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Maizo Boxing Focus Pad Specifications

Depth 57 mm
Height 295 mm
Weight 410 g
Width 200 mm
Filling Material shock Absorbing Polyethylene Foam
Ideal For Junior, Senior
Inbuilt Arm Strap Yes
Inbuilt Hand Compartment Yes
Material Synthetic Leather
Sport Type Boxing, KickBoxing, MMA
Type Focus Pad
In the Box
Sales Package 2 Focus Pad

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Boxing Focus Mitts !! You Should Buy // Cheap And Best !!
Boxing Focus Mitts !! You Should Buy // Cheap And Best !!
Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves
Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves
In amateur kickboxing (WAKO, WKA and ISKA) they don't allow you to use backfist or spinning backfist so you're wasting your money buying Muay Thai gloves if most kickboxing governing bodies don't even allow the backfist (Thai gloves have more padding on the back of the hand). Just invest in 2 decent pairs of boxing gloves: 15Oz for sparring and 10Oz for fighting.
Question man . Does boxing work in street fight defense ? I guess the question is that I have is let’s say we did a straight boxing match with mma gloves or bareknucle how would your stragity change ???? Shurely there is less room to hide behind without gloves and if u hold up your hands to block without gloves and the guy haymakers your hand from trying to block he could break your hand . Should I even bother with body shots in street fights ??? Help ty
Hey do you know the Tabo Boxing Gloves?
but what if your a kid what would be better or same result
tell me again why he has gloves on but doesnt use them in this particular vid
but is it okay if you use mauy Thai gloves for boxing
Cleto Reyes was is worn by oscar de la hoya!! Chavez SR Victor Ortiz erik el terrible Morrales!! Manny pac man paqiuo !! and yes of coarse last but Not Least JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ!! try to top that!! 
Question: Considering that both boxing and muay thai gloves make it impossible to make a fully clenched fist like you would bare handed or with wraps, how can you avoid hurting your thumb when throwing punches?
Winnings are the best for longevity but are crazy expensive, grants are well rounded but wear n tear after heavy use in 3-4 yrs, everlast is about the same as grants but cheaper, Reyes are great for hard sparring and competition probably my favorite gloves and title are well rounded gloves.
Are those title classics your using?
Makes sense, thx man!
hi johnny got two questions too, one is ive used the title gloves for about 6 months and after a heavy bag sessions my fingers started to ache, now that i use the hayabussa tokushu series i dont have ache on my fingers anymore and the other im really curious about is why would you not recomend shadowboxing with gloves, thanks again for everything i really apreciated
Besides the quality of the brand use the glove for your discipline. It's much easier to block with boxing gloves where with MMA gloves it's easier to sneak punches in. When In bag training I prefer a thinner actual bag glove so I can feel the impact. Not a bad idea to carry three sets of different gloves in your bag. Different job requires different tools. Like with shoes look for double or triple stitching versus single which tend to come apart easily. 
hello johnny , i have 2 questions :  can i use boxing gloves for  a  MMA shadow box ? and should i do shadow boxing with gloves or not ( my gloves are 16oz) ?
What are you trying to say I don't even....
Boxing is the number 1 combat sport, always and forever. Mma geeks get used to it. Mma fags always wanna prove their sport and flash it around but what they don't understand is the MAJORITY of people don't give a fuck about it. Its no where near as exciting as an all out boxing war si they really neef to shut the fuck up and stay in their own lane
Comments section really went left
I just wanted to say congrats on spell-check and grammar check. :)
It's a mute argument. Boxers aren't used to those things because they don't train for them. Flip the scenario around, take away the MMA guy's kicks and you have a helpless guy with useless arms against a boxer.