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Very basic and unhelpful to build anything
I actually enjoyed that as a crash corse. Dove into other areas and rounded some edges on what kind talent I need to look for to help aid me in sifting through years of just about every data point you can record on day trading and swing trading software over my career almost a decade now. And last 3-4 years has been supercharged and more targeted on collecting things that are east to plug into these models. So, as I understand? I ca Download some of these tested and proved models and plug and play them into my up to spec equivalent machine? Trying to decide if I can just teach myself this too. Its the last piece of the puzzle. Trading software with highly custom settings getting the absolute max out it then the automation is completely designed out and being back tested as we speak. Now we just meed the machine to process my mistakes and stop whatever leads me to them. And them multiple me by oh maybe one or two. 🤖
Best video on this topic
Can you please provide the last summary shot of the video, with all methods on one page? Advertising new other videos are actually hindering the view of it. Excellent explanations, by the way, thank you.
excellent .You mean the hidden before output in green is processing ?I think I am wrong .Am a novice and am taking to learning through your website. Pardon me if the query seems absurd but pl clarify if it is not processing or the stages of programming which take you to the output then how do I understand. Not a process but a metod tomreach the output.?
Nice song
nice video, straightforward and comprehensive
9:21 Son unos de los Likeex.UnO 51:41 Sun: ''Hotter'' 32:40 Hopi: ''Sweeter'' 23:12 Joonie: ''Cooler'' 47:55 Yoongi: ''Butter'' 35:40 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy...qegs 🖤 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ⬇
I love how the explanation is made to everyone with experience or not in this issue. I’m in the second group and now I have a reference to start. Thank you ☺️
Awesome!!! Truly Outstanding content, Thank you.
Why indian accent use too much tongue?!!! It's so annoying..
I always find it interesting that the statement "logistic regression is a classification method" is repeated so often, despite 'regression' being right there in the name. Like decision trees (CART), random forest and other similar methods, there are both regression and classification versions of the method. In a binary outcome problem, we model the process as flipping a coin that has a probability p of coming up heads (1) and 1-p of coming up tails (0). We can either predict p, a continuous value between 0 and 1, or we can predict the outcome, itself, which is in {0,1}. The former is regression; the latter is classification. Logistic regression predicts that probability p and logistic classification takes that probability and uses a cutoff (sometimes, but not always, 0.5) to predict the outcome. Many times, the probability is more important (for example, lots of the same type of customer -> you do not want to assume all of them are 1's, when p is estimated to be 0.6) and sometimes the outcome is more important (for example, making a decision to approve an application for credit.)
Great video. But I would include reinforcement learning on the same level as supervised and unsupervised. It's a whole different thing. And you are also missing recommendation systems btw
Amazing content, straight to the point whilst still being detailed
this is really good, thank you
Great video, very useful for the machine learning library I plan on making :)
Great video, but crucially missing RNN
okay but you have nothing we can interact with you, like an app or somwthing so we can do this
Thank you u made it simple to understand.
Another video: Should you really do 10000 steps a day?
Look how many books this guy has! That is insane!
I'm a linguist. I'm taking a course 'discrete Mathematics' on coursera. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Specialization by Alexander S. Kulikov +2 more instructors. Do you think I can start off reading this book? Will it suit my non-maths background? I did my mathematics until 10th grade and I am not too bad at it. Should I wait until I finish my mathematics course? (I think I am getting desperate to learn)
God bless you sir Amen
Thank you
Hello Thank you for this video🙏 I have a question: Does this book shows how to check presumptions for each model too? In fact I saw many online ML projects in which the models are trained without verification of presumptions. I searched alot to find projects that check presumptions but unfortunately I couldn't find practical resources. I would be grateful if you may introduce any resources that contain information about how to check presumptions for different machine learning models.
Is this good book for beginners?
Quick question, If all my programming knowledge is python based, can I finish this book successfully?
Can you pls provide me the link for the pdf of 2nd edition of this book
Thank you for this great review, I'm somewhat new to Python, and love the language and have been interested in Machine Learning, your rave review was SO effective, I didn't even finish the video, I went straight to the link you provided and bought it immediately. From the comments below it sounds like many agree with your thoughts, now I can't wait to get that smiley box in the mail :) Thank you kindly, I appreciate you and your wonderful channel.
I absolutely agree with you Sir. I have this book too. A Fantastic Book. Jesus bless you. Many thanks from Indonesia Archipelago. 🙏🙏🙏
And how about the book “Discovering Computer Science - Interdisciplinary Problems, Principles, and Python Programming, Second Edition by Jessen Havill. Have you seen this book?
Your vidéos are so great man. I wish to meet you one day just to say it out loud to you xD (may be if you come one day in Aix en Provence )
I like how you put your videos togeather
Didn't know Britisher also code
“Includes paid promotion”
Thank you!!!
i brought this, pls tell me intrasting part of book
It just came in by mail and it already is the best book without reading it?
Can this book be used by a beginner in ML?
Is this also the course that got you into machine learning?
Looking forward to his new course, now that it’s on Python I can finally use it with my full stack applications.
I got confused whether Andrew has 2 courses or 1 because some people said watch that in Stanford which is available in YouTube and it's better than the one in Coursera? Any answer which one should I watch?
Programming language doesn’t matter for key concepts. A good ML course can be one that doesn’t use programming at all. It’s about the basic concepts, especially for a first introduction to the topic
TLDW: yes. Thanks Aladdin. Subbed just for that TLDW.
Are the programming assignments peer graded or auto graded?
coming from an aerospace engineering background my matlab is pretty good. So, the con is not a con for me
What if I told you that you can take the integral of an integral of an integral? Hence the name…..drum roll….triple integral!!!!
Hey Aladdin, do you have any courses in mind on Coursera/Udemy to take if i would like to ramp up, my basic python knowledge to data science and machine learning? I have an intermediate SQL work knowledge, but i feel lost how to start to learn python. I was thinking about courses which are practical and theoretical too. Have a nice day!
chutiya course ! chutiya coursera
Are there any pre-requisites?
Is the course A-Z Machine Learning on udemy by Erill can be a good alternative to Andrew course as it contains python as the programming language?
Hey! I don't know if you will answer me because it has been a long time since it was released, but I wanted to ask you something that was not said in the video. At the moment I am taking the course and I am still in the eighth week (I am a week late due to commitments, and I am trying to take notes in my language, transcribing all the various concepts covered in the course, so it is quite a long job to do as imaginable) and would have to purchase it to get the final certification. What I want to ask you is, in your personal experience, is certification useful? Have you tried looking for a job after getting certified and / or got extra calls from recruiters after getting certified? Furthermore, after the course is finished, is there any specific in-depth material always for machine learning? In your experience, what would you recommend to me? Thank you very much in advance for any replies.
Amazing thorough video. Thank you!
Sometimes I get stuck just for sintaxis so thanks for your explanations
lol, I clicked and liked just for that TLDW on the caption
I personally did this course 3 years ago. It definitely is really good course theory wise. But I don't recommend this course given that there are many other better courses which uses python or R. After I finished the course I did felt like redoing everything in the course with python again so I completely dropped ML. Kinda ended up wasting time on it. I'm thinking about taking a new course which again teaches everything with python.
Hello Aladdin: What course (ML, NLP, recommendation systems) would you recommend to someone who got a PhD in Statistics 10 years ago?
Hey, i just wanted to ask that as the course is based on octave and MATLAB, can we still use the knowledge on python? Like is the syntax somewhat same as in MATLAB or Octav?
why am watching this after completing the course?
Check out my video on the Titanic dataset - I think you'll like it
Can I read the second edition without reading the first edition?a
is still recommended for 2022 ?
What book would you recommend that has every example in C++ instead of python? Also, what book for just the high level theory, without using actual coding, that could then be adapted to any computer language? In particular, I want to be able to write neural networks in C++, because then I can essentially create C++ bindings that I can use in any language - for example, creating binding languages in Xamarin, WASM, etc ... unfortunately, python isn't portable enough, yet I can even use C++ libraries in embedded devices that use the Zepher RTOS, such as Nordic's nRF5 SDK etc. Great review, btw!!!
I confirm everything you said.
I think 90% of people who wish to learn anything significant, or anything even moderately complex, should learn it top down. Abstraction->details
I just made to thru chapter 3 motivated learner as you described. I went thru a few crash courses on python but am loving it!
Absolutely not! Read ,, An Introduction to statistical Learning" from Hastie, T. et al (2021) 2. Edition
Hi Giles, I have been watching your channel for quite a while now. I have started reading this book in order to learn more about ML. I am now starting with chapter 3. But, I have a question and it is that "How do I use this book in the best way?". Just reading is not enough (after reading 2 chapters and not writing the code), so, I think I should start writing alongside the chapters but that will take a long time to finish each chapter. So, I was wondering who has read the book before, he might be able to tell what is the best way to go about learning ML through this book? Thanks for posting such good reviews and resources about ML and python! Hope you will see this comment soon! @Python Programmer
I want a bit of advice. I was planning to get started with ISLR 2. But, this book is also great. Which one will you recommend to get started with? Note: I'm really motivated enough to learn machine learning.
Some Criticisms of the bookالانتقادات
please make a video when it's 3rd edition comes out
Can anyone pls give me the link of the pdf version of latest edition of this book.
how about python machine learning by sebastian raschka?
As a beginner I found this book very difficult to understand...
Hello my friend, how's it going? I'm enjoying a lot with your channel, I started to learn Python and I'm working as a Networking Enginner and Python has been useful for me to solve my problems. By the way tell me the name of that book TCP/IP in your background
sir, i know the python and i also done two courses of ML from Andrew Ng so, can i buy this book or i have to learn more . plz guide
I bought this book and boy is it heavy !!!
What is the cost of this book...

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