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By the time I realised this I had bought a Manfrotto tripod head at considerable cost. Wondering now if I can use this on another branded tripod. Read more.


Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB Tripod (With 3-Way Head) Features

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The lowest Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB Tripod (With 3-Way Head) Price in India is ₹32,000 at Amazon.
Buy Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB Tripod (With 3-Way Head) online at Amazon.
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Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB Tripod (With 3-Way Head) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Manfrotto
Item model number MK190GOC4TB-3W
Item Weight 998 g
Manufacturer Manfrotto
Model MK190GOC4TB-3W
Model Year 2016
Product Dimensions 10 x 58 x 10 cm

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Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB Tripod (With 3-Way Head) Reviews from YouTube

MANFROTTO MK190GOA4B-3WUS 190 GO! | 62" 4 Section Aluminum Tripod with 3 Way Head | SPECS REVIEW
Manfrotto 055 & XPro 3 way head review
Tripod Ball Head or 3-Way Head?
Tripod Heads from Manfrotto
very very well...
Actually this is Italian product. It is distributed in US by Manfrotto Distribution, but manufactured in Italy.
is this a good tripod to hike with ?
how tall are you
Nice review. Thank you.
Get yours at our website:
Thanks for the video and help deciding which MANFROTTO tripod to buy. I made the decision only thanks to you.
Thanks Manuel, great review! Pushing that camera out over the water is very risky. Glad you didn't lose it or down the river it goes!
Very well done !
Hy. I have a question. Will this head fit on a Giotto VGR 8255 tripod? It has the same screw diameter. Thx
Hey Manuel, great video very informative and I liked the location however I wished you had shown yourself actually releasing the camera from the tripod. Maybe in another one. Cheers, harry
i got a question about remove the camera from the head, i can remove the camera ONLY rotating the lever"H" WITHOUT pushing down safety lever "i", do you think that is OK? ( when i rotating H and move up and down the camera and without pushing down safety lever i, then camera is released) do you think that is normal?
".... it's a litlle heavy, but it's compact and light......" 😊
Great review: thanks for showing the different possibilities and potential! Thanks Manuel!
hello, can you block the head movement by the handle? i have only one hand, so if you adjust easy/hard move only by friction wheels that would be problem for me
The best and exactly what i wanted !!!
Dude, great helpful review. Precise and to the point... Thanks!
Which is better for macro? Three way head or ball head?
reverse? great tip
Fab review, especially because you show the gear in action! The only gripe I have with the 3way head is the plate system PL200 as it doesnt sit 100% tight. Also, this proprietary plate isn’t arca swiss compatible, so I am still looking for a good solution how to use my Smallrig cage with this head.
good video and what not
Word of the week "NICE"......
I purchased this tripod yesterday and now waiting for shipment of my new and first camera the nikon coolpix p1000 to arrive :-)
Excellent review! Just a question, for overhead shots, is there a place to hook on a sandbag for more stability?
What an awesome review ! Thanks a lot !
Very useful video , I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, R.manohar , india,chennai
Long exposure photgraphy is good with 3 way because you might want to leep the horizon in the same spot but only move to the left or right ti ibtain different scenes quicky.
direct to the point explanation..thanks.
Thank you for the enlightenment. Been away for a while
I'm amazed! So much useful information in so little time and it is really helpful specially if someone is going to get this equipment. smart buying is so important specially in this difficult times. Thanks again.
Hello friends how can I use my E learning course? I just bougth 2 of them ( sorry for my english)
A three-axis head such as the Manfrotto Junior Gear Head 410 is also great for macrophotography where fine adjustments are needed.
Nice tutorial
Thanks for the video :-) Tripod Ball Head or 3 Way Head ? Neither, I prefer a video head like the MVH500AH from Manfrotto. I can use it as a Gimbal, for Panorama, for videos almost everything, The pan and tilt are smooth with this fluid head so no chance to drop my camera and lens like a Ball head. I can even transform my fluid head with an Arca Swiss system: this is a pretty cheap and flexible solution !! that fluid head cost around $150 US. :-)
hmm 1 leg mono pod and 3 leg monopod what's the difference pros and cons, hope you can do this video
Great job of a quick answer.
It's always great to learn with others, we will never know everything. Thanks Beyond Photography!
Great explanation! I'm loving these 3-minute videos. I mostly use a Manfrotto geared head. I know - it's overkill. But I like the precision it offers. I agree with your recommendation of using a ball head. It needs to be a good-quality head, or when you tighten it, it will slip a little and you may need to re-frame the photo. Ball Head or 3-Way Head? If you do a lot of photography, as they say, "Two heads are better than one." And if you're gonna add some video, better have a fluid head. For time lapse, I mounted a quick release on top of an egg timer and it rotates the camera pretty well. Thanks for another great video!
as a photographer only interested in stills don`t buy tripods which come together with a 3-Way-Head or a cheap ball head as a set and so you`re forced to buy this head too, mostly these tripods and heads are cheap and a waste of money, special good sets as a complete special offer are a rather rare exception, serious manufacturers and sellers always offer tripods and heads separately so that the customer can decide what he wants to buy and can combine any tripod with any head he wants, it`s the same with monopods
Panoramas. 3-way head can also be used for those, unless you have a special head for that, though those are... expensive.
nice crispy presentation 😍😍😍
Great vid! Thanx!
very valuable!
Awesome video 👌
O.O wow..... Could you even be more adorable... (Insert a bunch of embarrassing hearts here} Sorry.. have a thing for smart hotties with long hair. (dork.. } Anyway, Thank you! Cant wait to snag one of these things. They look So well built. Yay for great equipment! Ciao!
Thank You! This information was very good and helped me to choose the right head for my Manfrotto tripod!
I have bought a MK055XPRO3-3W tripod with a 3 way head, which came mounted. I am having trouble dismounting the head. Of course I removed the screw but I am having trouble unscrewing the head. It is stuck. Any tips? Thank you.
i love you camila!
Thanks for proper demonstration
Thank you... Currently I've had the Manfrotto 229 Super Pro panhead for a number of years now with Manfrotto's " proprietary " hexagon plate system... It is " completely incompatible " with the industry std. Arca Swiss systems. All (3) of my cameras including their " L " brackets are Arca Swiss compatible. In a nutshell, my beautiful rock solid panhead sits in a corner collecting dust because I refuse to dismantle my cameras each time I want to use it! Unfortunately I'm stuck using my very high quality Acratech ballhead. As good as it is, NOTHING can beat a tilting panhead... Apparently Manfrotto is wising up these days & finally offering the industry std. Arca Swiss compatible camera mounting systems on their products... Better late than never! Bill on the Hill, Vermont, USA... :~)
like to see some pro gear reviews
I’ve always loved Manfrotto but just can’t manage with any heads that use a proprietary plate that’s exclusive to the manufacturer.
Thanks you beautiful you really helped me out with the correct information 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Where are the links to buy them
Thank you for great video!
Absolutely charming
I think my Manfrotto 3 way head is older than Camilla, I have never had a problem with any Manfrotto kit. I’m very tough on my gear due to some difficulties and only ever use aluminium tripods as I can’t walk far and for me they are much more steady.
What about joystick heads
The Manfrotto Pro head is everything I expected from you guys. I did have one of your lower range products, and the screws weren't captive, so it was a nightmare to use out and about. Please keep that in mind, because you have a great fluid system, possibly the best. I'd hate to see you ruin it.
for the rc128, How do you change the video lever from right to left? I control my camera controls using my right hand, so I need the pan/tilt lever to be on the left side. Yes, I know changing the lever itself is simple - screw in the handle on the other side, BUT NOW - the QR plate does not snap in when in this orientation ( the left side). what am I missing? I see that the QR plate has three holes , presumably to put the set screw next to the tightening screw in a different place to allow for this, but I cannot see how to remove this set screw.
What about the geared heads 410 & 405 ???
Thank you! This review gave me all the exact informations I was looking for..

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