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Machinery's Handbook (Machinery's Handbook, 25th ed. ed By Erik Oberg (Et Al).) Book Features

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Machinery's Handbook (Machinery's Handbook, 25th ed. ed By Erik Oberg (Et Al).) Book Reviews from YouTube

Essential Reading for Machinists! - Haas Automation TOD Toolbox
Machinery's Handbook 16th Edition: A Look
Machinery Handbook
Machinist's Reference Handbooks Tips 518 tubalcain
Same.the threads
I am using 28 edition of this Book, and often use broach section of this book
Glad to hear the history of our favorite book
I got one that says it's from the 50s
I use the SHOP REFERENCE FOR STUDENTS AND APPRENTICES, as being a instructor this makes sense for me and my studnets. Smaller version of the Handbook.
Well what do you know! I wondered why it was the Machinery's Handbook as in the possessive. Thought it was an archaic use of the language going back to the industrial revolution. But no it was produced by the "Machinery" magazine so its their handbook.My dog eared and coffee stained pages are on speeds and feeds, threads and conversion - imperial and metric
In the Machinery's Handbook, there's a small section I use often: logarithms of gear ratios. I cut gears and sometimes I do not have the correct set of gears to obtain the needed ratio for the machine. The tables and simple calculations make finding another set of gears (just to be clear: I'm talking about ratios with 4 or more gears not just 2 index gears) a breeze.
Ill certainly tell you what book Im not using. The Haas manuals that come with the machines are terrible, especially the ST lathe manual.
The thread section for sure - the other book? Haas Mill or Lathe Workbook - BEST G code book out there!
Tap-Drill card. Must have under a magnet on the lid of my Kennedy. I use an old 1970s new old stock card. Never fails.
i buy haas vf4 couple month ago, i pay everythings include installation, but now, when my place are ready, haas dealers here in UAE dont have any single people to installed my machine? verry dissapointed, i thought its a big company
Please do a video explaining G112 on lathes. Would love to know how to write my own hex program or interpolate a pocket by hand. Ive seen a few examples in an old Haas manual but could really use some explanation.
Lol that's what that drawer was for. Doing it wrong for 20 years. Oh and my vf2 has 100mm not 125mm t-slots as on the website.
I have considered buying these books but need a metric version. Online stores don't let you read before you buy. Is there a metric only version?
Manuale di Ingignere
As someone in the rest of the world, I wish the Machinery's Handbook would purge all the nonsense imperial units! I still use it as the go-to reference of course as it's simply the only complete reference, but even in the latest edition there's a lot of imperial-only data that you're then referred to conversion charts for. I do love the Engineers Black Book, as it's available in a Metic edition and like you say it feels amazing and the ring-binding is great, but it's so small that it's only good for the bare essentials. While designing, the Machinery's Handbook is always close at hand.
I use Camcut app, very useful.
Handbook 25 + Zeus + Black book. All great resources! (UK)
at my work we just use google
I was hysterical when talked about the 24 th edition and the screw threads pages.
Since you feel there is so much outdated information in that book, why did you choose a book published in 1962? Did you not realize technology changed a bit in the last 60 years?
Pura desi jugadd bhai k pass h .i am willing to buy
have the 17th edition. I have a degree in Physics, this book provides a lot of important information for me.
very helpful! I'm an IE working as a manufacturing engineer and one of the guys told me, "you need to read the Bible". thanks for posting this video years ago. It looks like I will be using this book for screw thread systems.
Tabellenbuch Metal is a German machinery handbook also in English, Newnes Engineers Reference is Brits metrc version. So if your looking for metric, I would look into these. Why complain about an U.S. not covering metric? That's like Brits complaining about theirs not covering imperial. So look into these.
great, I'm a mechanical engineer too
My father is amachinist as has that book at his work bench and has no idea what calculus is
Thank you for doing this review, SuperVPower. Great humor, pointing out the difference between theory and practice, the need for a book like this in this day and age, and superb coverage of the important parts of the book. If I was working in this field, I'd want to buy it right away! Very enlightening. Please do more reviews like this!
Thank you for your information, I own a black book and some other books they are really handy. I'm trying to find information or videos on handy make up tools, tools that will make my job easier so if you know any it would be a great help if you could mybe make a video on some of the tools you've made.
that is really , what actually i need
I'm about to buy the Black Book and the Black Fastener Book. Both metric.Sadly they make the electrical one only for US and AU.
The machinery handbook is the greatest ....older editions are better a machinist for 40 years its always been on my workbench.......Sad to say we have engineers that have never picked one up and cant read a simple machinists scale ..........great videos ,and I must say Machinists are so undervalued in America today ....
I am 77 years young and still have my Machinery's Handbook. I used it often during my career from technician through VP of Engineering & Technology and finally, Pres of a company. Thx for the vlogs and content! God bless!
I studied to be a mechanical draftsman in 1967 and the very first thing we were told was, "buy a copy of the Machinery Handbook," which I dutifully did. We used it daily when we were told to draw a particular part such as a nut, bolt, gear, etc. I still have it and I have my brothers later edition (1980's I think) that he used when he retrained as a draftsman when he suffered a back injury. I treasure them both but I know my kids won't care a wit about them when it is time for me to downsize. Loved your video, other books I never heard about.
I appreciate references as i need it for truck and trailer technician mechanic.
Wonderful Survey. I have used all these books professionally and "in the basement" A great read to add context is Fred Colvin's 60 years with men and machines. You will find it at estate sales and ebay along with numerous Aircraft Mechanics Handbooks published in the WWII era.
I have a 1958 copy of American Machinist magazine that has an Ad fornthe copy of American Machinist handbook I've got. It was an expensive book, $8-9 in 1958. The ad even mentioned that financing was available
Lyle, I have an eight edition handbook from 1930, which I refer to all the time. I find the older books have the information that I need rather than the newer editions as they tend to deal with the most modern of engineering details. I use contact cement (Weldwood) for repairing my books, they last a little longer. Great video, thumbs up.
Thank you again for many good videos. If anybody has a problem regard the copy protected material you show (T=04:45), just remember "the Fair Use Clause by the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976", which allows you to use copyrighted materials for the purpose of commentary, criticism and/or for educational use. Keep up the good work.Jim.
Fuller's Earth... We used it in the brake bands of our cranes on clam shell work.. Makes a brake hold with less effort on the brake pedal and the load will slide exactly as you want it to...It is also good in a friction that does not want to pull the load....
Mr Pete . I found a very interesting video about heavy machines and engineering from the 1930's .Look at "Sulzer in the 1930s" . Very well done old video.And I have learned a lot from you in the last few years I have watched . Thank you for that.
Thanks for the video, I was checking my bookcase while watching and found most of these books on it.
I used to call my copy of the Morse pocket size: "My Little Book With Everything I Know." (I still have it hanging over my lathe by a loop of wire through the spiral binding.)
Thanks for the video Mr. Pete, I just ordered a 17th edition off ebay, i got already a 26th as pdf file but i find it also easier to find things from a paper book. I'm a really fast reader since I learned to read at age of 3 so i don't like the more slow feeling of reading the e-book.
I have the seventh edition of the American Machinists handbook 1940 edition and it is a very good reference book. The engineers black book is my general go to book and one thing i like is the stain proof pages as I dont have to worry about soiling the pages . Starrett also have an app for your phone or ipad but i cant remember if it had reference charts or not but i do remember something about how to use various measuring tools .Thanks for the informative and entertaining video mrpete !
Keep up the good work!
Manila hemp rope, dang, we use to tie each other up and get rope burns. Mom would get mad as a hen, Manila and rope burn around little sisters neck.

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