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Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization Book Reviews from YouTube

Vaclav Smil: Making the modern world
Vaclav Smil: Making the Modern World
Bill Gates Favorite Books
The Value of Buying Books And Printed Materials in The Modern World
Very like..
This whole video makes no sense.ok so you want to promote quality and longevity. Thats great.What does that have to do with China using more concrete? What does it have to do with the fact that the cars weigh more now (which is false because many cars way much less than before), but still what does it have to do with us not "saving anything".This was a completely illogical.and of course when he says middle east, show 2 women in a veil and 1 in a burkah.
It is a great book indeed, full with facts on material consumption throughout the time. It is said however that people like Bill Gates expand their resource and land consumption so much and that they don't leave enough 'lebensraum' for people who are not such a profiteers.
Anticrist and followrs
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He's such a polymath, what a man
Funny you publish a video of Vaclav Smil. His thought, which I mostly agree with, is in a complete opposition with your views of the World and your actions
Well its easy to point the trouble on the car industry but when you take some time to think about it car are the same thing as are the computers everybody want the best and bigger and the programmed obsolence of computers cellphone xbox are as worst as a car we are all guilty including yourself how many microsoft cd and disk are in the garbage today and even microsoft is guilty of programmed obsolescence by exemple i have a great sound blaster card in my pc its was compatble for windows xp 32bit windows 7 64bit Windows 8 & 8.1 64bit but than i upgraded my computer than my great Sound blaster that work perfectly is no more compatible on windows 10 same as my TV tuner card why the drivers 32 and 64 bit are no nomore compatible on a windows 10 64 bit but i fight the obsolescence and i figured out how to get this driver to work on windows 10 and now my sound card work perfectly and sound crystal clear its wont goes into the garbarge also i buy only cellphones only with removable battery and i upgrade the operating system for a free android version and i keep upgrading my old device and its continue to work great if you are looking for a culprit it may be yourself cause we are all guilty to accept this ...
Algum BR
I'm reading his books, and I read a few chapter, I just say was amazing
You are beautiful.As something new evolved changes occur,From that change, the power to protect the old system moves.Temporarily,With a strong resistant force,New changes are eliminated.again and again.But,After all,Human beings,If new changes evolve,It will adapt to that new change.You are beautiful.Thank you very much.
Smil Flaka z Pardubic?
That's good advice... I might add efficiency and perhaps even go as far as to suggest need fullness.
If he's so smart why does he need subtitles?Check mate.
Amen to that. Manufacturing a light bulb that doesn't burn after a year isn't that fucking hard.
3 20 ..... ~!
It is concrete that matters. and Steel.
To je ech ? :D
Hello,Me Play Minecraft.MFG
Vaclav Smile? LOL!
Nice video dude
I am so glad I discovered your channel! You are such a beautiful person, I enjoy your videos very much.
Nice! It's almost the same as Wealthy Life Demo (search for it on Google). I have been making over $7,000 every 30 days making really easy websites. I only work about two hours on them and earn each week... Search Google for the words Wealthy Life Demo and take a look for yourself.
jake, check out the kindle paperwhite, its an awesome e-reader which is basically lit from the front. just like a book.
I like books. Its always more intimate to read from a book rather then a computer screen. Books don't have popup ads. Books don't have malware, nor can they install cookies into your head.
It is always better to be sitting in your favorite easy chair with a nice hot cup of coffee reading a book.
Another great video, Jake! Keep up the awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really agree. The English language alone makes for some amazing things to read. Imagination is infinite!
Great video!

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