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Manufacturing Arts in Ancient Times: With Special Reference to Bible History (Classic Reprint) Book Reviews from YouTube

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When third world countries use this method:ahh poor countriesWhen the west use this method:Wow this is true masterpiece
Wow i am pleased to see a unique artform flourishing..beblessedalways... staysafe
So true. I have boxes of old photos, but there is also a 10 year gap because all the photos I took during those years are on software formats that are no longer supported. I imagine that the same will happen to all the knowledge we are currently putting on the cloud.
My high school had a graphics class where we learned to do this and screen printing. I now own my own screen printing business
This is not a craft it was created to mass produce the Bible to take power away from the Catholic Church
Try press printing thermodynamics
What a waste of time
Isn't lead poisonous?
There is absolutely no reason for this industry to exist. the point of a book (anything printed on paper really) is to preserve and transfer information and knowledge, not to fall in love with the medium.Pure digital has it's flaws too, but when you compare the ROI it's a no brainer. But then again, 500 years from now will they be able to access a digital file? perhaps a format that went out of style and 500 years later they have no idea how to retrieve it? Doubtful but possible.In either case, no reason for paper printing to exist anymore, period. unless somehow we no longer have access to electricity anymore, in which case humanity as we know it will cease to exist anyway lol !@!
Beautiful and poignant, for sure. The textures and smell of a letterpress book hold on forevercalm and exciting at the same time. This is right livelihood.
How do I apply and learn this serious inquiry
Ironic that this is handmade now, This used to be leading edge of tech and destroyed book making profession. Do we still have scribe? No. Thanks to these machine.. Now that better tech like ink printing replace them, Even that better tech is replaced by something doesnt even print like ipad..
Absolutely amazing..
The real life version of ascendance of a bookworm...
Wonderful! Thank you. I love old and beautiful books
I actually own 2 pressed books and the feel of them is wonderful also have almost 2300 books in my library TV sucks
It's regressive people like this that are holding us back. Progressiveness at all costs!
I wonder how long the handmade printing press lasts in China since ultimately they were the one who invented it
Evolution created sickness and death then why we as the supposedly most intelligent being undo it.
Is just a theory. I don't believe in theories, especially if predicting long ago.
The significant problem with the Theory of evolution is that it has several flaws - for example why out of the Billions of creatures was it only man that evolved more significantly than other creatures - man went from living in caves to producing atomic weapons while every other creature just flops about and doesnt equally evolve to a more advanced being.Secondly early man was extremely hairy and had fur similar to apes yet man shed his fur, but then went on to have to kill animals and wear Their fur in order to survive the elements - surely evolution would have followed the climatic need for genetic warmth and man would have kept the fur. And as for survival of the strongest and fittest we have creatures such as alligators and sharks that have been around since prehistoric times yet the havent changed much except get smaller and with no other significant evolution progressFood for thought
The theory of evolution is not true. There is not fact in this theory.
One of the coolest cideo i have seen in YouTube . I just want to come again and again . I am jealous for those who will be watching this clip for first time.
Editor deserves a raise
now, thats a breather
His theory is mostly correct without the part when he said its without god's interference the creator of nature , how did happen without his interference even tho he created it and I think its idiocy to think that the universe was just made without a creator and the complex systems of humans and animals were just by luck thats not possible , and if it is true then how can you trust your own brain your own common sense with the knowledge that it just happened by luck ? how can you use something that was created by luck to determine whats acceptable and what is not?
It came from a freemason who work with devil to indoctrinate people and make them deny The Creator.
Believing in an idea of "something from nothing" is no different from blind faith. Evolutionists don't believe in miracles, so they raplaced it with magic. Lol this is insane.
gaia barmm salaamtv
elon musk tesla
Being sckeptic is not a stupidism. Being arogant about your belief is more than being an imbecile .
Darwinism is good. That is why I speak. Nothing else. On what shall we do, that is up to the people to decide.
If there's a plan, there's a planner.If there's a design, there's a designer.If there's a miracle, there is a God.
Insane animations education at its best
Claiming that the theory is a FACT that's wrong on many levels nothing is proven until this day if anything it's being crushed day by day .what a circus just animating this video beautifully to captivate the ignorant audience is nonsense and unscientifcally 100%Try harder
"sometimes drastically" - that's revolution my dear
Ive got my eye on this treasure for sure!

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