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Buy LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder online at Flipkart Amazon. Key specs are not available. LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Colours: Black
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LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Features

Unique design to fit most smartphone, allows tight grip into CD slot.

  • Color: Black
  • Key specs are not available.
LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder at Flipkart Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Price in India is ₹5,470 at Amazon.
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LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Specifications

Model Name 3362235Lot929
General Specifications
Brand LotFancy
Color Black
Model 3362235Lot929

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LotFancy Air Vent/ CD Slot Mobile Holder Reviews from YouTube

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How to Install Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Holder
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How to USe CD Slot as Phone Holder for Car!
Dodge chargers dont have cd players
Is it possible to plug the aux cable (in the headphone socket) while the phone sits inside this mobile holder.
tank u
They all still seem to be a POS to me.
Thank you so much for your reviews.
I have a Honda Fit 2019 and its difficult finding where to put my phone or finding a phone holder for it. And it doesnt have a CD player in it?
Would you mind doing some extended research for science?You have to get the cd out or you can still play cd music while the mount is set?
May 2020 and still there are cars with CD players? well bad research really....
I agree with Melissa Triester from 3 weeks ago. A car road test would have been very helpful, especially after hitting speed bumps at a moderate speed. But I do appreciate the real use results you shared. Thanks.
Thanks for the review. I would have loved to have seen how stable the phone stays or does not stay while driving.
CD player? What is that? My Camaro doesn't have garbage.Tooo long to watch
Extremely high quality review, you've earned my sub. Keep making great content!
Great review, but I do wonder why you went with Vicseed specifically over other CD fit mounts such as iOttie
love the work you have put in, helpful and easy to watch
EXCELLENT & QUICK reveal of how to install the 3 sticky pads onto Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Holder. Thanks:) This is my 2nd Mpow CD Slot Car Holder for installation in a 2nd car. Have used them since 11/11/2019. I've NEVER had a problem with 3 sticky pads. When 3 sticky pads installed, as I have, there is NEVER A PROBLEM of a stable, secure installation for both iPhones & Android cell phones. My family uses both. The new phones are heavier than older cell phones. The Mpow CD Slot Car Phone holder retains them securely. VERY PLEASED:)Joram
My pads did not stick seems adhesive is bad
The mount has a hard time balancing the top-heavy phone. You can even see in this video that the cradle barely holds the phone up to the middle of the phone length. AND the location on the dashboard blocks the view of the back-up camera screen. This is my very first dashboard phone mount. Great video!
Will this ruin my dash board?
This music is INTENSE
This is only good for warm weather but living in canada in winter sucks , it doesnt tighten up and freezes.
best thing ever this
issue is you can not use your cd player
#4 is a gigantic piece of shit. Your phone will flop down the second you put it on the holder. Even though there are 2 locking mechanisms, do not be fooled into thinking that they hold up because they do not. They come loose very quickly and your phone will not stay in the upright position.
Well the one in the thumbnail wasnt even in the video so clickbait. But even still all of these are doing wayyyy to much. Like theyre unnecessary.
I have the last one ("number 1") and I agree. simple and great.
Click bait
I have high quality car phone holder,if you still interested,let me know plz.
Just because you have a cd player in your car doesnt mean its a banger
Where do I buy the product it's perfect
20% #off #coupon code #promo code #redeem #offer #discount #dealCoupon Code: BFHH20Baseus Universal #Car #Phone #Holder Air Vent #Mount Metal Gravity #Mobile Phone HolderCompatible for 4.0-6.5 inch Mobile Phone about a phone with a case?
Such unpleasant babyish accent this guy has.Definitely not American
work with g7 power
I bought one and it didnt quite fit . I hit a bump and it fell apart
How much does it wiggle and vibrate?
They don't work great with aftermarket decks, stock the are really good
can I get one please..
Hi ya Ive got a cd mount theyre great but mine has a magnet on it
I have something similar. It is the best one so far but it blocks the screen of the multi media system in my car and reverse camera. My phone is iphone 6s plus.
Would this mount into an after market CD player like, Pioneer?
I have a cellet which is better in my opinion.
How can you use your CD Player if that thing is in it? Many people still use Audio CDs and MP3 CDs.
devices like the iPhone 6s? That ain't a small device!
I have one similar to this, it came in one piece and seems of a higher quality, it want expensive though 12. if your CD slot is about leave with yours (mine is) they make the best mounts.after about 8 months, as my 6p can't be centered, as the buttons are central, the ball joint gave way. given you never have to alter the 'swivel' I just re set it to my desired position , and slowly dropped super glue into the ball joint, I was actually in Spain 2000miles from home, so I needed a quick fix. 6 months on it's still fine. and by far the best holder ive had. I've had alot over the years.

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