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Manmade Wonders of the World Book Reviews from YouTube

[BOOK PREVIEW] Manmade Wonders of the World
30 Greatest Man-Made Wonders of the World - Travel Video
Man Made Wonders of the World
The Seven Wonders of the Modern World
I love all your vedios n your voice is very clear too from northeast india nagaland
The world has to take notice hindu culture buildings
You should once visit Hampi, Karnataka, india, human shall have more than two eyes or have 2nd life if not seen in his life
In india there is lots of historical and architectural temple you should check about them 🙏
Burj kalifa is a disappointment
I’ve been visiting Angkor Wat more than 30 times of my whole life 😅😅
Number3 Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia😍🇰🇭
Negareu ku malesie ta punyeu warisan budayeu.. semue na mencuri dari negareu jiran.. wayang, batik, keris, angklung, kebaya, pencak silat, tari tor tor, tari bali, reog ponorogo, lagu rasa sayange.. semue na di ambilnyeu.. borobudurpun klo biseu di pindah, di pindah nya ke mlesieu...
what of the great wall of China, the Mont St Michel in Normandy France....
Tartarstan?!?!? Is that what we are calling the ancient empire of Tartaria these days???
All beautiful, but to me Angkor Wat is the best and should be # 1
Fell want to travel after watching your video, Thanks for sharing
Not much love for Canada on any of these videos. As usual, Canada is tossed aside.
Thank you very much for this precious presentation. Your piece on the Ifugao rice terraces, however, would be more helpful if you tell the viewers and would-be tourists that they are located in the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
since when where the pyramids destroyed by earthquakes
I miss KAILASH TEMPLE OF ELLORA - Unmatched man made wonder. It is good to see many are covered. Endless list. Thanks a lot
how facinating places are there in the world but my life has confined in a dark room
i come from india i am wondered of meenakshi temple madurai
There are a lot more man made wonders in India other than Taj Mahal.. Of course it is a most visited monument in India but there are many more worth visiting Taj..
I think the Kailash Temple at ellora was also worth the mention as it is the largest Monolithic structure in the world.
Amazon link
Moan Jo daro, muqly Jo muqam and ranikot sindh are the 8th 9th and 10th wonders of world
Is anyone else confused as to why the title states Seven wonders of the Modern world? Christ the Redeemer is the only one that can really be called modern. The next most recent is the Taj Mahal, and it's almost 400 years old!
Machu Picchu 🇵🇪
There’s this strange notion among humans not to touch ancient relics and reconstruct them. I think it’s our duty to preserve these wonders and fix them with integrity. We are apart of history. Anywhere that needs construction we should fix them when necessary to keep them standing for time to come.
Today I've visited the great wall of china.
Remember when these places are actually shown in movies. Now people use green screen to make their own sets. It make me kinda sad.
There should certainly be a Mayan city in this list, but why Chichen Itza? Tikal is the best. I would rank the Mayan cities I have visited as. 1. Tikal 2. Palenque 3. Uxmal 4. Copan 5. Chichen Itza
so why is Egypt out of the list?
That was very underwhelming. Especially the click in between sections. Even my 8 year old said so...
We all smoke weed
Where is stone hedge Mount Rushmore great pyramid of greaser
Sorry they are all amazing and such but I'm heavily disappointed that the Pyramids of Gizeh are not in this list because they are very much worth to remain being called a world wonder.
Bienvenidos/Welcome 🇲🇽
the Seven Wonders of the modern world yet mostly from the ancient world lol. Ancient goes from 3000 BCE - 500 CE, modern goes from 1500 CE - present. AKA not much made since 1500 CE thats worth a damn
What about the pyramids of Giza
hehe love it watched 400000000 times
so knoledgeble
All are Beautiful 😍✨ ❤ My favourite is Tajmahal,India I had visited Tajmahal more thn 5 times...When I seen/visited Tajmahal for the first time I don't wanna lie I cried a lot because Tajmahal is the most beautiful building in the world I've ever seen in my life😢😭💖💖.Nothing can beat the wonders of Tajmahal, the symbol of love.

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