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Majorette 1:20�FULL FUNCTION R/C CAR Double Stripe Features

Majorette 1:20�FULL FUNCTION R/C CAR Double Stripe
The lowest Majorette 1:20�FULL FUNCTION R/C CAR Double Stripe Price in India is ₹385 at Flipkart.
Buy Majorette 1:20�FULL FUNCTION R/C CAR Double Stripe online at Flipkart.
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Majorette 1:20�FULL FUNCTION R/C CAR Double Stripe Reviews from YouTube

How to fix racing stripes in your car? | 3M 1080 Wrap Racing Stripes | DIY | Ford Figo S
Dodge Charger Popular Stripes & Graphics - 12 Visual Mod Ideas!
12 Popular Stripes + Graphics to Add to Your Dodge Challenger!
How to apply Racing Stripes on Cars - 3M 1080 Wrap Series Film
This is legal in India??
Bhai humko read Sticker Lagega Kasi Milega
Looks osm👌
Very clean and neat.. Good job 👌👍
Superb 😍😍 Full Support from Jammu
Wow! Your baby now has twice the horsepower it came with from the factory! Quick pro tip: if you cover the entire car with vinyls, you'll be able to beat the Bugatti Chiron's 0-100 time!
Lit bro! Thought tat u got the stripe job done in a service garage... great to know that u did it by urself. The expounding part was damn clear too! Good job🔥
Are they hard to put on?
I have a white 2013 Charger, Thinking of Rally Stripes down the middle and Rocker Stripes on the side that say Charger. Do you think black or red would look the best?
pls what is the model shown at 3:22 and the one on 3:25
Reflective tape is a mod😂
The Daytona stripes. Just across the trunk. Love those.
could you do a video on stripes and graphics for the Avengers?
How much horsepower does this add?
I have the luxe auto side marker and tail light tint, that's about as wild as I'll go on the appearance.
I tried something a little different that I hadn't seen much of on mopars. Center/single large stripe with alt color pin stripes.
Good graphics on the Chargers are awesome. Meanest sedans around!
I can assume a challenger video as well
Mahhhh boooiii I wanted to put the pin stripes but my car is black I don't know what to put 😕
Mines all black
It also fits dodge magnums and challengers.
I want to look Into something for mine. I put Dublicolor custom wrap on the rear spoiler. Had a silver body and painted it flat black. Looked great.
3rd ?
I got the mopar blue stripe for my dart. Just gotta install it.
Thanks for making this! Its tough to find quality decals for challengers. Lots of styles and hard to find right ones. My hood is damaged clear coat all scratched up. Need to paint it or thinking of a hood decal now. Thanks for upload 👍
Great video. Still having a hard time choosing a good stripe for my Torred GT Challenger.
Looking for a tail stripe with the 1320 badge ? Car color Sinomom stick
What about Shaker hood graphics?
Great stuff. I am a couple days from paint on my 74 Challenger restoration and was trying to visualize what I wanted. This gave me a couple ideas to go with. Thinking R/T stripes but finish the rear with an accordion look rather than add R/T since technically it’s not an R/T. I think I may split the hood logo. Staying with original Frosty Green Poly and doing the accents in black.
I NEED HELP.. guys would it be good to add stripes on my 2012 sxt challenger? Do people do that or are stripes mainly a rt and srt thing, please let me know?
that's Kevin 11s car @1:56
What color stripe would you recommend for a very light blue car?
I have old-school hockey stick stripes on the rear quarter-panels of my 2014 Challenger R/T. Dodge didn't actually offer them for the Challenger back in the '70s, but Plymouth did for the Barracuda.
I think I’m going to make a modern cuda’ stripe with white plasti-dip on my pitch black challenger.
Still undecided, I got a widebody Scatpack. Thinking black rally stripes either carbon fiber or mat black but that leaves the side plain
I just got a white widebody challenger, not sure what to put on it. Love the look of racing strips but might be a bit much.
You forgot Billboard stripes.
You missed my challenger stripes.. can be seen on Instagram @leepatterson maybe you can tell me about it.
0:26 *Charger*
Only 6v 😁 text
My challenger GT has a 2 scoop hood, with 2 stripes that dont go full length of the car. I dont see that here.
they all look like shit! pure color just carries this car. i have a 2009 r/t orange.
Good vid. Forgot about the full black hood as seen on T/As (& other Challengers).
Hi can you do the Camry stripes
where do i buy that sticker?
Give the link of solution which is used and also vinyl wrap link which I can buy it
“This video will show you how to install Vin-nile in your we-hickle.”
What's that for appli tape?
I just had my new car pin striped and it has so many small bubbles in the vinyl stripes. The decaler said they would flatten on their own? Really?
I was the first one to use them on my Audi A4 from the gurgaon 3m back in 2014 they even uploaded my car on their FB profile Dp. white Audi with black stripes and the car looked dope ppl use to click pictures and asks me about the stripes now I drive a plain white gle without any stripes. I miss those days.
The Vin-Nile!!!! Omgggg amazingggggg
Oh my God wow
Where can I purchase this exact type of racing stripes?
Anyone know how long to keep your car protected after vinyl application? Like do I keep it out of the rain or sun or not use the car altogether for a certain amount of time so the vinyl can full adhere to the car?
Cow bless u
I like to get neon green strip decal for a blue chevy impala and paint the chevy elbem same color of the decal
WTF, you are supposed to spray water on to the adhesive side first.
What price 3m?
Great video, Thanks !
4:08 the stripes sticker is not exactly in center. The sticker on the S logo is not centered .
Lov find this 3m product but can't these stripes, anywhere

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