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EPFL and DeepMind use AI to control plasmas for nuclear fusion
Controlling a tokamak plasma
EPFL and DeepMind use AI to control plasmas for nuclear fusion
7a The tokamak concept
Just follow the primes numbers
This will not work as expected. The derivative itself will be discret
That cooling fan is the real MVP! GO #TOKAMAKFAN
So um. Didn't they achieve fusion years ago and the real problem is containing the reaction with less energy than the reaction itself makes....... What happens in simulations when they try to contain more with less... My guess is it turns the fusion reactor into a bomb. Its matter at 150 million C. 50 million hotter than a nuke... And force is squared right? So making more and more energy. Takes even more power.... It's not possible. Equal and opposite reactions kinda say it's not. Unless they have magnets that use very little energy or none at all and its always magnetic. Which would probably not be able to even be moved by humans or machines. It would have the strength to lift an aircraft carrier and be deadly to be around.... So that electromagnet they made that can lift a carrier... Did they simulate how it would effect their facility and earth's magnetic field? Would suck to turn it on and crank up the power just to have the whole area be pulled towards the magnet. And they do remember that almost everything is magnetic in a strong field as well right?
Everything here shows that I don’t have a complete understanding of how it all works, but I thought I would try to contribute something that might be useful. It’s not complete yet, but I’m working on a way to contain a plasma field with resonant standing waves of sound. This would allow for fusion from hydrogen to helium in a light, simple, portable, source of high energy output. Right now, they have to use incredibly large, and unbelievably expensive, giant magnetrons, and cryogenics to create fusion. They use lasers all converging on one single point to get the temperature for fusion, but because it’s plasma, it wants to expand like a bomb, and they have "try" and use magnetic fields, and pressure, to contain it. But, nobody is using sonic resonance. The idea hasn’t occurred to them. If you’ve ever seen footage of UFO’s projecting a contained beam of light then you understand what I’m trying to do here. The frequencies would have to be so far off the charts that it will require quantum computers to synchronize the timing of the harmonized light waves, sound waves, and pressure waves, to create a gravitational wave sphere in a vacuum to contain the plasma without walls. It’s taking the frequency of the CMB and tracing it back to it’s origin, and "that’s" the frequency to match. It ascends infinitely, and descends infinitely, at the same time (erasing time) in both directions, to infinity. It’s like creating a wavelength so fine that it becomes flat to unite with the base of the lowest waveform, like a loop. It Essentially oscillates around itself. This field will not even let heat escape so the cryogenic liquid hydrogen stays there, and stays at absolute zero. You have to remove the CMB from the liquid hydrogen to get it to freeze. The field should remove it from time and space. When liquid hydrogen is brought to absolute zero, it doesn’t disappear, it kind of flips inside out. The nuclear charges balance and matter becomes energy, and this energy immediately becomes condensed matter that if you remove the electrons, it becomes helium from hydrogen. It involves a bunch of superstitious hunches like how I think that if you take a series of frozen, superconducting, Tesla coils, and hook all of their ends up in a circle, you get an infinite loop where the rotating magnetic field around them sends current through the coils that never escapes because it’s in a perfect vacuum, so it is forever recycling the current and turning amps into volts forever. Higher and higher forever. It can’t arc out like a novelty plasma ball because of the vacuum. I have an idea of how achieve a true perfect vacuum. That’s the whole key. That, and how to get sound to it intrinsically. The vibrations would have to be coming from within the device, and be able to monitor the frequencies of the rotating magnetic field, and the laser light, and harmonize with them. It takes 3 points in space to make a plane. So, it takes three self contained, viable forces for self contained fusion. I would say wish me luck, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer as each day passes what is required to achieve this in an intuitive way. I’m still not sure if the standing sonic wave sphere comes from within the plasma field, or from outside in. Anyway, the one consequential force that they’ve been overlooking is sonic resonance that completes the system. I’ll get it figured out to where it makes sense to anyone I present it to. Peace Plasma Carries sound, maybe even slower than gas. Plasma in a container has sound traveling from the outside in. It also has sound coming from the center outward. The 2 sound waves meet in the middle and form a standing wave. As the temperature increases in the plasma from converging lasers, the sound also amplifies. It is a self contained lightning ball. The magnetic fields around the plasma don’t have to be very strong, but they do have to oscillate at the same resonant frequency as the sound and light. All inputs have to be synchronized. If you are using microwaves to sustain the plasma, then even it has to pulse, or spin, at the harmonic frequency of all other operating components. A standing gravity wave sphere 9s what we are after. This will allow liquid hydrogen to freeze by deflecting the CMB. A Tesla Torus is super conducting coils in a series who’s ends are connected together to form a loop. It is a torus, rotating within a torus, rotating within a torus. 3 opposing axes. This surrounds the lightning ball. If the incoming CMB wave crests, coming from all directions can be canceled out, then liquid hydrogen can be brought to absolute zero and not be matter, or energy, but both at the same time. It would probably vanish from our sight because it is out of time and space so it’s location would be far away from our own because it has stopped, no mass, and we are still hurtling through space time. It would instantly reform at it’s location because it is out of the device. Now, if the device were vibrating, or oscillating, it could recapture it because it is moving slightly in all directions, if the timing were fast enough, and if the oscillations were far enough. It would have to be a field outside of the device. Gravity only comes into the picture when there is mass. If hydrogen reaches absolute zero, it has no mass. At least, not to you. So, trillions of times per second that mass disappears and reappears makes gravity waves in all directions. When you extract electrons from the oscillating cloud, it radiates gravity waves reflected of of the cloud shell, and then forms a standing wave to contain the plasma. Mass is an echo of the Big Bang trapped within the atomic shell. It can only be created by the Big Bang, and it can only end at the end of the universe that contains it. So, we deflect, cancel out, or redirect the CMB, and the cloud becomes out of space and time. When it is exposed to the universe, that’s instantly, it fills with mass. It repeats the Big Bang. It is energy becoming force, but on an atomic scale. Pulses that occur so quickly that it seems like a small star, but only as you bombard it with laser pulses. The universe explodes, and then it implodes. It breathes, if you will. We replicate this on an atomic scale, and it’s like miniature universes exploding and imploding. Infinitesimal increments of time occur between the points where there is mass, and when mass is re-ignited.
Feedback control is new for tokamaks?
It is our future. Thank u tokamak
bring it To carmack:)
How is the hydrogen plasma controlled by electromagnetic fields? Since the hydrogen ion is not influenced by electromagnetic fields
Why doesn't the metal in a fusion reactor melt?
More bs about fusion. Just what the internet needs.
This is out of date as we now have new fusion nuclear power. Almost costless electricity and therefore hydrogen from new fusion nuclear is now immediately upon us. We have recently taken a new step to advance the physic of power production by enabling chemistry of the atomic nucleus, or "nuchemy" in the newest FUSION NUCLEAR POWER. technology of the SAFIRE GENERATOR. We are passing the chemistry level where we interacted with the atomic electron shells and are moving on to manipulations in this "NUCHEMY" atomic nuclear era when we interact and multiply nuclear protons. We have rediscovered the lost work of the alchemists and can make new elements with different atomic weights. This was ably demonstrated in "The Safire Project". Quanta are important. We now have enough energy in them to manipulate the atomic nucleus much more easily by creating a compartment, or what is a local region of plasma containment so reactions at this atomic nuclear level can easily take place. This is about to practically enabled a really fantastic and cheap new era of energy production for the whole of mankind. This with hydrogen, so free fuel obtained from water or atmospheric moisture anywhere in the world. This new fusion nuclear is at the industrial commercial production final development point as of now. The energy argument and other power methodologies are all now virtually irrelevant as we have new and very physically and economically powered practical and local community level fusion nuclear power. Solar roof plus Teslawall battery may be the present way to go domestically but megapack batteries and multiple storage technologies interconnected with an expanded ugly grid have a less certain requirement when you consider new any-scale community based and 24 hr reliable and self-fueling fusion nuclear in the form of the "SAFIRE GENERATOR". Learn all about it at "aureon @t". Learn the newer EU Theory and plasma physics at "Thunderbolts @t" and you will be permanently reeducated with this advanced new EU theory that will allow you to understand more about the astrophysics of our whole universe and all within.
Sorry but the future is Cold bose einstein condensate plasma it's how the sun works
Does a tiny, homemade, DIY Fusor meet the definition of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor.
But the question still remains - Do I still have to pull the control rods out to increase the power?
Circle halved once squared twice to the right. Draw It. 12/3/6 numbers like a sun dial. That's time, times and half a time in the shape. Magnesium, Lithium, Carbon and Hydrogen atomic weight numbers. Times from D-T on next clock wise cycle. L above positive charge, L below negative charge spin. Pictured fusion geometry from fusing the word (GOD).
Токама́к (ТОроидальная КАмера с МАгнитными Катушками)
Why would you say 100million degrees?... similarly to carbon dating, you can just choose any number you like, I would choose billion dilion tilion degrees! :)
❤❤❤❤🌺🌺🌺🌺magnet 👍👍👍👍
sore because l dont english

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