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MAIZO Competition Style Leather Moulded Boxing Gloves (Red ...

MAIZO Competition Style Leather Moulded Boxing Gloves (Red) Boxing Gloves only for Rs 2000 . Ideal For Girls, Boys, Men & Women . Buy online @


MAIZO Competition Style Leather Moulded Boxing Gloves (Blue 10 ...

MAIZO Competition Style Leather Moulded Boxing Gloves (Blue 10 oz) Boxing Gloves only for Rs 2000 . Ideal For Boys, Girls, Men & Women, Women .


Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue Features

  • Left & Right Gloves
  • For Men, Women
  • For Boxing
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Material: Leather
  • Gloves
Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue Colours:
  • Blue

Find the best deal on Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue Price in India is ₹1,515 at Flipkart.
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Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue Specifications

Color Blue White
Ideal For Men, Women
Material Leather
Playing Level Beginner, Competition
Sport Type Boxing
Type Boxing Gloves
Glove Details
Closure Hook and Loop Closure
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 2
Sales Package Two Gloves

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Maizo Competition Style Boxing Gloves (Medium) - Blue Reviews from YouTube

Superior Winning/ Japanese Style Boxing Gloves REVIEW- THE BEST BOXING GLOVE VALUE UNDER $60!
Can you answer this? I bought the original red Is that a box glove Pro fight glove Or sparring glove? If you answer i will sub
What was the better one for the heavy bag the title or rival ones
Is there a specific style you would recommend for thumb protection? Ive been spraining my thumbs constantly for years
Which is better the fuerte punch glove or the cleto Reyes glove?
Hi I am planning to get a pair of all purpose training gloves due to limited budget. I am 5'9 and 158 lbs, what oz gloves do you think I should get? Thanks!
Hi Carlo. I'm 120lbs 5'11. Will 16 oz lace up gloves be good for bag work or should I get 14 oz. I bought a new 110 lb heavy bag and its pretty hard. Appreciate your advice pal!
What model were those rivals I have a pair of fighting fury gloves what are you’re thoughts on those?
I just bought some hayabusa's and I cant close my thumb over to make a proper fist
Hey carlo man would love it if you did a review on the 200$ everlast sparring gloves, alot of people would be interested in what you have to say. Theres only a Russian guy that reviewed it and we have no idea what hes saying. Thanks.
Thanks man. Happy New Year
Sir mag order sana ako ng gloves at mitts. Paano ba sir
I'm trying to loss 100 pounds with good diet work out battle rope biking etc ok training glove
Thanks for taking the time to do this great video! Do you have links to the gloves? I like those Rival Mitts, but couldn't find them :(
I am about to buy some training gloves, which one do you think would be a better option? they are at same price (around 28 USD) Christmas I am getting bad boy 8 oz gloves . The available sizes were 8 oz , 12oz and 16 oz . I am a boy of 12 years old . Do you think 8 oz is a good bag/training/pro fighting glove for a kid of my age ?
Hey Carlo, are the everlast powerlock laced training gloves good for bag work? It's on sale for 80 dollars.
loved this, grat vid helped me a ton
Thaaaanks for this
Snap decision plz and thnx, powerlock or mx
Can someone tell me the name of the first gloves in the sparring
These are exactly the same gloves as the fake "custom" Winnings you see on eBay man! They just have their logo put on it and claim it as their "own glove".
What you rate between these gloves, Ring to Cage C-17s, and Fighting Sports Tri-Tech training gloves in terms of closeness to Winnings?
Are these glove good for people who have small hands?
Where can I purchase this pair gloves. It seems like they arennit sold anywhere anymore?
i paid 100 for these gloves and they are spectacular with the exception of the quality. imo everything else is about as good as it gets.
Looks like the company is shutdown. Covid possibly?
How long did shipping take
Is the padding on these softer than fighting sport fury and which padding do you prefer?
Their price went up to $80 including shipping. I wouldn't pay anymore than that for these gloves. They're pretty good but not worth $80+ for these
I got them, they are brilliant
Am I looking in the wrong place or have these jumped in price a little since this video?
These or fighting
Oh I gotta question Carlo! Is it genuine leather? I need to know for when I clean them!
man is there anyway these gloves can land themselves here in Singapore :( could anyone proxy for me?
I’m looking for a pair of these gloves but for some reason I can’t find them besides on eBay, is there somewhere else I can get them, I trust eBay but not that much.
are the fighting sport fuy closer to feeling like winnings or are the superiors? Thanks.
Apparently the lace ups are more balanced in weight and less floppy.
Mine has started to bubble quite a bit been using them only for the heavybag. Still a great value glove but just be aware of this flaw I have a feeling they have some sort of plastic covering over the foam to protect it from water damage like sweat and this is what is causing the bubbling along the knuckle area.
Hey mate these are now going for $112AUD with shipping, I've been looking for a winning alternative, I use ringside imf for sparring and topboxer win1 for bagwork rn, but don't like how bulky the ringsides feel, do you reckon these are worth the buck for an Aussie ? Or should I fork out that little bit more and just grab some cletos or r2c etc. Most brands you can find new or near to new for under $200 here except like winning & grant which you'll be lucky to find used for under $350, sorry for the paragraph they're just at that awkward price point haha
What's the fit of these gloves like , I have the heavy hitters flares in 16 oz velcro and they are just a little to big for me , I had to convert them to lace up to secure my wrist due to the size . Should I get these in 14 oz or is 16 safe ?
Would you advise using either if these gloves for any type of training?
I know they provide gloves but do they provide headgear too? I only have an old closed face headguard
Very informative!
It's almost like a online r the students attending the lessons
can you do a review on the twins BGVL6 extended cuff gloves
Great info! Never like the rounded bulbous feel of the amateur gloves. Obviously means I'm supposed to be a pro!
Really liked the vid. Thanks
Amateur gloves don’t hurt much cause of the padding. Pro gloves are barely padded and very hard. You feel every impact especially the day after the fight lol.
I hate watching women’s boxing because they don’t have power, so i think It really doesn’t matter that they use 10oz gloves in amateurs regardless of their weight
One sucks and one is comfortable
I’ve fought many times in the sting gloves and find them so stiff and annoying, I much rather the Aiba Adidas fight gloves. But now england boxing are sponsored by sting I haven’t seen the Adidas since. Thinking about buying some sting competition gloves to train in to get as used to them as possible, you think they will last for training, like bag work , pads etc? As they are for fights I’m questioning the durability, and that they’re 100 quid lol
Great info and a lot of help. Would you be able to put together a top 10 or top 5 best boxing gloves for training that use velcro straps. I worl with a lot of amatuers and I always tell them beat to get velcro strap saves a lot of time. The Ringside Ultimate which is no longer made was a grrat glove ultra durable and the leather is literally 2x as thick as the newest Ringside Heritage gloves which I currently have and really like. Anyhow, I think it qould be a major help if you could do that. Thank you for your time.
What’s a good heavy bag glove 140 dollars I’ll pay up to?
all these to0 expensive
Carlo, are going to do one of these for 2021?
Superrare didn't make the list tho
updated list ? love the vids btw
Working to manufacture gloves in China and I would love to send you a pair and get your thoughts. You can DM me on Instagram @valorfightgear
The budget video I think is the video on how to chose which gloves is best for you
Tbh noboxingnolife is a very underrated brand
are the rival rs11v underweight?
I have Cleto Reyes and BGV9s. I feel like the BGV9s are better. The liner is tight on the BGV9 and Reyes has loose liners that you can feel sagging on your hands. Very strange that Cleto makes its gloves like that. The leather is pulled tighter on the BGV9s as well. I feel like the BGV9 is built a lot better. But the Cleto Reyes def have more of that “hand made” feel to it and way better wrist support. I have 12oz for both gloves and the Reyes feels A LOT heavier. Like 12oz vs 16oz difference.
If you have the money and want a long lasting glove go for cleto Reyes. If you’re training 4-6x a week. They’ll last you for 3-6years depending how you maintain them.
I'm starting to get into boxing, it seems like a very interesting sport that I am into, and with Christmas coming up I was planning on getting some Top Boxer Win1's, so this review helps a lot with my decision on what I should do with my Christmas money good video thanks!
You should do a best gloves for 2021
What's the song on the intro
Hi Carlo! Great video thank you for taking the time to put out such amazing content! I´m looking to buy new sparring and bag gloves. Thinking of buying the: Rival RB 11 Evolution Bag Gloves or RB50 (RB50 wrist support?) Rival RS 11V Sparring or R2C MIM Deluxe or R2C C17 I have bad wrist, so i was thinking these gloves would be best for wrist support, comfort and quality for the money. What would you recommend for that price range? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
sharks fan smh not surprised he’s a boxer id wanna beat his ass too lmfao
idk if you will read this comment. I have a question about the Rival RS1 v2 gloves. Will they work well with some lace n loops? Thank you for your content sir
I do bag work and sparring so what’s a good boxing glove for that kind of training?
I have venum

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