my purse is chapstick and lotion. I 💜 love how you organize your purse 👜.
Holographic 😆😆
So many useful items. I love those slim organizers!!!
Videos don’t have to be perfect 🙂 We’ll love the content either way! So don’t stress trying to make everything 💯 percent perfect for us because life sure isn’t 🤣✨👍🏼 we’re all human ✨we understand ❤️
I just love you. I am addicted to your organizational skills. I NEED to know what you have and how you use it!
New sub here 💖💖 your content
Love this video!! What editing app do you use because its great👌
How do you like the Louis Vuitton marignan? Is it too big or just right? I have littles as well and wanted something this size but don’t like bags tooo big
Thank you for creating this channel 🙏🏾. My new favorite YouTuber. Currently binge watching and filling up my amazon wish list. 💕
👜 love your videos I’m obsessed you have such good content. So helpful can’t wait to see more. 🙂
Ok so I did make it to the end but I cannot find a purse emoji so I placed eveything else up here in association with the purse.😁😍😘♀️💰💼
If you want something smaller and don't care about the looks, a prescription bottle can hold a lot of the smaller items. Bobby pins, qtips, etc. are perfect sizes.
Luv the light 😍💙💙😍
Great video
Just added the heart mirror from your amazon video, now seeing it in action. Ordered 2. lol. Loved your bag and I organize it the same way. Fellow mom vlogger. 🥰