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Buy Lomani White Intense EDT online at Flipkart. Eaux De Toilette . Lomani White Intense EDT available in Colours: White

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  • Eaux De Toilette
Lomani White Intense EDT available in Colours:
  • White

Lomani White Intense EDT Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family Fresh
Ideal For Men
Limited Edition Yes
Quantity 100 ml
Limited Edition Yes

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Lomani white intense cologne review
Lomani white intense cologne review
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very nice...
My Brand Guys: https://fragrance.one
Hey guys, what's the title of the outro song I really it. I've tried to shazam it but didn't work out :(
Celebrity fregrances smell like celebrity fregrances. Not great. Not even good in my experience.
What do you think about 007 perfume? It is good or bad ?
Can i have a link for your suit
Ich habe auch ein Jaguar Parfum und das ist das beste habe zwar keine anderen benutzt aber das ist das beste wie schon erwähnt.
How's your spanish now?
Mori al ver tu introducción en español !!
Omg hablas español muy bien Jeremy, greetings from México 🇲🇽 ♥️✨
Great review!! It's nice to hear a fair overview of a fragrance were some are so above themselves they give a negative input! Cheers!
Guy is obviously heavily addicted to huffing perfumes
Sigue hablando español, por favor.
This guy is awesome he just spanked a bottle...I'm sold!
👍 very good you are learning to speak Spanish 👏
Soy Jreremy 'el nalguea fragancias'. Im Jeremy 'the fragance smacker'.
You are Jesus!!!!
What is the music
Dark Obsession is my favourite cheapy, along with Drakkar Noir.
You're very handsome but you didn't convinced me to any fragrance 🤷‍♀️
Nice list of affordable perfumes.
This is a reliable clean soapy dial scent at a great price. Not too strong and not to faint. I’ll use regularly. This is just the strength I’ve been looking for at the right price for a soapy scent after several misfired blind buys. Thanks for the tip.
Lomani also has one called El Paso. Any idea about that?
ebay has same presentation
very muskie no cinemon smell from ebay lol
i just ordered one
It does smell like deodorant, it is a good gym scent, and I like it!
New follower from Houston Texas here....
Hey man, really enjoying your content. Glad to see someone else out here who is so into these classics! Looking forward to watching more of your vids.
I love your stuff!! It’s so refreshing to see some of these “forgotten gems” get some love. I like what your doing but sprinkling in some lists would be a great idea. Keep up the great work!
I enjoy the individuals myself, lists get overwhelming. Unless you are willing to put all the names in the discription. In order. But seems so many others do lists. Maybe just continue to do your own thing... As long as you enjoy it. And I like the # reviews also. If you want to grow more you may have to invest more I'm audio and video. Amazing how many people are irritated by such things. It doesn't bother be. But I read comments a lot. And people love good audio and high quality videos in general. But if you are just doing this for a hobby or fun. Just do your thing. And don't stress much about people if they start complaining. That's my advice anyway. We can't live by others opinions. Some people are never happy. Ha!
The individual reviews are great! I really think you should check out Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene. It seems right up your alley. Dirt cheap, a great performer, and awesome scent! Unbelievable price to performance ratio It's one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the review. They're so good I wish there were a new one each day - haha!
Great review ! I would recomend to you pure black by Creation Lamis. A very nice versjon of Drakkar Noir. And also Animale animale is amazing value for money. Great channel. 🙏😊
Great review! I think I will try this one out! Just got the Lomani pour homme (wanted to try from your review). Smells great, but seems to be very light. I guess you would have to do several sprays to smell it better.
Another great review. Lists get the clicks but the individual reviews will get the subs. Keep up the great work 👍
Love lists also but since the frags you review are original, the solo reviews are great too. Either way, I’ll keep watching the channel.
Nice review Kelan (might have misspelled that). The bottle look also reminds me of Chanel Antaeus. Love the frags you review as it’s different from everyone else reviewing in the frag-YouTube space. Keep staying original.
I agree expectation should match the price . Funny how sometimes big name brand and hundreds and hundreds of dollar fragrances get a pass.
kelan, you channel is fantastic as it is ... the "niche" realm of scents you're attacking is what drew us here .... keep away of the list crappines or at least have it at a minimum if possible... you're doing great buddy, keep it up!
Good review man, glad I found your channel keep up the good work.
Thanks for the info. keep up the good work. really like your channel. trying to spread the word for you.
Really love the dry down on this fragrance
Lomani is for the mature men who's a gentleman and Classy. I don't think Young guns are going to like it, it is perfect for Formal settings but be careful you don't want to over spray.
Hello does anybody knows about Black Storm private collection by Lomani? So weird I can’t find anything about it, bough it last weekend on Las Vegas Outlets
Great review just ordered two bottles
I bought this because I want something like Drakkar, but a bit fresher and can’t wait to sniff it 😁 Barbershop scents is my thing 😎
I have lomani as a Christmas gift nice scent smell expensive to 🙃
I love this fragrance and it's very inexpensive. Vive la France, vive Paris !
Another solid review thankyou. I got 3 hours of projection using 4 sprays on each pulse point (inner elbows and back neck both sides) around 4 hours it's a solid skin scent. Sillege is good until 4 hours. I would avoid going to hard on the initial application. And stick to a re apply after 4 hrs. Is it better than DNoir nope however It's definitely worth 10 to 15 USD. Re apply and you can't go wrong. Very honest review.
This is actually nice. I’m as surprised as you are. Soapy, spicy, long lasting, inexpensive and....LOVELY! Great review
Bought this from the same place you did..smell is like cheap hand soap ..lasts about 5 minutes..straight up waste of money..glad it didn't cost much
I just got this for the first time today by post - the box has a red circle on it in the top left corner stating "New Design" - a reformulation? 😰 Dunno - it's a great scent and seems to be around still after a few hours... will have to see how it goes! Cheers!
Solid review man,thanks lots.
Nice review man ! I'm a teenager but just bought it,trying it out today..hope the perfomance is great
Hey man,I've heard it makes you smell like a macho old man and the big problem is That i'm 16..😅!But on the other hand i need a beast perfoming fragnance for school.Do you think i would actually stand out because everyone wears Dior Sauvage,Versace Eros,...?
Sadly Lomani was perceived as a Drakkar Noir clone but it's anything but.Those that tried Lomani ended up liking it more than Drakkar.Parisino is also another underrated classic.
Thanks Bro!! 🎉 Sounds good! 👍
South, ever try Montana edp?
The smell reminds me of the same smell of all the old Italian men when my family used to take me to the Sicilian carnivale dances back in the day
Hello Kellan, I really hope I spelt your name correctly . Anyway I finally did buy the Drakkar Noir, has you recommend . I bought one for my brother's birthday, and I bought a 1.7oz for me . I see what you mean about it being somewhat similar to Lomani Pour Homme . It's like the older more masculine big brother of Lomani Pour Homme . My only concern with it is that it doesn't project much . But the scent does stay with me all day, and it is a classic scent at that . So thanks Sir, and keep up the great work .