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Marc Blue Poly Blend Formal Wear Suit Features

Marc Blue Poly Blend Formal Wear Suit
Find the best deal on Marc Blue Poly Blend Formal Wear Suit at Snapdeal Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Marc Blue Poly Blend Formal Wear Suit Price in India is ₹2,100 at Snapdeal.
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Marc Blue Poly Blend Formal Wear Suit Reviews from YouTube

Buying Blazers Online | Flipkart Purchase
Stop Sweating Your Balls Off in Suits - How To: Linen Suits || Men's Fashion || Gent's lounge
How To Spot A Cheap Suit - Gentleman's Gazette
5 Mistakes Men Make With a New Suit
Nothing mentioned on how to select size
This is not fitting you
How to know the size when we order online?
what are your measurements and Height
Very ceahp
Hi Pls tell about how to order a blazer with proper size. It's very confusing
No perfect stitching
Good coat
What size would I choose for a 5.6 skinny man? Btw, I love your channel for the English narration. Im an Indian but not knowing Hindi. Most of the review channel I was found speaks Hindi, which I cant understand.
What was your height then bro?
vid strts from 5:30
Background music is very irritating.
Bhoottt Ghatia Choice hai Aapki
Good job bro but next time speak Hindi only because lots of people in our country not comfortable in english.
kya english ki ma behen ek kr ra he.hindi me bol le
idk how can you say the fitting is perfect the fitting seems really bad and i always prefer custom made suits over blazers which might be a bit expensive but i think its worth the money
You're succinct and precise:) (if you get the reference, I'll be overjoyed)
this is bad. really bad.
We need this fabric
I want to wear suits so bad,but I sweat to death in the AC in just my underwear with the fan blowing on me and it's 10 degrees F outside.
It creases like crazy soi will pass
something that doesn't wrinkle tho
I like the idea of wearing occasion appropriate clothing. BUT the linen is supposed to be worn in a more relaxed fit. Doing otherwise defeats the purpose of a flow through fabric. Because there isn't any space for air to flow in
"Profusely sweating" would have come across much better than the crude and distasteful phrase you used.
If you want to maximise heat resistance, why choose a double breasted jacket?
Gentlemen do not open the conversation with the phrase "Hi guys". Back to Raphael's channel for a touch of class.
The guy in the gray suit has a punchable face
linen wrinkles to easily
Great video guys, how about doing a Bamboo suit?
Polyester's amazing around water. And a pair of loose weave canvas wingtip boots. definitely loose weave fabrics
Linen is not for weddings my friend
These guys are goofballs. You wouldn’t wear your linen suit to a black tie event? Umm no shit.
I hate wrinkles on any clothes, they are definitely an absolute turn off and eye sore.
suit supply
who the heck goes to polo matches though
Not a huge fan of the super wide peak lapels. Also, cotton-linen blends wrinkle "less" but still wrinkle a ton, so really not sure what the point is with them. Just go full linen
What about suits made out of silk fabric? I heard silk clothing can keep a person cool on hot days.
You forgot something. When buying a linen suit, either 100% or a blend, don’t get the ones with a polyester lining because it defeats the purpose. I like the kind with a thin cotton lining. I noticed that the suits you were wearing had peaked wide lapels with nicely rolled folds so they are probably full canvas. Wrinkles, though they will always return, are kept somewhat under control by pressing the suit after you have worn them. I don’t put mine away with the wrinkles in it. Just before wearing, I give it a once over. If I am traveling, I may take the jacket off, such as in a plane, to avoid wrinkling it further. Just before getting off the plane I put it back on. I love linen and would not ever consider not having a linen suit or linen pocket squares.
The funny part is on half of these, the so-called cheap machine stitches are far superior to the hand stitch lol.
If you're watching a youtube video to determine if a suit is cheap you probably wear cheap suits.
Why would machine sewing vs hand machine sewing determine if it's cheap or not?
Hi gents. I don't know if you care for TV but I have been watching Hannibal on Amazon. What draws me to the programme is the excellent suits that he wears and he always wears at least 3 per episode. Would you consider doing a review on what you think of them?
As long the person likes the suit ;)
Just do what snobs do. When looking at a man wearing a suit, let your eyes drop down so you can see the buttonhole in the lapel clearly. If it's not obviously handmade or a Milanese type buttonhole, its not s great suit. Cifonelli in Paris makes exceptional buttonholes.
What a douchy video! Instead of saying high/low quality he keeps saying "chhhhheap" or sometimes just "sheep" as if the money is all that matters.
I dont reallly see why a machine sewn suit is necessarily a cheap suit? With all the requirements of having it hand made, chances are it is a really expensive suit. Imo.
Remember, An unconfident man wearing an expensive suit will always look worse than a confident man in a cheap suit.
Thanks, I will be sending my date's suit to a CSI lab beforehand.
I'm actually offended by this video. If all a man can afford is a lesser expensive suit, so be it. I'd rather have him dressed nicely in a lesser expensive outfit than look like a hat-backwards Frat boy wearing sports garb and shorts. Being that you own an expensive men's clothing store, this video seems to smack of elitism and crass advertisement.
If the collar felt is machined sewn instead of hand sewn, it doesn't exactly mean that it's a BAD suit does it? Wouldn't certain aspects of a suit that are machine sewn be better/more durable than hand sewn? I understand that the fully hand-sewn suit would be more expensive because it is more time-consuming, but not exactly BETTER. Please let me know if otherwise.
Went to Jos A Bank. Price tag said $998. Paid only $89. Now I'm confused. Do I have a cheap suit or an expensive suit?
900k subscribers like junk videos like this. Lol
So the stich makes a cheap suit What about super 150's with machine made stich Wow, all this egghead's that subscribe to your videos fall for this
Very useful video for people who set prizes in thrift stores.
Excellent! Now I can shame poor people trying to look nice!
When I was a stockbroker in the 1980s, one of the biggest insults was to call somebody a "cheap suit wearing #*$&!@"
Just look at the price tag
I'm surprised that the word "CHEAP" is being used. I would believe that the word "INEXPENSIVE" would be used.
It’s either belts or suspenders I would never wear my pants with just nothing.
Wrong wrong wrong A belt breaks up colors and brings in the shoe plus the strap of your watch need to match, that is the basics my friend. Sorry, but that is not how a real gent would dress
The fit of your suit is terrible.
Is that your pro tip, don't wear a tie with a suit? Really?
1:29 “bespoken for”
Mistake number one buying a suit that fits like leggings, mistake number two buying a suit that fits like spandex, mistake number three buying a suit that fits like a second skin, mistake number four buying a suit that follows the trend, and mistake number five taking advise from a man who’s trying to dress you like a woman
cheap watch and that suit is disgustingly ugly. Sewn on side pockets and a peak lapel ? These videos make me cringe with the trying to sell me cheap ass social media promoted products. You're telling people about dressing sharply and then tell them to check out some 5 dollar watch ?
Unsubscribing you for the Belt bull shit you just said.
I read some of the comments. I have to say, the old school rule is, gentlemen never wear a belt. But, at that time, trousers didn't automatically come with belt loops.
Let's bring it down a notch.
Usual problem.someone who thinks Fashion is the same as Style! Want advice on a good suit and how to wear it? Watch videos from the tailors on Saville Row!
no belt said no one ever
Keep belts on, if you have naughty friends.
I'm sorry but this guy looks like he just bought his first suit , like he just finished college and is going out to party , a suit is supposed to look classy elegant and polished and with a tie not like this , if anyone needs tips on how to dress classy please I will help you
No offense but this guys suit looks cheap and he talks like he works in a cheap department store, he dosnt look put together, watch looks cheap he needs to shave ,he seems to be trying to look older and a suit without a belt is a no no , my advice to people is try on different suits and wear the 1 that makes you feel good
A natureza é maravilhosa
This guy is a joke
1:02 what is it?
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
1:25 So funny

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