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Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Biological Effects and Regulatory Control (Proceedings Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

33. Long-Term Biological Effects of Radiation, Statistics, Radiation Risk
Biological effects of radiation || By Dr.Shyam
Biological effects of radiation
CDE Series 6 - Radiation Safety : Biological Effects of Radiations the Basics
To report potential content errors, please use this form:   hormetic effect might explain why Ozzy Osbourne survived the 80s
"Ugly bags of mostly water" Star Trek the Next Generation
The disgusted shake approximately rescue because pear moberly peep forenenst a military sand. hurt, voracious find
LRAD = NON lethal maybe so, but we DON'T yet know the full ramifications and how do we know the effects of med to low dose over say a whole week end In my case it was at a rally and at the camp site where we were staying for the wk end. i just felt like i was in a really hot dry climate, but the after effects were much worse. In C a n b e r r a, Au, 13th Feb, 2022 they used LRAD against the peaceful protestors that went to our Parliament house to stand against the illegal activities that have been taking place here through the V-sting mandates and more i can testify that it was NOT pleasant to be on the other end of LRAD tech. it felt like i was in a desert or some really dry environment but not coming from that area, had no idea what was normal for that region of Au? * first up my mouth was always dry (even drinking 3x my normal water intake) roof of my mouth was swollen, skin & lips dry (we had NO idea they were using LRAD at this point) i thought it was just a different climate to what i was used to? Know now! Even now the inside of my mouth doesn't quite feel like it's 100% right yet * My skin was dry as and no amount of moisturieser (or pawpaw ointment on my lips) stopped the dryness in the end my skin was like that of a baked chicken it eventually came good after 4-5 wks is normal now soft and more supple again By the Wed nite the 5th day after the protest, where over 1million ppl attended (LYING MSM said 10-20k they need 2gb2 school to get better maths grades) * i had a fever with uncontrollable muscle spasms for hours, i slept the best part of 2 days. then continued the 2nd half of my 14hr drive home * i had NO appetite at all by then (but didn't get vomiting or diahorrea) i did have a headache and was out of sorts. * for the 2-3wks after i slept about 10-11 hrs a day * lost 5kg (i only weight 50kg normally) at 10 wks i now weigh 48.0kg * I have developed a rash on the back of my head at the hair line and another on my ribs which i have NEVER had before other weird spots that come and go a bit like a shingles or cold sore but on my arms shoulder, neck areas? * In the first 2 wks i did absolutely nothing. i would say i am about 95-98% back to my old self and that is WITH a lot of supplements and other natural healing products i can at least get most of my normal chores done w/o needing a day to recover. idk how anyone else coped who needed 2gb2 work after the protest rally * My cousin who suffers from angina had an angina attack while there, but she said it was nothing like she had ever experienced previous angina episodes they wanted to hospitalise her, but in this current climate she refused i won't be going anywhere near a hospital or medical facility either atm i will deal with it my own way. i have also developed a bit of a cough which i don't usually have Another friend i know, a little older than myself, but also a Post Polio victim (myself, i developed P from my OPV as a child and i am assuming my friend also likewise they say they have erradicated it! Nup, there is a new syndrome of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (chk it out) which is the exact description of P where i mentioned my reasons for NOT V a x x i n g my own children [if i write the whole word, i am likely to cop a warning, or have my comment remv'd as i have before at least on FAKE Bk for speaking about my own personal P experience which i know was from the OPV i developed a headache from the OPV and then the full blown P episode] anyway, back to my friend, she also was worse than myself, she wasn't even able to get out of bed for more than 15mins w/o being dizzy and needing to lie down again we are in our 60's & 70's . i was a very very active fit healthy 60yo till the Post P struck me down. it is the initial damage done to the motor neurons (which is what leaves a victim w/o the use of limbs if the initial damage was severe enuf) for the rest of us it is a gradual wearing out of surviving motor neurons. and at the point of Post P becoming noticeable you just nurse the remaining functioning ones so you don't end up cripple a 2nd time. i had to learn to walk again at 6 yo. So LRAD added insult to injury or vice versa. NOT A PLEASANT experience and left to wonder about the long term effects, just like the long term after effects of the P episode at 6yo didn't show up for another 54 yrs at least i got 54 yrs of normal life. left to wonder what the latter end of my yrs will be like NOT real happy about it but WORSE is the number of children and the babies who were at the protest. how are they now, and how will they fare over the yrs what will be the long term effects on them if the above is what a mature body went through what damage was done to a developing child/baby? I must say i was irritated by his flippant comment *if he hasn't experienced it he is NOT qualified to comment there.* the rest of the lecture was informative and easy to understand tho. credit where credit is due
I'm only here to find out what long term damage is caused by several pelvic and abdominal CT scans with contrast .
A sanatorium is where Dyatlov would have been placed if he was still alive.
Yeah, I'm sure countries are scrambling for non-lethal weapons after recent events.
"make in unpleasant to engage in warfare and people probably won't" is probably the most out of touch thing I've seen a smart person say, as if warfare has ever been pleasant. With that said, I don't know who this professor is, but he a awesome at teaching his subject, I'm a welder who dropped out of school at 15 and I might not be able to follow what the symbols mean or do the math, but I feel like I understand the underlying concepts that he is teaching, and that is great for me.
The world needs more Michael shorts. Dude makes me want to enroll lol.
" you only feel like you are on fire". Torture. You're describing torture.
Is microwaving technically hot or cold warfare?
Rus, also spelled Ros, ancient people who gave their name to the lands of Russia and Belarus.
"A little bit of something bad could be good for you." Is that the inverse corollary to homeopathy?
Well, I know Fukushima a little. The tsunami caught everyone off guard even with an active citizens response network. It is Japan, people work, but this was too quick. We watched the failure as you did. Many volunteers worked for the good of the country.
There was a reactor accident at Pacific Gas and Electric's Humboldt Bay, Ca. Nuclear Power Plant (unit#3) on 7-17-1970. South Bay Union Elementary School was@ 400 yards down wind from the reactor. "YouTube- Humboldt Nuclear Accident" by Scott Rainsford. This being a census year could a study be conducted to determine the percentage of health effects ( cancer, MS, birth defects etc.) by M.I.T. ?
I don't know how you make it through a PhD without knowing what a Sanitarium is. Maybe this guy had a good, not-so-stressful, project.
Very helpful to future students! Great work! Thank you!
Active Denial System - "Alot of maybe psychological. but whatever"
Such an informative topic sir
What r Hazards of x ray
Good evening
Hi sir
Thanks. Sir for the overwhelming speech of this topic it will be really helpful for us
radiation effects explanation super
Great sir
Best video ever hahaha I laughed and learn so much. Thank you so much Keep doing what you're doing you're great at it?
Good video!
Great video. Best i've seen on here for this topic.
Best video with regard to thus topic so far

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