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Buy Manfrotto 058B Triaut Camera Tripod (Black) Online at Low ...

The tripod is rock steady and the head is also rock steady when locked in position. I regularly use this set-up with a Canon 1D-X and 100-400 L lens, with zero ...



The Manfrotto 058B tripod folds to a compact 940 mm and hence can be easily fitted in your backpack or carrycase without any hassle. Furthermore, the trivet can ...

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Manfrotto 058B Triaut Camera Tripod (Black) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews ...


Manfrotto 058B Triatt Camera Tripod - Replaces 3251 and 3051 ...

The 058B Triaut is one of the most exciting tripods in the whole Bogen Manfrotto range, featuring patented simultaneous release of all three legs or any ...


Manfrotto 058B Triaut Camera Tripod (Black) (058B) Price in India ...

Manfrotto 058B Tripod comes with a unique built-in mid-level spreader. It adds rigidity to the tripod and prevents its legs from accidently being knocked wide ...


Exploring the Manfrotto 058B Tripod - Black: Unleashing Creativity in Every Frame

Introduction: Elevate Your Photography Game with Manfrotto's Finest

Welcome to, where we delve into the incredible world of photography gear. In this article, we shine the spotlight on the Manfrotto 058B Tripod in sleek black, designed to elevate your photography game. Dive into the details and discover how this tripod can become your trusted companion in capturing the perfect shot.

The Versatile Companion for Every Photographer

Photography is an art, and the right equipment can make a significant difference. The Manfrotto 058B Tripod is a versatile companion, equipped with retractable spiked feet that make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The thoughtful design allows you to confidently set up your gear on delicate floor surfaces without a worry.

Sturdy All-Metal Construction for Reliability

One of the standout features of the Manfrotto 058B is its sturdy all-metal construction. This tripod is built to last, ensuring reliability in various shooting conditions. The robust build instills confidence, letting you focus on your creativity without concerns about the durability of your equipment.

Key Specifications for a Seamless Photography Experience

While some key specifications might not be available, the Manfrotto 058B Tripod boasts impressive dimensions. With a maximum height of 2170 mm and a minimum height of 440 mm, this tripod offers flexibility in capturing shots from different perspectives. The closed length of 940 mm makes it easy to transport, enhancing its practicality for on-the-go photographers.

Colors and Aesthetics: Aesthetically Pleasing in Sleek Black

The Manfrotto 058B Tripod is available in a stylish black color, adding a touch of sophistication to your photography setup. The sleek design not only complements your gear but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your creative space.

Technical Specifications: Diving into the Details

Let's delve into the technical specifications that set the Manfrotto 058B apart. With a round leg cross-section and a 3/8'' screw attachment type, this tripod ensures a secure connection for your camera. The load capacity of 12000 g makes it suitable for a wide range of camera setups, catering to both amateur and professional photographers.

The use of high-quality materials, including aluminum and steel, underscores the commitment to durability. The model name '058B' signifies excellence in design and functionality, making it a reliable choice for photographers seeking top-notch equipment.

Enhance Your Photography Experience: FAQs

1. Can the Manfrotto 058B Tripod be used with heavy camera setups?

Yes, the tripod's impressive load capacity of 12000 g makes it suitable for heavy camera setups, ensuring stability and reliability during your photo sessions.

2. Are the spiked feet retractable for indoor use?

Indeed, the Manfrotto 058B Tripod comes with retractable spiked feet, allowing you to seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor shooting without compromising on stability.

3. What is the closed length of the Manfrotto 058B Tripod?

The tripod's closed length is 940 mm, making it compact and easily portable for photographers on the move.

4. Is the Manfrotto 058B Tripod compatible with all camera brands?

Yes, the 3/8'' screw attachment type ensures compatibility with a wide range of camera brands, providing photographers with versatility in their equipment choices.

5. Are replacement parts available for the Manfrotto 058B Tripod?

For information on replacement parts, we recommend reaching out to authorized Manfrotto dealers or contacting the manufacturer directly for assistance.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Photography with Manfrotto 058B Tripod

In conclusion, the Manfrotto 058B Tripod in black is a reliable and stylish choice for photographers looking to enhance their creative pursuits. Its sturdy construction, versatile design, and impressive specifications make it a valuable addition to any photography toolkit. Elevate your photography game with the Manfrotto 058B Tripod, now available at

  • Retractable spiked feet mean you can use this both outdoors and indoors on delicate floor surfaces
  • Sturdy all-metal construction
  • Key specs are not available.
Manfrotto 058B Tripod - Black Colours:
  • Black

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Manfrotto 058B Tripod - Black Specifications

Centre Column Extension 1910 mm
Closed Length 940 mm
Maximum Height 2170 mm
Minimum Height 440 mm
Weight 6150 g
Leg Cross Section Round
General Specifications
Attachment 3/8'' screw attachment type
Brand Manfrotto
Color Black
Load Capacity 12000 g
Material Aluminum , Steel
Model Name 058B
Leg Features
Leg Cross Section Round

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Manfrotto 058B Tripod - Black Reviews from YouTube

Manfrotto 058B (Unboxing & Thoughts)
Manfrotto 058B Tripod & 410 Geared Head Review
Good Support & Stability is Everything! ... by Karl Taylor
Manfrotto 058B Triaut Kamerastativ
how you liking that tripod in 2021? 6yrs of use any complaints?
I'm interested in this after seeing another blog post for food photography. Nice to see see it demo-ed so I can get an idea of it's real life size and functionality. Love how the legs extend. I always find it to be a pain having to individually unscrew each leg like I do with my old Bogen. (Manfrotto)
I use it and love it as a studio tripod. I would never take it outside of the studio. Very heavy! The gearing middle is great.
Mine are very old models I bought used around 25 years ago. Model 3050. Before spreading the legs, and with the tripod standing upright, use the rotating leg release and raise the tripod to a little above the desired height, then release the rotating leg release. Then spread the legs to the desired spread. Then level the tripod using the individual leg release buttons. Lock the leg spreaders. With practice, you'll learn how high you'll need to raise initially and compensate and fine tune using the center column. To close up - unlock the spreaders, grab two legs and lift the tripod up and bring the two legs together, rest the tripod on those two legs on the ground. Then bring the third leg in to join the other two. Rotate the leg release and lower the tripod. Tighten leg locks. Fasten strap to bottom of legs. Done. Less than a minute to set up, 30 seconds to pack up. I have two of these. One with a 3 way head with hex quik release for large format cameras, and the other with a Manfrotto 057 Mag Ball Head Q5 for the smaller formats.
PS: to get ALL the legs to telescope together, push TWO of the levers at the SAME time, otherwise the levers only operate their respective legs extensions; also if you want more scope there is a collet lock on the last leg section ( operates like any other normal tripod leg).
the centre column on this Tripod is fine, the whole thing can support an 8 x 10" film camera for goodness sake ,or even a Fuji G x 680 , thats what its designed for, as well as other studio equipment like heavy lights, OR using manfrotto's column accessory you can have a laptop desk or a twin camera rig (see Carl Taylor's videos)- he puts a heavy Hasselblad H 6 D system on this thing with a heavy lens, and a flash trigger
Just ordered one :) Thanks for the great video! :) I don't understand the likes do dislikes ratio :(
I have one of these tripods, and it's brilliant. I have cheaper tripods with twist locks on the legs and they are a pain to use compared to the 058B Triaut. As Benjamin states this isn't the type of tripod you would lug up a mountain, but for studio work and even working around reception venues at hotels it's ideal. It's weight isn't just a bonus for stability of the camera, but it really helps to protect your camera. I've had kids run into my tripod at weddings, and the tripod stayed upright. A lighter tripod would have toppled over and my camera/lens would have been damages. It''s worth every penny.
This and 405 geared head = Ultimate Beast?
Fantastic video, thanks. Can you confirm, is it a regular 058B model or "Triaut" version. Thanks!
Waste of money product !
Thanks for the video. Have you found a quick and easy way to level the tripod?
Thanks. I prefer watching 'real world' videos rather than a product 's in the mail tomorrow. I'll be using it with a video head (MVH502AH).
Thanks for the video, it helped me figure out a couple doubts I had about this tripod versus the 057 4 Sections legs. As you pointed out, I would've liked to watch something like this before purchasing it online. Unfortunately not all video/photo stores carry this on the display floor.
Great review! I was going to buy it after watching Karl Taylor's video, but now after watching yours I made my final decision. Thanks a lot!
definitely your are doing something wrong with the head plate., it takes less then 1 second. about the tripod you can also increase the height even more., check the bottom part of the leg.
goods like
Is that a Foba tripod in the big one?
What is the best tripod for shooting nudes?
Hoping to hear you thoughts on the promote control? I have the d3300 and it doesn't have bracketting and it's difficult to keep my camera still even on the tripod. But for 300$ I wonder if it's worth it.
Those quick release buttons have won me over, im off to the shop now
Very practical info' Thanks Karl
May I ask what do you call those pole stand with side arm, the one attached with your medium format Hasselblad camera?
Karl - so appreciative of the knowledge you share.  Your free videos are head and shoulders above many paid courses and your video series are proving to be nothing short of transformative. My question is this: Seeking a tripod for landscape and wildlife, I have come to learn that the cool light weight units are not really good at resisting wind.  Likewise, I have come to be suspect of any center column units as that feature seems to be a major Achilles heel which undermines the stability of the legs.  You are clearly showing the Manfrotto 058B in surf and I imagine you it elsewhere outside the studio.  Do you keep the center column down to reduce the leverage or does the Manfrotto 058B not suffer this malady?  Sadly, no one in my area carries one in stock so I cannot see it first hand. Cheers Don
November 30, 2014 Great video    Im buying the Manfrotto    Question:. I want the pro grip style head that would work with the O58. Any suggestions? appreciate any advice.  
what tripods are you talking about karl?
How else would he walk?
I notice in the videos that Karl uses the 058B for his landscape photography. Would anyone consider the Neotec good enough for landscape work? Thanks
u are a leggy thing, these are tripods
I don't understand why he uses those leggy things. Can't he not just hold the camera
lol, as log as it doesn't weight more than 5-6 kg, this shouldn't be a problem at all! got the same tripod and don't miss anything yet
Im sure it could. I put my 5Dmk2 and 70-200 on my cheapo Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod.
Could this hold a 5D, 70-200mm on a Manfrotto 504HD Head?
Im thinking about buying the 058B but I'd like to know how low can it go, in case i want to shoot some flower or insects or just have a really low perspective.
Hey Karl, do you know other tripods that have the same kind of system for the legs, but not as heavy as the 058B? Thanks :)
After seeing this video I went out and got a 058. Amazing So stable. Great recommendation Karl.
Many thanks for your videos Karl, they are great and are really informative. All the best :)
Wow! :) Das gefällt mir gut :)
No entendí nada pero que buen tripié la verdad
ya danka.

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