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Manual of Practical Biochemistry for Medical Students Book Reviews from YouTube

Medicine R Alagappan Manual of Practical Book Review Textbook MBBS General Clinical Recommended
How to study Biochemistry in Medical School I Free Book In Description I 2021 Update
How to study Physiology and Biochemistry in first year of MBBS - Video resources to use.
So thankful sir it helped a lot for revision before Practical exam
Nice sir
Very much appreciated.thank you
Nice video v informative
Very informative video. We are able to learn so much from this. thank you for making this video. Looking forward to more such videos.
Gud work
Price kitna plz
Manipal Manual Of Clinical PaediatricPls give your Reviewon this book
is there mention medicine name?
I am medicine staff
I am not MBBS students
Very nice
Is there any mention of medicine?
For Medical notes follow insta page
Archit Boloor is better
Nice book...
I want to know that if book pages are plastic soft as of dc dutta obstretics book. As i bought a new one and its page is not looking as of your video
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That was soo helpful ...Videos like these r soo helpful
This is very nice book I study this book
As always your content is so helpful my dearest Rudy. May I share my personal experience?I particularly like biochemistry, I know all the reactions, routes and enzymes can be tricky, but more than just memorize them is better to understand the meaning of all the processes. I used to re-write the reactions, and then make a mental idea of the subject.#ForAWorldWithOutAFearForBiochemistry ;)
Thank you so much for thisPlease, I can't see the linkHelp me out
Hey bro please help for pathology pharma and microbio
Thank you so much for this. In all honesty, i am losing hope to pass this subj.
deserves million views
Thank you for this video hoping it would help me a lot..
I don't know why you have only small number of subscribers despite being a great channel. I request everyone watching this video to subscribe also.
Thanks bro keep going
Hey, can I get the scanned pages for the MCAT book ?
Indian med students are lucky our authors made this subject so easy and concise,we use standard books only for reference. our core preparation is from Indian books.
Great video quality!!
Really great's really helpful fr 1st yr students..plz do follow share gain guidance nd knowledge frm rudy milla.
Great ppl frm great places...rudy frm Honduras
Heyy Rudy Thx for mentioning mentioning me...Thx for ur guidance... ...It's awesome video to many learners....ur doing really great .
Super helpful! Thanks for the tips.
I came across how to use osmosis for free. That was a great trick love ur content
For physiology - Ganong or Guyton. If reading Guyton - make notes else you wont remember a damn thing. You can consider my fianc Dr. Divyas notes.For Biochem - Lipincott followed by memorisation from Harper.For both the subjects - use good video resources to clear you concepts - For physiology- Ninja Nerd/Najeeb, For Biochem - Kaplan.A really good Indian resource for concepts - Bhatia and egurukul (remember its not PG oriented like marrow etc which frankly would be useless and am against it)Use conceptual videos, not PG oriented videos - 1st year is the best rock of your entire MBBS journey!All the best and good luck!
sir also make a vedio for 2nd year subjects too
Sir how to prepare for PCT exam
next 1 will be after 4yr becoz it is read in NMC
Thank god somebody said that teacher really do come just to read their PPT's. I mean why do they even come why don't they just send their PPT's because I am completely able to read PPT's myself I don't need other person to do that for me.
Hi sir, am from South india interested in writting usmle, presently 3rd year,, 2019batch , I wanted to know whether will be the first batch facing Next . Do reply sir, it would be of great use,, thanks in advance
Also tell about paediatric''s
Ashwani kumar sir is a fantastic teacher ,but bchem and physio(not ashish sir)faculties of bhatia concept videos are bs!
Where can I find kaplan videos... please do tell us ...I am unable to find
When I was dying of confusion,I saw this video .Thank you so much Dr.Aditya
Sir next 1 ka kuch fix hua ki second year ke baad hogi ya nahi ?
The most Valuable share.Thank u very much for ur great doing Dr.Adithya
you didn't say how to study?!?
Why no one come forward for research in country?
Is gk pal good to study
Thank you so much!!!
saving this for when I become a med student
Good evening sir!! I just wanted to express my pov that As Indian govt decided NEXT to be more biased towards clinical understanding, then conducting NEXT after second year , do it justify it? Bcz we're not going to have that sort of clinical knowledge. Isn't it a hypocrisy?
I wish I had this video in my 1st year :/

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